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Maboroshi reviewed on 23 Jul 2012
The best desktop Pandora app out there now!

If I had one bad thing to say about it, its that the volume slider resets every time I open the application, rupturing my eardrums when I forget to take off my headphones.

Fix that, and you'll have your 5 stars from me.
[Version 1.5.5]

Maboroshi commented on 14 Jun 2012
Here is the UI style I've been using for a while now that's served me well:

Hopefully this can ease some of your pain.

And I know its not important to most people, but I'm still wondering what the hold up on updating the emoticons is? We're at the point where half the images aren't even the same across platforms.

Maboroshi commented on 29 May 2012
NOT free.

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Maboroshi replied on 29 May 2012
Scratch that! I got this confused with DVDFab DVD Ripper.
These forums could use a remove comment feature.

Maboroshi reviewed on 16 Feb 2012
This seems to have disappeared from the App Store along with their website.

Pretty useful tool, but one HUGE thing its missing is a color wheel to let you select colors instead of having to manually enter them.
[Version 2.0]

Maboroshi rated on 24 Jul 2011
[Version 1.2]


Maboroshi reviewed on 11 Jul 2011
Please consider that not all accounts have admin privileges. The admin password prompt will not let me enter an alternate login name, i.e. an admin account.
[Version 2.3]


Maboroshi reviewed on 24 Jun 2011
Great app! Easy to use, and the ability to fetch and auto-fill DVD info/artwork is great.
The companion iPhone app works well too. I only wish there were a way to sync the two without having to go through iTunes. Maybe through mobileme/icloud?

To this day though I still can't get over the wet-garbage-bag looking icon.

Keep up the great work!
[Version 1.1.12]


Maboroshi reviewed on 27 May 2011
This is pretty nice work. Especially considering its free.

For those having trouble getting it to see their PS3 on the network, one thing you may need to do is go under "General Configuration" and in the "Force IP of the server" field, put in the network IP of your mac running the software. For example
After that click save and then restart the server. You may also have to choose one of the network interfaces from the "Force networking on interface" dropdown.

I've never had problems connecting as long as I have those 2 options set.
[Version 1.20.409]


Maboroshi reviewed on 10 Sep 2010
Streaming over wifi is beautiful. 3G streaming is watchable (about youtube quality), but frequently stops to buffer which can get annoying.
Ability to search is nice. Something they neglected on Netflix for Wii.

A major setback is when I have to scroll through my instant queue. Its slow, and only loads about 10 movies at a time before I have to click "show more". If I have a lot of movies queued up, and need to get to the bottom, or even the middle, this process painfully repeats until I get to what I want. "There's got to be a better way!"

Also, the bluetooth audio is not synchronized at all, which means wireless headsets are useless.

I think its a really good start, but those last 2 issues really stick out.
[Version 1.1.0]

Maboroshi commented on 09 Jul 2010
so... besides the updated copyright there's really nothing new with growl itself is there?
[Version 1.2.1]

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Maboroshi replied on 09 Jul 2010
Ah there the changes are. Nice!
Maboroshi had trouble on 05 Sep 2013
Getting the "TLS read failed" error again. Are there any fixes coming for that?
[Version 1.5.7]

Maboroshi had trouble on 04 Aug 2012
On Mountain Lion it crashes every time I add a show. When I reopen the prefpane, the show I added is there, so at least its saving it.
[Version 2.0RC2]

Maboroshi had trouble on 09 Mar 2010
This tool is very quick and has good customizations, except for one big issue I'm having with it that still forces me to use photoshop: when converting from a grayscale tiff to gif, the resulting image is overlaid with alternating black and white pixels, (like how old B&W paint programs would simulate grey), making the image unusable.

It would also be nice to have a "save in location..." setting for each droplet.
[Version 1.01]

Maboroshi had trouble on 07 Mar 2010
I'm having the opposite problem. My remote now ONLY works in Boxee.
I think its this "boxeeservice" application thats running in the background that seems to be completely blocking normal use of my apple remote.
Annoyingly, even after quitting the app through Activity Monitor, within seconds the app reopens itself.

Whats up with that??

Maboroshi had trouble on 10 Dec 2009
Are there any future plans for this to auto log-in to the website when you choose "Open Inbox" like Google Notifier does?
[Version 0.5]

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Maboroshi replied on 10 Dec 2009
...more detailed growl messages would be awesome too!
e.g. subject/sender
Maboroshi had trouble on 30 Sep 2009
I gotta say I'm having a very tough time trying to run this server on a mac while trying to connect to it from another on the same lan.

I've tried changing several of the addresses to (the mac running the server), but every time I try to log into the world, it hangs.

Any advice?
[Version v2.12b]

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Maboroshi commented on 02 Oct 2009
Thanks Jimster.
I changed that one and another realm login ip and was able to get it to work.

I successfully made a blood elf character and could play the game normally, but when I made an undead character and tried to play, the game would lock up when trying to enter the world. I went into the sql database and changed the undead character's start position to the same as the blood elf's and then it logged in fine.
But I guess thats something wrong with the sql database preset.

Anyway, thanks for the help with the other issue!
maboroshi had trouble on 03 Sep 2009
Is there any way to not use MAMP and use the built-in Apache server with MySQL instead?
I already have my system set up and its a pain to have to turn that all off just to use MAMP.
[Version 1.0b]

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maboroshi commented on 03 Sep 2009
I don't know why I didn't think of trying this before, but apparently you can just set up MAMP to use your default web and mysql servers.


Heres how:
maboroshi had trouble on 01 Sep 2009
Please fix this for Snow Leopard! I love this screen saver!
[Version 2.7b15a]

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maboroshi commented on 14 Sep 2009
I guess they forgot to update MU, but if you go to their site there is a new SL compatible version up!

Woo hoo!
maboroshi had trouble on 01 Jul 2009
In previous versions I used to be able to drop a cbr file right onto a playlist and it would import it and then add that to that playlist.

Sometimes the files I'm dragging over have already been imported, but it would still be nice to be able to manually drop the files into the playlist, as I have my comics sorted by story on DVDs, and it would be infinitely easier to just drop that folder in there.
[Version 1.3B821]

maboroshi had trouble on 13 May 2009
Really like this but one thing has been bothering me.
And that one thing is that no matter what you set in the preferences, PandoraBoy always changes the volume when you use the mac remote.

This is really annoying because when I push volume up or down, both the system volume AND PandoraBoy's volume change, usually making it either way too loud or dead quiet.
[Version 0.7]

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