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Kedos commented on 18 Sep 2011
Love this application. But I want to request the ability to more specifically choose how much time the application blocks internet access. I don't know why there are only 15 minute multiples. I'd like to work for 25 minutes, take 5 minutes off, work 25 more, etc.
[Version 1.3]

Kedos commented on 01 Nov 2009
I really like this app, but would be a lot more inclined to use it if this icon didn't ugly up my dock. How about another icon? Really, almost anything would be better.
[Version 1.8.3]


kedos reviewed on 30 Jul 2009
Quickshareit is a nice application, though it crashes a little too frequently. I'd mainly use it to share images with family and friends by creating a web gallery. Unfortunately, quickshareit will ask me if I want to upload it as a zip file or as a gallery - I choose gallery, it uploads and then shows me that it uploaded as a zip. That's a bug that needs to be fixed.
[Version 2.0.3]


kedos reviewed on 27 Jan 2009
The app works beautifully, even though going through google earth is kind of a round-about way of getting things done. I'll hang on to this app, but probably won't have any use for it with the addition of geotagging in iPhoto 09.
[Version 2.0]


kedos reviewed on 22 Jan 2009
This is a great app. Under normal circumstances, it would be much easier to install a firefox extension to download youtube videos, but this program has its perks. If you have a long list of youtube videos that you want to download, for instance, this is much faster. You don't have to navigate through web pages. I wish there were a quicker way to download. For example, you could set preferences to download highest quality available, medium quality, etc. Then, you could just click a download button next to the video to automatically download. It's not too bad the way it is now, but I think it could be better.
Overall, a really great utility that works perfectly, but it isn't normally the best solution to download a youtube video.
[Version 2.2]


kedos reviewed on 05 Jan 2009
This has some cool features the iPhoto is missing. It also loads much faster and is a lot snappier than iPhoto.
That said, iPhoto still wins. I'm looking forward to updates in picasa, and for now I see this as something to further motivate Apple.

kedos commented on 05 Dec 2008
Logan Collins, the developer, has ruined his reputation as far as I'm concerned. This app seems to have been discontinued without any sort of notification. As far as I know, the last anyone has heard from him was on a blog post almost a year ago when he assured his users that SH3 was in the works. I hope this guy hasn't died and I'm talking trash about him.. but if he hasn't, he could at least come out and say he's not working on it anymore.
It's a shame, because this has been an incredibly useful app and he used to be so responsive.
[Version 2.1]

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kedos replied on 06 Feb 2009
Now that I've migrated all of my classes and grades to an extermely intricate worbook in Numbers, Schoolhouse is back. I don't know where this dev was for the past year and, really, he should have at least kept us posted or let us know that he was taking a hiatus. Still, it's really exciting to see this app back in development, even though I'm about to graduate and will have no use for it. Now, I hope we can see some big steps forward to sort of make up for lost time (integration with iCal, an iPhone app andor some sort of way to remotely edit, etc.)
Glad to see you're back.

kedos reviewed on 26 Nov 2008
I really like it so far, though it has a couple of flaws. The inability to change download location is annoying, for instance.
The interface is similar to Transmission, but I definitely like it better, especially because of the info pane instead of a new window. I have been waiting for uTorrent for so long and now that it's here, Transmission is already good enough for me. I'm using Transmission for now but may very likely switch to uTorrent in the near future.
[Version 0.9b]


kedos reviewed on 26 Nov 2008
I've been using Transmission for a while now, occasionally using Vuze when I need more functionality. For the most part, though, Transmission does everything I want and it does it more smoothly. Plus, it looks cool.
I think a lot of people will switch to uTorrent when it's released, if for nothing other than the fact that it's uTorrent. I tried out the leaked version of uTorrent (so sue me) and I saw something that I knew I would really like once it's ready for public release. It clearly is very similar to transmission, but there are a couple of things I like better about uTorrent that I'd like to see in transmission.
First of all, I've always hated the InfoTorrent Inspector opening up in a separate window. uTorrent does a nice job of solving this with the retractableresizable info pane inside of the main window. Transmission's info window is more functional than uTorrent's info pane, but I'd like to see the functionality combined with the convenience.
Secondly, and this is totally subjective, I really like uTorrent's "Transfers" pane as opposed to the filters in Transmission, even though it takes up more real estate. I'm not saying I would change it, because I'm sure not everyone agrees, but that's just my 2 cents.
Keep up the great work on what is currently (and will hopefully continue to be) the best torrent client on this platform.
[Version 1.40]

kedos commented on 20 Oct 2008
I'm testing this and Delicious Library. I prefer bookpedia in features, but also think it's stupid that I can't have combined libraries and would be forced to purchase multiple apps to do the same thing. Also, I'm looking for iSight support because I don't want to manually enter hundreds of books. With delicious library, I stick my book in front of the camera and it's immediately in my library. In Bookpedia, I sit there for several minutes just trying to get the book to scan. Whenif it finally does, it takes a while to search for it. Delicious Library just seems more efficient. Perhaps the scanning problem is because Delicious Library allows you to scan the entire bar code and not just the main portion? I'm not sure, but Delicious gets my vote for now. To the developer, let us know when you perfect the barcode scanning as has been done in Delicious, and please consider combining these apps into one.
[Version 4.3.2]

Kedos had trouble on 21 Oct 2011
Just doesn't work for me. Running Lion and when pearDict opens it doesn't find any words in wordreference. Any idea what's wrong?
[Version 0.2]

kedos had trouble on 10 Feb 2009
The only value in this is that it offers cross-platform multi video chat, which is still good enough for me to keep it on my computer. That being said, I have not been able to open this application once. I'm on an intel MacBook with 2gb of ram and running Leopard. I've got a friend who's on a MacBook Pro and it works for her, but I'm not sure why it doesn't work on here. Any time I try to open it, it quits unexpectedly before I can even see the interface. So, for now, I have to say that this is a piece of crap. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out in the future.
[Version 1.5.2]

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kedos replied on 10 Feb 2009
OK, I figured out that the problem was with a CamCamX plugin that I had. Apparently all mac users with that plugin have the same problem, so I just deleted it. Oovoo seems to be working now. The interface is pretty ugly and very unmac-like, but at least it's working.
kedos had trouble on 30 Nov 2008
I love these icons, and I've replaced my entire dock with blackblue icons. My problem, though, is with iCal. I followed the instructions and iCal works great when it's open. If it's closed, however, it shows up red in my dock (even though its icon shows up blue in the finder and in quicksilver when I call for it). It's pretty weird, can anyone tell me why?
[Version 1.0]

kedos had trouble on 11 Jul 2008
I'm on Leopard and Network says "connecting..." with no progress. Don't have this problem with Cabos, and I've got them set to the same ports. Not sure what the problem is, but it's a shame because this looks a lot cleaner than Cabos. Let me know if you can help.
[Version 0.2.9]

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