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lemon-kun commented on 04 Mar 2014
Funny, on the developer's website is written: "For USA Mac App Store customers, to get 150% re-fund, please do as following:
- write your review with suggestion / evaluation in Mac App Store
- send your "Paypal email address" to vu.tienthinh@yahoo.com"

What is the business idea behind this? They pay for reviews? Is that the beauty of the Mac App Store, no demos but you get paid by the dev for writing a review?
[Version 1.7]


lemon-kun reviewed on 30 Dec 2013
Well this got to be the GTD app with the best UI concept ever.

Actually I downloaded DayMap only because it was on sale, well, it looked interesting from screenshots and videos. I am a heavy OmniFocus user and didn't think I'd have much use for it. But now after trying, I find this app completely convincing, and ever since downloading I use it daily.

As Actwolf described below, it's a brilliant UI concept, look and feel. And it has to be mentioned, while DayMap follows minimalist principles, projects can go surprisingly "deep", splitting up tasks into sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks, sub-sub-sub-tasks (etc. etc. etc.). Of course, DayMap is no OmniFocus, so if you need something really complex, DayMap isn't for you. But even then it might prove useful as a companion app: I use DayMap for one specific part of my work-life and for that it serves me very well.

DayMap has one killer feature for me: it shows recurring tasks in the calendar as multiple items, so for example you can have one task repeated from Tuesday to Friday and DayMap will show an entry for every day (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday). Other apps (like OmniFocus) generate the next (repeated action) only after the first one is completed.

This way, DayMapThis is ideal if you have tasks that take longer, and you want to work on a task every day a bit. So unlike the other to-do apps, you don't just get to see a frightening due date, but instead you see when you will work – more like with planing software. That is really great for motivation.

Regarding the feature requests of other commentators here: Personally, I wouldn't need these, and with every new feature the developer runs risk of ruining the clean interface. "All in one place" is usually a way to get things cluttered. I hope the developer goes here his/her own way and won't sacrifice UI for features. This is not to say that there isn't anything to improve with this app, I see quite a few things where the developer could work on – before adding new features.

Anyway, one more thing, it has to be said: at 13$ this really needs a demo version, and I find it rather mind-boggling that the developer doesn't provide one. DayMap is a well-done, polished app! I really have a hard time trying to understand that. Productivity is an individual thing, one has to be able to evaluate what works best for his/her needs. So, dear developer, it's very simple: if you don't want to offer a demo, you have to sell at 5$-8$. If you want to sell your app at 13$ you need to provide a demo. It is true, you can always find new customers by setting your app from time to time "on sale", but this is actually pretty unfair to those customers who payed full price.
[Version 1.7.0]

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lemon-kun replied on 30 Dec 2013
Sorry, I meant: "Amadeuswolf"
lemon-kun commented on 30 Dec 2013
Just a comment about the paid syncing service:

The Mac version of The Hit List costs 50$, the iPhone app 10$ and syncing 20$ per year. So one year using The Hit List costs 80$, +20$ for each year. (no iPad app?)

OmniFocus costs 80$ the Mac version, 20$ the iPhone version, the iPad version costs 40$. Syncing is free, and there aren't "must to" updates all that often – it is still at version 1 for years. So the complete package of OmniFocus cost 140$. That is the same like four years of using The Hit List.

Organize Pro costs 50$ for the Mac, iPad app for 13$, iPhone app for free, syncing free. So all of it for 63$.

Things costs 50$ for the Mac, 10$ for the iPhone version, 20$ for the iPad version, syncing free. The whole package costs 80$ (it won't do sub-sub-sub-tasks as far as I know, so no deal for me).

2Do costs 40$ for the Mac version, 10$ for iPhone/iPad app, so about 50$ for the complete thing (sync via Dropbox). No sub-sub-sub-tasks, so nothing for me.
[Version 1.1.3]

lemon-kun commented on 28 Dec 2013
@MacUpdate At the moment the link downloads OrganizeMe instead of OrganizePro.
[Version 1.8.3]

lemon-kun commented on 28 Dec 2013
On their website there is also a free (with ads) version for download…
[Version 2.3]


lemon-kun reviewed on 26 Dec 2013
As mentioned, there is a demo of SmartDay for download at the developer's website.

I find the concept of SmartDay very interesting, because most other to-do/GTD apps just list tasks, so you lose oversight quite easily when you try to plan your day or your week. With SmartDay, your tasks get displayed in the calendar view, which is especially useful if you have tasks that take a bit longer to complete. You can rearrange the tasks according to your other events – this is actually great. If you missed a due date/time, SmartDay just pushes the task further and reschedules your work.

This is a real killer feature. And well, this was the very reason for me to have a look at SmartDay. Exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, when dragging and dropping tasks to the calendar, rescheduling, etc., SmartDay often felt unresponsive, clunky. Also the iCal integration didn't work, but maybe this is because it's a demo? The design isn't beautiful, it has its rough edges, both from usability as well as the look and feel, some things are a bit "glitchy" (graphics errors). Definitely not as polished as the developer's website.

But what I really don't like about SmartDay, and really makes me avoiding it: it isn't a standard Mac-like app. I don't like having to search for little icons somewhere in the app's window, I want them up there in a (customisable) toolbar, and I like an app where I can access Preferences, etc. from the menubar. Also I like to drag an app's window around, resize it, etc. I mean we're on the Mac platform, where you don't have to re-invent the UI, because OS X has actually a set of great UI principles. SmartDay's UI really drove me nuts, and I couldn't get used to it.

Apart from the UI, planing projects is pretty basic, no sub-sub tasks, etc., so unfortunately, this app isn't for me. However, it has great potential and a superb idea behind it – I will definitively come back and have a look how it develops over time.

Anyway, I really recommend anybody interested in productivity to have a look at the SmartDay demo (or the free online version) and evaluate for themselves. Task management is something very individual, and chances are, that SmartDay just fits you and your needs perfectly.
[Version 3.0.1]

lemon-kun commented on 25 Dec 2013
When clicking on the developer's webpage, I get to an app called "Blueprint" – is this the successor of Nokumo? Seems it came out just two weeks ago. Is there a demo for Blueprint yet?
[Version 1.2.1]

lemon-kun commented on 25 Dec 2013
Dear developer, I find 10$ for using an app like this is a reasonable price. However, 10$ just to try your app is too expensive. Sorry, but you need to develop a demo…
[Version 1.0.6]

lemon-kun commented on 23 Dec 2013
What I really don't like is that you have to create (and save) a new project (proprietary file format) before you can open ("import") a sound file. This is acceptable in "bigger" apps, where you work for hours at a big project, but not for a "quick-and-easy" audio editor. Other than that, I can't say much about Fluctus Free: it doesn't import any file type I tried, no AIFF, no ACC, no MP3, etc. – I just get an error message. Probably a bug, because from description, the app should open those file types.
[Version 1.1.0]

lemon-kun rated on 19 Dec 2013
[Version 1.7]

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