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macgurl commented on 16 Sep 2009
The good news: this software still works on Snow Leopard.
The bad news: "The requested resource / is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource."
Don't you just hate it when you pay for something that evaporates without a trace (and without an explanation, or support)?
[Version 1.9.52]

macgurl commented on 05 Sep 2009
$29 for Snow Leopard and $20 for this "app"?
The so-called developers did not develop this software. They bought the code.
I'll say this, though: they "dare to be creative" in getting our money for tasks that are easily accessed through either the command-line or with free software "wrappers".
If Joel Barriere were to ask $20 for Onyx, I might consider it, as he's a real developer.
Count me out on this one.
[Version 2.0.2]

macgurl commented on 25 Mar 2009
Once again this new version (4.0.22) bounced in the dock upon first start, would not force quit, and required a hard shutdown. I started up my Mac again and wanted to throw LCC away. Ah, but first one must launch it to deinstall its innards. This time LCC started up so I decided to accept the first crash as an anomaly and try some functions before I uninstalled.

Acceptance of password is (always) followed by a 2 second wait. Why? The "Clean Finder" function stalled the app again, so I had to force quit through the finder (this time it worked), then restart the app, uninstall ClamX engine and uninstall LCC, and then trash, restart, and fix things with Onyx.

It should be noted that "uninstall LCC" does NOT fully uninstall LCC, as the package receipt and .plist file were left behind. It should also be noted that 3 dots after a menu item (in most Mac apps) indicate a new window or menu of choices. Not so with LCC, as it goes right into the task without missing a beat.

And why does the app's GUI seem dated? I know nothing about coding languages like RealBasic and Cocoa, but it doesn't fit with Leopard's own interface. And this is admittedly a minor point. But jerky barber-poles aren't reassuring, and there is NO progress bar at all on the "Clean Finder" function. It cleans the .DS_store files alright, but when is it done? I suppose one is reduced to guesswork.

I sent an email to and it bounced back to me as "undeliverable: address does not exist."

I don't think LCC is right for me until it gets an overhaul. It may work great for others.
[Version 4.0.22]


macgurl reviewed on 12 Mar 2009
Excellent upgrade. All tasks are smooth as silk. I think they need you at Apple, Joel, considering their last few "updates". It's amazing to see a free app from a devoted developer, still keeping up with the coding idiosyncracies of a mega-corporation that seems rudderless at the moment.
Seeing as how they just broke "repair permissions" with their last iTunes/Front Row update and are now faced with releasing a NEW update to update their last update, and taking note of the fact that many recent updates have created new bugs not previously in existence, talent like yours is sorely needed in Cupertino.
You have my respect and my thanks.
[Version 2.0.4]


macgurl reviewed on 11 Feb 2009
Excellent software, easy to configure and implement. Every update makes it a better choice. THE best bulk mailer for the Mac.
[Version 1.9.50]


macgurl reviewed on 18 Jan 2009
Excellent update, and all tasks were performed without a snag. (Info icon is present in my app). Kudos, Joel.
[Version 2.0.3]

macgurl commented on 09 Jan 2009
I realize I reported the exact same problem back in July 08.
[Version 4.0.19]

macgurl commented on 09 Jan 2009
I just ran 'Update LS Database' and the finder quit and would not restart. I was unable to quit LCC. I was unable to use 'option-cmmnd-esc'.
I had to 'pull the plug' and then repair permissions and do a drive repair from my install disk.
Not good.
[Version 4.0.19]


macgurl reviewed on 30 Jul 2008
One small bug pour moi: when deleting the sound file caches - the plug-ins for iTunes I think - my app Sound Studio stops functioning afterwards. I think it has something to do with a special plug-in that Freeverse Software throws in there.
Minor stuff. Not everyone has Sound Studio.
Back to Onyx. This app rocks.
Get ready for Snow Leopard, Joel. Don't get a drinking problem over this. Put a few dollars charge on this baby. It's a killer app. You must be the most beleaguered and under-appreciated designer in the world. Keep at it, and you will succeed at anything you do. Thank you for all of these years of work and research. Many of us love you for it.
[Version 1.9.6]


macgurl reviewed on 22 Jul 2008
I apologize. First for the rating - I should have just commented. A nit I am, as Yoda would say. Second, the developer explained it to me. and I was way off base. I tried it tonight and it works great.
I have no other way to erase my faux pas than to give it lots of stars, and it deserves them.
Thanks for the free present, and excuse an old lady on too much levothyroxine.
[Version 1.20]

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