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lunarius reviewed on 30 May 2013
What a frustrating app.

To start with, PaintSupreme lacks the ability to utilize pressure sensitivity from a tablet. It will recognise the basic input: that I'm drawing a line, that I've stopped, but it doesn't vary the line width at all. It also doesn't recognise when I flip the stylus around to use the eraser. Not very professional.

I can't draw smoothly curved lines with any speed at all; I'm instead forced to slow down and draw them with significant care. If I have something that requires such slow work to result in a black line without varied thickness I'm just going to go with the default settings of the pen tool in Photoshop. The moment I attempt to draw a quick curve the line gets chunky and edged; the faster the stroke the more obvious it becomes. Not very professional.

The interface is almost impossible to read unless I turn my monitor's brightness up to eyeball-searing levels. To make matters worse there was seemingly no way to adjust this at all. Unless I spent all my time working on a very dark canvas with middling colour ranges, I had to stop every few minutes to let my eyes rest. Not very professional.

As has been mentioned before, the UI itself isn't very responsive. The standard Mac menus work fine, but the buttons themselves need some coaxing before they'll work. I really don't have the time or inclination to sit and constantly click just to make a simple command to go through. Not very professional.

As has also been mentioned before: the very Windows appearance and lack of tabs is jarring. I can use Photoshop on my PC if I want that boxy look, so why bother with this less-functional app? And on the note of tabs: I can't even begin to work in my usual fashion without the ability to open multiple tabs; I found I had to have Photoshop open anyway so I could easily copy images from it to paste into PaintSupreme. Maybe an issue on my copy, but I found when I tried to open a new image it would force me to save or abandon my current canvas. Not very professional.

I won't claim to have the best computer in town (3.06GHz Intel i3, 8GB RAM), but PaintSupreme easily becomes bogged down by only a few layers with a lot of linework, colour, or applied filters. A single paint-bucket filled layer as a background brought the app to a crawl; I can run PS CS5 with a 300dpi canvas of massive size with a hundred or better layers full of work before it starts to bog down. Not very professional.

In short, if this were on the iPad and significantly cheaper it would be the sort of app I'd pick up as a last-resort if I really needed to get something down and nothing else was on hand. This isn't a professional app, and it doesn't even come close to being one. I've used Photoshop for a very, very long time and the very minor effects possible with the standard brushes don't come anywhere close. I wouldn't even use this for an outlining app thanks to the chunky and ragged lines.

There is potential in this app--if it undergoes a massive overhaul. In the meantime it just doesn't make the cut. It's a glorified MSPaint, but even Paint has a more straightforward and clear UI.
[Version 1.50]

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lunarius replied on 30 May 2013
Hello Richie,

I can understand that you would disagree, and I appreciate your position. However the program is described as having "professional-quality" and sophisticated tools; I found none of these to be in evidence.

I apologize if you found my rating unfair, but if it's supposed to be professional-quality it needs to stand up against other professional-quality programs, which it does not.

I have written a very brief review elsewhere (the initial page the email announcement takes you to) and only this 'lengthy' review here; if you'll see CFrag's post his own is as long if not longer than my own. It seems your only issue is the rating. I can lay no claim to any other such reviews; I don't have the time or interest.

I have no business interest in my review, nor do I have a bias. I simply found it to be significantly lacking, both on its own and severely so when compared to other professional-quality programs. I do not appreciate your character attack or the assumption that I was raving, and I found that to also be not very professional. I imagine you likely felt that characterization to be warranted since I have given a poor review of your product, but in the future you might avoid doing so. As you've said, clearly you have an audience of people this app works well for--I am not among them, but that doesn't make me some sort of villain out to sully your good name. :D

I wish you the best of luck with this and other endeavours, and despite what you seem to think of me, I do genuinely hope you find even more success.
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