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Magentis commented on 08 May 2012
Some initial thoughts:

+ Doesn't bog down like Safari when viewing heavy pages (like a Tumblr archive page).
+ Slick appearance with some nice animations

- Middle click doesn't open links in new tab (ideally in background)
- Non-standard toolbar that does not allow customization of any sort.
- Download window takes focus despite not ticking box to allow it.
- I would much prefer the DL window nixed in favor of the way Safari handles downloads.
- "Adult" icon feels silly. I'm not offended but it seems something more tasteful could be conjured up.

Overall, it feels lean and efficient and I look forward to it's future.
[Version 1.1.7]


Magentis reviewed on 06 Oct 2009
Once you take the time to play around with all the features and customize it to your needs, PathFinder is an excellent tool. There are so many built-in utilities and functions that I'm still discovering new things after years of daily use.

Most of the Snow Leopard issues seem to be ironed out now. My only real complaint is that PathFinder sometimes chokes when trying to move around a large number of files.

I'm sure it's no easy task for a small team to maintain such a complex program. They have my respect and my recommendation.
[Version 5.5.4]


Magentis reviewed on 06 Oct 2009
Have a compressed file? Wish it wasn't so compressed? Unarchiver's all you need, friend.
[Version 2.1]


Magentis reviewed on 06 Oct 2009
+ Speedy seeking and skipping
+ Very pleasing to the eye (especially with the BlackMod)
+ Subtitles are recognized painlessly and are easily adjustable
+ Stable (memory leak seems fixed with 0.6.5)
+ Great codec support
+ Range repeat option

- Wonky with some vob files and does not recognize vobsubs yet
- No option to set a default width to stretch to
- Moderate CPU (The latest VLC uses more on average. Mplayer less)
- Video equalizer settings reset when quit
- Playback speed adjustment works only some of the time
- When repeating a movie that's been stretched it defaults back to the original resolution

Most of my negatives are minor (except the first). Movist has a great feel and I've come to prefer it over VLC and MplayerExtended.
[Version 0.6.4]


magentis reviewed on 08 Jan 2009
MP Extended excels in it's codec support (it plays a few oddities that VLC will not) and it's subtitle/audio steam support (picks up streams without hassle and displays subtitles correctly). It also has enough options to be powerful without being superfluous.

The interface is good but not great. The button style looks somewhat dated and they are larger than I'd like. I think rectangle buttons would be more aesthetically pleasing and space efficient.

Overall, a fantastic job. My new default media player.
[Version rev7]


magentis reviewed on 02 Aug 2008
I really tried to like DL2 but there's a number of issues.

The utmost issue is it's slowness. On my MacBook it struggles to scroll even with a small number of items. Admittedly the MB isn't a powerhouse, but it's still a significant portion of the user base and DL should have been designed to run smoothly on them.

Also, it would be nice to adjust the size of the cover in relation to the shelf size (too much wasted space IMO). Additionally, the glare placed on the covers is pretty obnoxious. There should be an option to turn it down or off. It starts to take away from the art when it's lit up that much.

Lastly, in my experience their customer service is non-existent. I've written several times politely and never received a response. For a $40 cataloging program I'd expect much better. My money's heading to the Pedia's instead.
[Version 2.0.2]


magentis reviewed on 25 Mar 2008
It's nice to be getting some love for our 360s on OS X. Everything works well. All I could ask for is stealth check/repair. Thanks for the hard work!
[Version 1.0b3]


magentis reviewed on 19 Jan 2008
Overall, an excellent program. Does what it's supposed to do.

I do have a few wishes though.
MacPar likes to look at all files in a directory (even if they are not matched by name in the par file). It would be nice to have an option for turning this off.

A built-in SFV checker would be wonderful.

And this is just a little nitpick, but the icons look quite dated. Would be nice to see them refreshed.
[Version 3.7]

magentis commented on 27 Nov 2007
I think it's certainly a reasonable idea to juxtapose CB with Pixadex. They're related in function and I find it very handy.

But I don't find the price very reasonable. If it was 20$, I'd feel like for a few dollars more I got a nice bonus.

I can see where people who are disinterested in one program will feel alienated. The Candybar Lite idea is a good one...though I wouldn't hold my breath.
[Version 3.0]


magentis reviewed on 30 Oct 2007
I think Yummy FTP is an overlooked gem. Admittedly, my needs are rather simple when it comes to FTP'ing. I just want something that is fast, reliable and laid out well. Yummy is all of those things.

When I would toss a couple thousand items into other clients, many choked up along the way. A few finished but seemed painfully slow. Yummy was always fast and complete.

Also, Yummy can sort items with Folders on top. I can't stand it any other way. So it was a real relief to have that option.

My only gripe is that the icons and buttons could use a refresh. They look a little dated and could use a better integration with the toolbars.

But overall I'm certainly impressed with Yummy.
[Version 1.6.1]

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