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Maclover1.1 commented on 17 Apr 2014
I'm unable to make MP4 files that can be read from my ExFat USB drive connected to my Sony Bravia using this software :0( I have other converters but they take hours to convert.. Why is it so hard to translate formats.
[Version 1.1.8]

Maclover1.1 commented on 03 Jan 2014
Retina please.. I'm getting so used to the sharpness that when I open an app that's not, I feel like I need to see an ophthalmologist.. or that I jumped back in time to Mac Quadra or something ;0)
[Version 4.0.3]


Maclover1.1 reviewed on 19 Dec 2013
If you like CoBook.. beware before letting the AppStore update to new version

New interface released today.. sucks soooo bad. I can't even invoke the contextual menu for copying a field content anymore. Maybe I'll just go back to the regular Mac Address book. What a terrible update CoBook.

I feel my my girlfriend just cam home weighing 100lbs more and face full of ketchup an mayo.
[Version 1.3]

Maclover1.1 commented on 05 Dec 2013
I was able to import all my Candybar and iCOntainers and folders of .icns but not any icons in png's (have loads of those..). Also I wish it'd import .svg icons.. I actually "only" need this tool as a place/hub to keep my web design icons, not to toy around customizing the OS appearance (which I could not care less about).

SO I'm not yet impressed.. I was hoping this would be much better.. I can just hope this evolves into this direction.
[Version 2.6.0]

Maclover1.1 commented on 29 Oct 2013
"Not compatible with OS X 10.9"
Don't developers, especially fairly big ones as opposed to "singleman" ones.. anticipate? It's not like you guys did not have access to Mavericks for devs ?!??
[Version 4.1.1896]


Maclover1.1 reviewed on 13 Oct 2013
Great to see AgileBits decided to offer a direct purchase/upgrade path :0) 1password got yet better, interface is a little less eye candy and "very white" and almost "unfinished" visually (iPad version looks better from what I can see in the screen grabs).

The "show web form detail" button is a bit of a convoluted approach, I preferred the way it was before, always visible.. it would be good to have the option to have this info displayed by default for those who'd like that..

The new menubar item is cool.. though the "Show 5 more categories".. why ?! Why not just offer the possibility to design one's own menu showing and organizing the elements one wants to appear in it.
[Version 4.0.2]

Maclover1.1 commented on 03 Oct 2013
I've used 1Password since day 1.1, I recommend it to every willing ear (usually my clients as a web designer) and installed it on several family members' computers bending their arm telling them they had to have it.. I feel a little cheated if the only upgrade path is paying full price on the AppStore... It's such a central tool for me I'll most likely upgrade.. but I still feel like I'm being someone's bitch here.. and it's not extremely pleasant.
[Version 4.0]

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Maclover1.1 replied on 03 Oct 2013
I think when developers do this.. like Ulysses III etc.. They could thrown in a little free app as a gift to "preferred" customers.. or a coupon for use on iTunes for music or something (even if only 5 bucks). It's more the gesture than the price in a sense that's awkward in these situations. But considering how much I use this app daily... I cannot really complain about it being expensive.. I could not live without it, I'd go nuts !!!! REALLY !
Maclover1.1 commented on 20 Sep 2013
Now that Calibre has gotten to v.1.. versioning is flying Google Chrome-like.. Calibre..v29 sooner than you think :0)
[Version 1.4.0]


Maclover1.1 reviewed on 17 Sep 2013
Excellent.. much better than imageOptim.. am impressed, will save many Ko's for my web uploads with this little tool.. Tried the demo. Now trying to buy it form the AppStore.. Spinning wheel.. maybe the AppStore is having issues.. in any case will buy this ! Very much worth it !
[Version 1.6.1]

Maclover1.1 commented on 12 Sep 2013
This is waaaay overpriced, indeed as said by JCH".. FontExplorer is a possible alternative, FontBook as well (allows you to print catalogs of fonts), FontSleuth allows you to look at fonts, create sets to review etc.
[Version 2.18]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 16 Dec 2013
Cannot use Chronosync and Curio anymore, both launch but neither can open or create files since Mavericks update today :/ Major issue here.. these are extremely important apps in my daily workflow.
[Version 10.9.1]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 16 Dec 2013
Second app I cannot use since upgrading to 10.9.1. earlier today. The other app being Chronosync. I can open both apps but cannot open their files or create new ones.. Weirdness. Two apps I use veeeeery regularly.. I'm screwed.
[Version 8.6.3]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 16 Dec 2013
Cannot open or create a new backup.. just upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.1. I deleted all prefs and re-registered.. to no avail.. I can launch the app.. but nothing more :/
[Version 4.4.3]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 08 Dec 2013
Issues with a couple of apps, specifically:

Cut a file to paste it into another folder.. and.. oops, it's gone, where ? Well it becomes a text link in CopyLess. Wonder what really happens to the file itself I must say.. But it does nit do that in XtraFinder.. where cutting/pasting files works fine with CopyLess activated.

CURIO(Took me time to understand what was happening, thought it as a Curio issue a first).
It "tends to"* copy text as image so when I paste text back I get an image of my text..
*Sometimes it copies ok sometimes not.. weird.
[Version 1.8.0]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 29 Oct 2013
Search Bar/Field does not redraw correctly in Full Screen mode (Mavericks here)
[Version 4.0.5]

Maclover1.1 had trouble on 21 Jul 2010
I just had font issues with Flash.. only piece of software that seems to be extremely fussy regarding fonts.. So I cleaned my Fonts Caches.. restarted.. and now FontAgent will display WYSIWYG fine except in the FontPlayer window.. and Flash won't see the activated fonts at all.. Where do I go from here considering my client is showing up in 2 hours.. Do I tell him that Font Management is sort of a never-ending flow of oddities and complexities that has given me more heartache than my whole Love Life (which is no small feat).

Fonts must be the one thing in my computer Life as a graphic designer that has been the most complicated overall seriously... Everything else eventually gets sorted but FONTS... is an evolutive nightmare.

Ok now I feel slightly better.. my Mac will not fly out the window just yet... though I'd love to hear it crash on the ground at this point and forget working with computers altogether.. as it is such a non-Life.
[Version 4.120]

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Maclover1.1 replied on 21 Jul 2010
After 5 freakin' reboots.. all my activated fonts are showing up again in my applications (and not just appearing active in FAP).. I'm sure this is an OSX issue and NOT a FontAgent one.. Yet.. I don't know how that happened.. Font Caches are sort of a mystery to me.
Maclover1.1 had trouble on 09 Jun 2010
Crash as well.. Safari 5
[Version 4.5]

maclover1.1 had trouble on 05 Feb 2007
Question.. I looked all over.. no luck.. here it is.. neither Camino nor Firefox will see my flash plugin.. I did delete the :
as advised on the Mozilla forum.. still no luck, any idea anyone ?

I've got the latest MacOS and the latest browsers and the latest Flash plugin... which works fine in all my browsers (DevonAgent, Safari, Shiira, Opera).
[Version 1.0.3]

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