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Lovemymacs reviewed on 04 Jan 2012
I don't know how anyone lives without this. I really don't.
[Version 4.3.9]


Lovemymacs reviewed on 27 Jan 2011
Simple Review: This is an awesome, dependable, solid application. It fills a need and gets the job done. I have many files I need to make available to clients worldwide. Together with the iPhone app I'm able to send them via a URL download anytime, anywhere. Rarely have problems. Occasionally, as my files are media files, inexperienced users don't know how to deal with some issues. I don't think this is the problem of the application. But this puts a huge library in my phone and in my emails. Love it. Completely pleased with it.
[Version 4.3.7]


Lovemymacs reviewed on 12 Apr 2010
Easy to review because it's one of my essential apps. I constantly send audio files to clients - this couldn't be better. Support is outstanding, functionality is robust and completely dependable. I have it integrated with Mobile Me, haven't tried other server personally even though I have one cause it worked so well - with Mobile Me it integrated instantly. I believe it would be almost as easy to set up another kind of server situation. I haven't had a single problem and I've sent a lot of files and continue to do so. Tried other solutions but this put an end to that... I'd suggest that you get it and use it if you ever send large files or if you have a lot of different files you regularly send. I am able to keep a very large catalogue of files ready to send in any number or combination within moments to anyone by using either my laptop or my iphone. Couldn't be easier or more dependable. I don't have any personal involvement with this application other than as a happy user. I was using the short URL option but I realize that the sites that are used to create the short URL's come and go and I want people to continue to have access to the files if they want so I've stopped shortening them. Doesn't really matter because it is simply a download link. This application is suitable for professional and constant use.
[Version 4.3]


Lovemymacs reviewed on 25 Sep 2009
This is one of the two best apps on my macs. Before I had it I used the same overly simple password for every site. Now I've got roughly 140 different passwords that consist of random punctuation with some numbers and letters sprinkled in, generally as long as the individual sites will allow. The program works flawlessly although occasionally individual fields need to be edited when entering complete identities. But I sense that this is more a function of those sites and even so it saves 95% of the time even in those cases. And yes there are occasional sites with floating boxes that won't allow this type of login but in that case it's easy enough to simply copy and paste my login directly from 1password using the easy interface that still makes that very quick. Another feature that is amazing is the instant entry of credit card information. It's so easy that I've had to make a point of being careful because an impulse purchase is all too easy. Two clicks and most of the time I've entered my identity and completely filled out the credit card info including billing address.
When I recently started completely fresh with a new computer, after I installed CS4, this was the second application I installed. Can't imagine my computer without it. And the support is staggering. I don't think I could do better if I had an expert next to me. Their response times, the immediate relevance of their answers, the fact that every time they've been able to get me going with one detailed email, I couldn't think more highly of them than I do. I think that if you try this application for a month you won't want to live without it.
[Version 2.11]

lovemymacs commented on 26 Jun 2009
This app is soooo much fun!! I've wanted to make wallpaper for my iphone, and sure, I could just take or import pictures. But this application makes is so, so easy to get the perfect layout that matches the iphone screen, manipulate the colors, the contrast, and about thirty other elements. I had a little bit of a problem when I first got it and the developers were amazingly helpful, answering immediately with a newer build that solved the problem instantly. But the best part is the wallpaper I now have on my phone. Gorgeous!! I love answering my phone and using it even more than I already did - which is a lot. I was able to increase the size by zooming a bit, then I boosted the color saturation so i can practically taste it, and then I was easily able to get the exact piece of the picture I wanted for the background due to the editing tool in the perfect shape and size of the iphone screen. Then I popped it over to my iphone with a single click. I would recommend this software without any hesitation or qualification. It is just great and delivers absolutely everything it promises. And if you like easy, this is definitely a ten in that category as well.
[Version 1.1.4]


lovemymacs reviewed on 24 Sep 2008
I have used as many online and software programs as I could find on google or discover through forums. I am learning to type dvorak after years of thinking about it but not knowing how to proceed. So I'm getting faster and faster but I was faced with a growing problem. Every program or website I have used has broken the learning process into the same basic steps: home row first, then they added additional keys in layers to all of the previous layers. Here's the problem - I got faster and faster at the home row, slightly less fast at the next level and so on until my skills were weakest at the last keys added and I got the least consistent practice at those.
So - along comes this miracle of a program. Miracle or obvious? I'm not really sure. I realize at this point it's either this feature or years of practice. With this program I'm offered the usual sequence that others use - I suppose it makes sense to do it that way - but this one adds something I've been really, really hoping to find. It lets me select which keys to practice if I want to. I can't thank this guy enough for this feature. Before I found it I was typing at about 60 words per minute on the home row, 40 with the next closest keys added in, thirty with the bulk of the keys, but 26 with everything added in. And this just wasn't changing fast enough for me because those last keys - although not as common, were messing up everything else when I was trying to really type. I'm trying to get really fast at this - I'm a keyboard musician and I want to make typing easier on my hands - Dvorak is everything I thought it would be in terms of ergonomics, but I don't want to take forever to get fully fluent.
Anyway - if you've read this far - this feature is why I made a donation and am so enthusiastic. As a keyboard player - when something is particularly difficult we isolate it and practice it. We don't just keep playing the whole piece over and over again hoping for the best. Read the rest of the review for all of the rest of the features. But this feature sets this program above everyone else if you're looking for real mastery.
[Version 1.4.1]

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