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klktrk reviewed on 31 Aug 2007
This is fantastic! So so so much nicer than Cisco's GUI. Only complaint is that I wish there were the option to have it in the dock instead of the menu. Some of us don't have that much room for more in the menu bar.

Thanks to the developer for the hard work in giving us this great tool. Hats off!
[Version 1.0.3]

klktrk commented on 28 Aug 2007
Yes, it looks like Google must have changed the authentication scheme, because it's impossible to log in any more. Too bad. I see the source code is available on the site, but I (probably like the developer) don't have time to study the google API at this point.
[Version 0.6.1]

klktrk commented on 23 Jul 2007
I like the last.fm Web site, and I love the idea behind this community/app.

However, I think the developers should know that even when the Last.fm application is only scrobbling (ie *NOT* playing music, but rather only scrobbling what iTunes is playing, it hogs 40-70% of my processor at all times. Compare this to iTunes, which, while actually playing mp3s is only using 5% of the processor. There's something wrong with this app's code. Are the developers even running it through Shark or any other code analysis tools?

Again, I love the concept, but whenever I have last.fm running, it slows the computer to a crawl.

2 GHz PowerPC G5 with 1Gb of Ram, running Mac OS !0.4.10
[Version 1.1.3]


klktrk reviewed on 02 May 2007
Not only is this text editor intelligently designed, and clearly laid out, but the developer is a rare, one-of-a-kind individual. He writes beautiful software, with superb attention to detail, and releases it for free. Not only that, but he responded politely and vigorously to a feature request I made, and I'm happy to say that within three days he had included it. So now the latest release includes being able to use the function navigator in Shell scripts, something that other text editors simply will not do (with the exception of SubEthaEdit).

I highly recommend Smultron.
[Version 3.0.4]

klktrk commented on 20 Feb 2007
Thank you for taking the time to develop this, but did you take the five seconds to check if there was other widely used software named "Fire" out there? I guess not, or you wouldn't have named your widge Fire--the name of a pretty common IM app that has been out since Mac OS X 10.1
[Version 0.1]

klktrk (developer) commented on 18 Nov 2006
I should add that the standard location for tee is /usr/bin/tee
[Version 1.4.3]

klktrk commented on 19 Oct 2006
Love this app!

Here's the obligatory feature request:

Provide a way to sort by signal strength--maybe just by clicking on the signal strength column.

Would also be nice if you could filter for "only open" networks.

I know, I know, it's not actually signal strength, but throughput, no need to flame me.
[Version 0.97]

klktrk tipped on 02 Oct 2006
Since x-tunes looks dead, I've taken to doing this, to try to emulate its functionality as much as possible.

1) Installed QuickSilver http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14831
2) Installed the iTunes plugin for QuickSilver.
3) Installed Growl (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/15979)
4) Installed the Growl plugin for QuickSilver
5) Configured the action keys for the QuickSilver iTunes plugin so I can set the rating on a song, increase/decrease volume, move to the next song, stop playing using keystrokes available from any application. With growl installed, I have it set to post a little transparent notification window for each new song it plays. Alltogether it works great and almost replaces x-tunes.

My keystrokes, for example:
ctrl+opt+cmd+1 rating of one for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+2 rating of two for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+3 rating of three for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+4 rating of four for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+5 rating of five for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+0 no rating for currently playing song
ctrl+opt+cmd+. Stop playing
ctrl+opt+cmd+? Show me which song is playing
ctrl+opt+cmd+UPArrow Play the earlier song
ctrl+opt+cmd+DOWNArrow Play the next song

ctrl+opt+cmd+= Increase volume
ctrl+opt+cmd+- Decrease volume

plus, QuickSilver is an amazing application.
[Version 1.2.6]

klktrk tipped on 20 Sep 2006
Still my favorite graphical interface to MySQL databases. Thanks to the developers for their work.

I still have one MAJOR flaw to point out. Do a MySQL table dump with drop tables on even a medium sized database (50,000 rows, four tables), and prepared to see CocoaMySQL hang (reports 101% processor usage and becomes unresponsive and gobbles up massive amounts of RAM until you force quit it).

This behavior has been verified on three different Macs (PowerPC and Intel) with different OS versions since at least the 0.5 days in CocoaMySQL, and it still exists!

I love CocoaMySQL, but am sad that I still need to use the command line for any data lifting of substance.

Suggestion: Feed the mysqldump to a shell subprocess and just let it notify the application when it is done. This would free up the user interface in the meantime and would handle the memory issues.
[Version 0.7b4]

klktrk commented on 19 Sep 2006
Actually, it appears the x-tunes daemon DOES load and run on an Intel Mac. However, the preference pane cannot be loaded.

So if you want to install x-tunes on an Intel Mac, just drop the preference pane into your ~/Library/PreferencePanes folder, then if you don't already have a preference file set up that you can copy, copy the below to a text editor and save it to:
~/Library/Preferences/X-Tunes Preferences.plist

You'll have to live with my preferences, I suppose, but it's better than nothing.

Here's the text of the preference list:



[Version 1.2.6]

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klktrk replied on 19 Sep 2006
Ack! I forgot to HTML-proof the plist. Let's try this again.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
<string> </string>

klktrk replied on 02 Oct 2006
Well, now it no longer works. I don't know how it ever did, but I was in heaven for a few weeks, and now I can't get x-tunes to work on my Intel Mac anymore. What a pity.

klktrk replied on 02 Oct 2006
Well, now it no longer works. I don't know how it ever did, but I was in heaven for a few weeks, and now I can't get x-tunes to work on my Intel Mac anymore. What a pity.
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