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mag01 rated on 01 Mar 2014

mag01 commented on 27 Jun 2013
Version 0.99b out, almost 2 months since I reported them poor performance and there's still no improvement. :-( Otherwise now you can extend it with prefpane that lets you to control it via media keys, remote control etc... However the play/pause key works for me only if I enable to start VOX when play is pressed. If I don't enable that option (and that's how I want to have it) then it doesn't work (play/pause on running player).

As for the OS X 10.6 support, I was tolf by them that they aren't going to support it, however they mentioned plans to publish some 10.6 compatible version. I don't know any further details so no idea what does it exactly mean.
[Version 0.98b]

mag01 commented on 30 Apr 2013
So after first tests I agree with others. Nice UI, definitely better now, however it needs some work on the performance side (startup time, RAM & CPU usage) - to deliver what such minimalistic player should have. I'd also highly appreciate the ability to play streamed content (I often listen to some online streamed radios and now I have to use Clementine player for that purpose).
I think it's pretty encouraging restart of this player. Looking forward to its future evolution.
Yes, and I hope they will provide some way to report bugs and ideas soon.
[Version 0.96b]

mag01 commented on 30 Apr 2013
Coppertino Inc. seems to have silently taken over the Vox and they now offer a public beta (0.96b) here:
I haven't tested it yet (maybe later today) so whoever brave tries it please write here something about it - what's changed, whether it's still the good old minimalistic player etc.
[Version 0.3 beta 1]


mag01 reviewed on 28 Apr 2013
I like this player, however at least at 2012 MBA (Intel HD4000 GPU) I'm getting pretty bad results when it comes to decoding efficiency. I compare with VLC 2.0.6 (64-bit) and VLC always consumes about 30-50% less power (measured with iStat Menus which seem to be pretty accurate from other measurements). The main difference in power consumption points to Northbridge, however generally all measured components (CPU, Memory, Northbridge) consume more power with MPlayerX which is unfortunately pretty crucial at portables computers.

Either the HW (GPU) acceleration doesn't work, or its implementation in MPlayerX is flawed. As VLC 2.0.6 doesn't have the HW acceleration and still performs much better I suspect it's the latter. Based on these observations I think it could be related to unnecessary frame copying overhead or something like that.

I also tried to compare with nightly build of VLC 2.1.0 which supports HW acceleration but there isn't much difference with this one and VLC 2.0.6 - either the HW acceleration doesn't fully work in VLC 2.1.0 yet or it doesn't have any significant effect (when used properly).
Tested videos were mix of MPEG-2 and H.264 - all of them did show that playback efficiency difference.
[Version 1.0.17]

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mag01 replied on 30 Apr 2013
So I've performed some more H264 playback performance tests at that 2012 MBA (Intel HD4000). Tested players were:
- MPlayerX 1.0.17 64-bit
- VLC 2.0.6 and 2.1.0-pre1 nightly (20130429-0118 - for HW acceleration test) 64-bit
- XBMC 12.2 nightly (20130428-e4bee47) 64-bit

I monitored CPU activity and power consumption when playing in fullscreen mode. I tried various player settings but the results didn't change much.

The final order was: 1. XBMC, 2. VLC, 3. MPlayerX far behind the first two.

Use of HW acceleration (VDADecoder) improves the performance with all players, however MPlayerX is worse than the other two even when it has HW acceleration enabled and those two have it disabled, the difference is really very big.

I sent a report about it to the MPlayerX author so we'll see what will happen in the future, however for now the XBMC seems to be the best option when you need the best performance (e.g. especially when running on battery power).

VLC with HW acceleration hasn't been released yet and the current 2.1.0 nightly builds are pretty unstable in this regard (freezes, hangs, video playback suddenly stops etc).
mag01 commented on 06 Oct 2012
First, I've tried slightly older version 1.1.4 than current 1.2.0 but haven't noticed any related changes in the changelog so it shouldn't be too much off.

It looks like a promising piece of software given some of its features that could be otherwise found in paid applications, but to me it feels too much like some sort of circus. I don't want the whole monitoring and weather stuff but couldn't find any simple way to get rid of it. And I don't actually understand why such things have to be in that sort of app. They could make separate applications so that only who really wants them would get them.
Then those ubiquitous "hints" briefly explaining all features...
Why it couldn't be kept simple? It's just too much of "all in one" to my liking.

What I'd like to see:
- simple and clean (minimalistic) UI purely focusing on the related functionality - at least as an option
- ability to switch of all those additional floating windows such as monitors/weather tools
- and I'd actually like to see a separate tiny app with just the Cleaner tool functionality, perhaps combined with the Software Uninstall part at maximum
[Version 1.2.0]

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