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mail21 commented on 30 Nov 2007
> We are not charging for Blogo during the beta period, and we tried very hard to make it clear that the trial is for 15 days after the launch. I'm sorry if this information was not clear to you.

How clear can it be, when each time I launch the app I get a nagging reminder, telling me that my trial period will be over in 21 (not 15?) days and that I should buy the app now...?! ;)

> I communicated with this user, and the problems he is having are system-related and not due to a lack in support for his platform.

As I said before, you did respond fast and I really appreciate your effort...!!

Still there quite a few issues to work out, not just the problems with setting up blog accounts but also the constant crashing when trying to post and some others...! Anyway, this here is not the place to discuss all that...and I am pretty sure that your team will work it all out eventually...
[Version 1.0b]


mail21 reviewed on 29 Nov 2007
Okay, what's the idea of labelling an app beta and then still making it time-limited and wanting to charge for it...?! This is really spreading all around now...!?

Anyway, this app seems to be ignoring every GUI guideline Apple has ever come up with...!?! Not sure why the devs thought it was necerssary to do that...

It looks interesting though, although it only offers the most basic features, from my point of view...but then again, that will probably do for the majority of bloggers anyway...

I encountered a strange problem though: While I had no probems setting up the first blog account, it just won't accept the information for the second one...!? Both are set up the same way though, both running on Wordpress...yet I keep getting a message that my blog (the second one) "does not allow automatic discovery" which it actually does, and even after providing the link it asks for, it just won't connect...

So, not bad for a start...but not really convincing either...
[Version 1.0b]


mail21 reviewed on 26 Nov 2007
This is one of the ugliest pieces of software for the Mac that I have seen in a long time -- but yet quite useful if you want to administer or edit content on your iPhone...!

But even though it says "support for iTunes 7.5" it wouldn't work at first, but instead asked me for an older framework ...!? After that it worked okay...

Oh, and charging for each and every useful feature now seems a bit weird, although I do understand that people need to make money...but then at least get someone to put a decent GUI on that app and maybe even get it localized...!?
[Version 4.7.1]

mail21 commented on 24 Nov 2007
Just wondering...wouldn't it be soo much easier (and better for all of us) if Apple and Yahoo! just worked together on this and implemented Yahoo! messenger compatibility in iChat...?!? Oh well, one can dream...
[Version 3.0b2.78326]

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mail21 replied on 24 Nov 2007
"You can chat with Yahoo members on iChat, i do. Also AOL, Gmail and Hotmail members"

No you can't -- at least not in a seamless, elegant way, so to speak...!

While yo (of course) can communicate with ther AOL users (iChat = AIM) and even Gmail users (via Jabber) the only way you can communicate with Yahoo! and/or MSN users is by using an additional jabber account and setting that up as a gateway to the other IM systems...

Which means you have to use two different separate accounts which iChat then displays in two different contact lists and so on...

That was not the solution I had in mind...

mail21 replied on 24 Nov 2007
"Have you tried Adium?"

Yes, of course I know about Adium and I have used it in the past and still do, when I have to comminicate with people on other services...

I just like iChat better and I guess I kind of was hoping that Apple would try to implement other protocols instead of focussing on eye-candy like exchangable backgrounds and other "fun stuff"...!? :(

And since they do co-operate with Yahoo! on several other levels, that would have been a good start...

mail21 reviewed on 19 Nov 2007
It's back...and it works in Leopard...! Even though they had ro take a re-route with an additional menu, it seems...
[Version 1.4]

mail21 commented on 17 Nov 2007
Actually it worked quite well for me under Tiger...! So are there any plans of bringing this back for Leopard...?!?
[Version 1.0.3]


mail21 reviewed on 12 Nov 2007
It also took me a few attempts to finally get it installed and running...but now I'm really glad that it's back...!! :)))
[Version 2.8]

mail21 commented on 04 Nov 2007
Since all the other popular Safari plugins are back under 10.5 I'm sure that there is hope for PithHelmet running under Leopard as well, right...?! Right...?! It just has please give us a new version for Mac OS X 10.5 as soon as possible...! :)
[Version 2.7]

mail21 commented on 02 Nov 2007
It's not really such a big deal...but how about including a German localization...?!
[Version 2.0.1]


mail21 reviewed on 01 Nov 2007
One of the few widgets which actually make sense and are really useful...! Nice implementation of the search and info system for public transportation in Munich...!

(Wieso schreiben wir hier eigentlich auf Englisch, wenn das Widget außer uns Münchnern ohnehin kaum jemanden betrifft...?! ;-)
[Version 0.90]

mail21 had trouble on 27 Oct 2007
Can't install on Leopard:

I just tried installing the version for iChat 4 running 10.5 and this is what I got:

"The following part of the installation has failed: run preinstall script for moreichatsmileys3forleopard". Please contact the developer."

What's up with that...?! :(
[Version 3.0.1]

mail21 had trouble on 27 Oct 2007
Actually 2.5 DID work for me...even with Safari 3 and Leopard...but 2.5.1 DOES NOT...!?! What's up with that...??? :(

(It still works in other browsers though...)

BTW, the first time I downloaded 2.5.1 the version was labeled 5598, after not being sure what went wrong I deleted it, downloaded and installed again -- and now it's 5560...!?!)
[Version 2.5.1]

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