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Mark97 commented on 07 Aug 2011
This is a sore subject with some, but 3.2.1 beta was released with Lion compatibility. It takes advantage of versions and full screen. NeoOffice keeps getting better and better. It will be interesting to see if 3.2 goes free when 3.2.1 is finalized. As a donor, it matters little since I'm using it from the get go. They will have a Lion compatible product before Micro$oft does.
[Version 3.2 Patch 5]

Mark97 commented on 10 May 2011
A lot of people are down on the developers. Here is a piece from their site.

I am having problems. How can I get help?

Our very limited donations only provides enough funding for one engineer and we must fit all NeoOffice software development, bug fixing, and support tasks into our available time. Because the development and bug fixing tasks use up a significant portion of our available time, we can only answer problems posted by our most generous donors.

There is no such thing as free. Oracle is pulling out of development of OpenOffice. LibreOffice is community based, but without a solid source of funding, how long will they last?

It makes little difference to me whether you flame me or not. I donated because I like the product. We will see how things parse out. I remember the days when OpenOffice was a real nightmare and wouldn't even run natively on OS X. That's why I started using NeoO in the first place. I've watched grow and mature. I've seen how far it's come.

I didn't donate until recently, but I realize how important it is to support what you like and use. I use this app and like it. I wish I shared some of my treasure years ago. Like public radio or other free stuff, the better the support, the better the product. If you are pissed off with Don't forget that LibreO will end up in the same straights unless people donate. Support our software, because free isn't really free. Boycott NeoO if you wish, but don't forget to send a check to LibreO. Don't complain if you don't donate.
[Version 3.2 Patch 2]

Mark97 commented on 26 Oct 2010
I originally purchased two licenses so I could use it between my iMac and MacBook Pro. I tried using it and after euphoria over the features, I found it wasn't what I though. I've since deleted both copies although I still have the licenses and don't use it anymore. I went back to OmniFocus which I originally intended to replace.

The real game changer is that the new OmniFocus for iPad. This was the missing link, not that software package works great. Pagico really needs a iOS app if it wants to remain relevant.
[Version 4.3 r1096]


Mark97 reviewed on 20 Apr 2010
This app is great. I've used it for about two days, and it has already paid for itself. My kudos to the author.
[Version 1.02]


Mark97 reviewed on 22 Jan 2010
I've used this app and its predecessors since StickyBrain 2. StickyBrain worked great and was an indispensable tool for my work flow. As time went on StickyBrain became more and more unstable on my machines. This continued right up to Soho Notes 7. I considered not upgrading again because I felt they'd taken my money and given me crapware in the past. The only reason I did upgrade was the special offer they had where I received a copy of clipboard as an add on. I decided that it was worth one more shot.

Boy, am I glad I upgraded. This version feels solid and has caused me no problems thus far. I have confidence in it and have returned to trusting it with my most important data. The search works fast and the various features are finally living up to their billing.

This app really deserves another look. I think they finally got it right and are supporting it well. I own and have used a variety of other apps in this class and can say this one is now the best. I hope they continue to move in the direction they are. This app is much better than it probably ever has been.
[Version 8.13]


Mark97 reviewed on 09 Oct 2009
I've used this app since it was Stickybrain 2 and this is the best version yet. This one seems to be more bullet proof than either version 6 or 7. Thus far it has fully worked for me and I've had no issues at all. This is huge for me as I had a lot of problems with previous editions. Maybe this rewrite fixed a lot of my bugs.

I also use DevonThink and Bento. I keep coming back to SohoNotes. Thus far it seems to be working better than ever, but we'll see. The only reason I gave them another chance was their offer of getting iClipboard for free.
[Version 8.05]

Mark97 commented on 25 Sep 2009
I own several Mariner products, MacJournal, Paperless and MacGourmet Deluxe. I like their apps, but they lack speedy support. There is no reason that paperless should be finally partially updated a month after the release of Snow.

It's plainly obvious that Mariner's office apps are nearly dead. The world has moved on. The world will move on from the rest of the catalog unless Mariner gets it together and brings their speciality apps up to date before inventing new ones. I like Paperless, but I shouldn't have to wait this long for a partial maintenance upgrade. They should be all over this stuff putting out solid apps. Currently the only app that is really solid is MacJournal.
[Version 1.0.1]

mark97 commented on 06 Sep 2009
I'm torn. I have to make a decision, between updating and using DevonThink Pro. There are some great things about both, but I don't need multiple packages doing the same thing.
What do you think?
[Version 7.0.6]

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mark97 replied on 06 Sep 2009
My problem is that the upgrade fee is reduced if you buy sight unseen. I've been with this app since StickyBrain 2 and while it's had its problems and customer service is the best, it has worked. I guess the thing I like the best is the contextual menus the best. If DevonThink Pro had them it would be open and shut.
mark97 commented on 04 Sep 2009
I've been looking forward to an upgrade for a while. Before I begin though, I want to know what the upgrade fee is. If I can't afford the upgrade why get excited and play with it?
[Version 2.0b2]

mark97 commented on 15 Feb 2009
I use XMIND Pro 08 and love it. I looked at XMIND 3 and decided to back away. If or when my 08 version breaks, I will probably move to one of the “big boys” even though it will cost me more money. I don't subscribe to software. The 08 versions still works great and does everything I need. It doesn't work and play as well with other as I would wish, but at least I have something to show for my investment.

Subscribing to software, like music, is a suckers bet.
[Version 3.0.1]

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