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M85 commented on 12 Apr 2014
Great app, but DON'T download 34.0.1847.116 version. Seems some basic functionality is broken. On two different computers with 34.0.1847.116 tried going to google images and right clicking an image to download it. Crashes the program every time.
I don't know what else is broken, but the complications of downgrading if you run into trouble are enough of a headache for most people to probably want to stick with 33.xx for now
[Version 34.0.1847.116]

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M85 replied on 12 Apr 2014
... I can now add "quits on launch" to the basic functionality problems I was having.:(

M85 reviewed on 22 Feb 2014
Great player, clean interface with lots of advanced options (just took me a sec to find them). Much prefer to vlc or mplayer
[Version 1.3.5]

M85 commented on 07 Feb 2014
Macupdate has the link to 30.xx
The link to 32.xx is here
[Version 32.0.1700.107]


M85 reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
See below - this is to rebalance my harsh initial review
[Version 10.9.1]


M85 reviewed on 29 Oct 2013
Upgraded to Mybricks, um Mavericks last week. Surely Apple must have learned from past recent failures, I thought.
Everything went fine for two days, then Final Cut Pro X started getting flakey... Then I realized my iPhone wasn't backing up because I hadn't been using iCloud now the only option. Mad about that, but tried to reason it would simplify things for everyone. Wish they'd told me..... But now after sudden and inexplicable Finder flakeyness my iMac WILL. NOT. START. AT. ALL.
wtf Apple?!?!! flagship app FCPX is flakey, ios7 failed to deliver half my messages
You killed iDisk, MobileMe, duplicated all my contacts when iCloud launched, Maps is a disaster, but , oh "Just trust us" with all my info now
I'm not a troll -check my history. This OS upgrade sucks and Apple's messed up soo much lately... Going back to pen and paper
[Version 10.9]

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M85 replied on 29 Oct 2013
To clarify: safe boot doesn't work, Diskwarrior says the disk is physically corrupted, disk utility says the same (booted from dvd and via target disk mode respectively). Recovery mode at least got me to a screen for restoring from Time machine (don't understand how there could be "physical corruption" and that works). Anyway, now trying to recover from backup I did just prior to upgrade.
Apple discussions boards have a number of people with the same problems

M85 replied on 30 Oct 2013
Partial retraction - there may have been some bad sectors on the drive and after a Time Machine restore everything seems to be functioning normally and a little quicker than Mountain Lion 10.8.5 was

M85 replied on 16 Dec 2013
RavenNevermore, I would totally agree - the drive seems like it's borked, but after the reinstall everything is working great and the drive was a Crucial ssd that was only a year old. Also, other people were reporting weird, but severe problems like mine.
Again, I re-installed from a backup and all's working great now. DriveDX says the ssd is 100% fine.
What I found outrageous was that somebody else would have been screwed, lost their data, and shipped off their hard drive for replacement for what was apparently actually a Mavericks software glitch triggered by a Apple's update.
Anyway, I'm giving it 5 stars to balance things out.
I generally do like it a lot now, even though it blew up in my face initially.
Thanks for weighing in - I'd forgotten I'd left it rated at one star.

M85 reviewed on 20 Oct 2013
Just adding my name to the list of people that DON'T work for the company and are very happy with this program. It's recovered more data - pictures, docs, video, etc - and more quickly than any other app I've tried, including Data Rescue and Mac Data Recovery.
The only thing it couldn't fully recover were a few pictures that had been overwritten. I could only see half of those image and the other half showed random data. No other app could recover those either. Pretty hard to recover stuff that's been overwritten.
[Version 2.0.368]


M85 reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Went hunting because Spotlight was frequently locking up my computer as it indexed files. I tried removing some folders from Spotlight's indexing sweep, but it was still a problem. Tried a few apps, but Quicksilver's been the best and then some.
[Version 1.0.0]


M85 reviewed on 07 Nov 2012
Where's 64-bit for Mac? Not like Google doesn't have enough developers under their roof. Also, Google's sense of user interface graphics is lame - mostly evident trying to teach people basic things like where certain preferences are (often buried and undifferentiated) in Chrome as they are in the other Google product I use a lot - Gmail. Anyway, I ppreciate that they're free.
[Version 23.0.1271.64]


M85 reviewed on 16 Oct 2012
Couldn't figure out why my hard drive wouldn't show in the popup menu of drives to rebuild. Responsive tech support (returned my call 5 mins after I left a message) let me know it's because Diskwarrior 4.4 disc is running Snow Leopard and can't decrypt my Filevault 2 (Lion or Mountain Lion) - encrypted disc.
Two optionss - create a bootable Lion or ML disc image with DW on it or use target disc mode
Been using the program for years and it's performed wonders for me. Alsoft is apparently at Apple's mercy for when Apple releases Lion or Mountain Lion to developers like them. Glad this hiccup was just that - a hiccup
[Version 4.4]


M85 reviewed on 24 Jul 2012
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have to use twitter for work and having Tweetbot's ease and functionality on my desktop is a Godsend.
[Version 0.6.2]

M85 had trouble on 07 Jun 2013
Apple, what gives? My desktop's hung at the grey linen screen with jsust a cursor showing after this update. I repaired permissions and updated using the combo updater - as I always do with point updates. Don't know what to do next...
[Version 10.8.4]

m85 had trouble on 17 Jun 2009
I clicked "Sync notes" in iTunes, but when I click "Apply" iTunes a syncs everything else, but unchecks "sync notes" and doesn't transfer the notes on my first generation ipod touch to the mail app. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
[Version 3.0]

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m85 replied on 17 Jun 2009
Thanks. That worked for me. Thought I'd already tried re-plugging, but I guess not. :)
m85 had trouble on 15 Feb 2008
Been trying to uninstall all remnants of this program, but I can't figure out where part of it is - it's still listed as a possible web browser when I chose a default browser in Safari's preference pane. Help, please.
[Version 9.25]

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m85 replied on 20 Feb 2008
Thanks to both of you!
m85 had trouble on 18 Nov 2007
It's saving video files as mp3 for me. Changing the file name doesn't allow me to see the video, still just the audio.
[Version 2.1]

m85 had trouble on 01 Jun 2006
My dock won't auto-hide since this update. Not sure the two are related but an odd coincidence if it's not.
Using 10.4.6, and QT pro
[Version 7.1.1]

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