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Mactoe reviewed on 15 Sep 2010
I have been running my own server on a mac for 7 years now and while I'd never use anything but a mac (for now anyway) Apple is a company in decline. It seems they can't do anything right anymore and leave out important details in their upgrades... like leaving out GD functions for True Type Fonts... or thoroughly altering their server structure.

I even acquired a copy of OS X SERVER and HATED IT!

MAMP to the rescue... I have been looking at MAMP for some time but finally decided to try the new Pro version and it simply does everything I'd hoped for. Creating virtual hosts is as easy as it gets and the entire suite works together perfectly.

Even using SSL was fairly easy to implement... though I did use my own file structure to put all my certificates in one folder and appropriately changed the config file to point to them.

I don't normally pay for anything I can do myself. Indeed, I could have used the free MAMP and adjusted the config files myself and installed my virtual hosts (32 of them!) by hand but the Pro version made this too easy. The time savings with MAMP made it a worthwhile investment so I PAID! This kind of work should be supported!

If you are NOT trying to be an ISP and needing a local test server... or just a personal server... this provides all the functionality you'll need.

A note about the mail server... MAMP Pro does NOT provide the needed interface to run a mail server nor does the developer claim so. I recommend using MailServer for that... which is what I use on a dedicated mail server. The MAMP postfix is there to allow PHP mail services to work.
[Version 1.9.1]

Mactoe commented on 09 Mar 2010
As a developer I won't hurt the rating with a low rating of my own because in principal it's a good app.. but I will say... too expensive... demo won't let you fully use it even though when the demo expires one would assume all those passwords would be unavailable via the app so, what's the point in restricting it's use.

Finally the CONSTANT nagging windows asking you to register.

All very old school. Shareware should allow you to use an application with ALL it's features for a period of time, preferably 30 days before requesting payment. Leave users alone!

As is, I don't know what all the features will do... I'm restricted to 20 passwords... and I'm nagged to death.

All the developer has done is fill me with animosity... so, no... not for me! Look at alternatives written by developers who understand good user relations and reasonable pricing.
[Version 3.0.9]


mactoe reviewed on 29 Jul 2008
Sorry... I forgot to assign the stars.
[Version 1.3b5]

mactoe commented on 29 Jul 2008
Shame on you AKROBAT... you do NOT write 2 star reviews (thus lowering the overall rating) for a product just because you could not assign the middle mousebutton... and you don't run around to all the other virtual desktop applications and do the same, as you have. Try developing some software and learn what it takes before you do such a disservice to developers.

I have tried them all... Desktop Manager, Virtual Desktops, Spaces... and by FAR You Control Desktops is worth every penny.

For my money... SPACES is pure junk and not thought out well at all. This is particularly discouraging when it is Apple and when there were so many good software models for SPACES to choose from. You can't even assign an F key to switch to specific space... while you can specify an application to show up in all windows you cannot specify it to show up in ANY window... a subtle but significant difference... such as being able to open a second window of the same app in another space... and leave it there when switching.

YCD is elegant and miles above SPACES... for example... you can use the pull down menu to select any currently running application and choose which behavior you want. You can simply click on the pull down menu to display each open desktop and drag windows from one to the other.

I was a senior software engineer at Apple when the first mac came out and it never ceases to amaze me they bring out a new operating system and do things like SPACES so miserably... or like going to all kinds of trouble to put 4 rounded corners on menus (which I think looks refined) and yet remove the trademark rounded corners from the menubar and make it transparent... which is worse than windows!

If you enjoy working with SPACES then you will LOVE working with You Control Desktops. As a developer I could not live without virtual desktops and YCD makes it easy and intuitive.
[Version 1.3b5]


mactoe reviewed on 11 Jul 2008
I've been developing software since the mac came out and I rarely write a review but this is about at absurd as it gets.


There are no preferences to set for destination folder or anything for that matter.

You can't set limits for cropping, converting, resizing, rotating... nothing. You have no idea what this program is doing on your mac or to your images.

This is terrible... don't touch it.
[Version 1.98]

mactoe commented on 23 Apr 2008
It REALLY angers me that developers are still doing utterly STUPID things... such as crippling demo software... as in DVDRemaster. This demo lets you copy a DVD but deliberately distorts the video every few minutes. That's pretty much like letting you test drive a new car but it will run out of gas a mile from the lot (so you can't steal it or misuse it?)... but it proves the car works! How very clever.

It is highly unlikely anyone would want this software to copy ONE or even a few DVD's. They'll probably want it to archive their entire collection... so, why not allow the demo to fully function for either a prescribed number of successful copies or a time period.

Crippling demo software and/or putting countdown timers on splash screens, or requiring a demo license via email, is... in my opinion, grounds to dismiss it.

I've been developing software for over 20 years... demos should be immediately accessible and fully functional so a user can try it and gain confidence it is a reliable product.

Notice I did not rate this software as it may be a very good product and I do not want to damage it's rating. However, I will not entertain purchasing it until a reliable and fully functional demo is available... and you shouldn't either.
[Version 4.3.2]


mactoe reviewed on 15 Apr 2008
EXCELLENT... I was looking for something like this.. to simply hide the desktop without hiding my other windows. Being a developer I use virtual windows (certainly NOT the utterly lame Apple Spaces) to manage my work so in any given window I WANT to see all the open window.

However, try as I may I can never seem to keep my desktop clean and the clutter is MOST annoying when I'm working.

I love the fact with a double click on the desktop using Camouflage I get a window of it's contents.

The only suggestion I'd make... allow a single click to the desktop to reveal it... the interface assumption that deliberately clicking it implies I want access to it directly.

My donation is in the making. It's small things like this that make a developer's life better... or a writer's... or, well... anyone using the computer in any creative way.
[Version 1.21]

mactoe commented on 06 Feb 2008
This product is no longer available. They only offer the Pro version on their site now and it's twice the money at $32 so if you have a simple need, such as just recording radio streams from iTunes you may want to find other solutions.
[Version 2.2.6]


mactoe reviewed on 06 Nov 2007
Straight forward... works as advertised. With each new OS release from Apple there are always things you have to wonder... what were they thinking. Thanks!
[Version 1.0]

mactoe commented on 02 Oct 2007
Won't touch it... if people write in here that they get NO customer support and lose their money I wouldn't touch this with your keyboard until this issue is redressed with a comment from the developer.
[Version 1.4]

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