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Kaz219 reviewed on 27 Feb 2013
Not able to see my Plantronics Voyager Pro in the list of audio input or output, even when the sound input and output of the whole Mac goes through the headset.

The headset used to work with a previous version. I have another softphone on my Mac which not only is able to select the headset for audio but is even capable of automatically connecting the Bluetooth Headset to the Mac when a call comes in. How come Skype is unable to do that? 30% of calls worldwide are made with Skype I read!

Skype for Mac stays a very good engine but has less and less features and usability with each release. Frustrating, good news for Apple and Google.

Kaz219 commented on 20 Oct 2010
ok, I narrowed the problem down: Typinator just doesn't work well with Chrome/Chromium. This is a know problem from the developers, and they are working on it. It seems that Google has a very weird way of handling the keyboard input in Chrome…
[Version 4.1]

Kaz219 commented on 16 Jul 2010
Can't agree with previous comment: it's using 20MB RAM on my computer, and it runs since 24h.

Tipp for other users: it seems the replacement/completion happens faster if you deactivate the sound. At least there is a difference for me.

Some problems for me:
- not fast enough with dead keys: I replace straight apostrophe with typewriter apostrophe, using the “US International PC” keyboard layout. I type “straight apostrophe” then space, and quite often, the typewriter apostrophe is added after the next letter. Example: I get Im' instead of I'm.
- autocorrect sometimes adds a space before the word being corrected, thus ending with two spaces before the word.

Otherwise, very good product for the price.

PS: I use the “US International PC” keyboard layout because I type in three different languages, two of them using a lot of accents.
[Version 4.0]

Kaz219 commented on 25 Jan 2010
Well, as far as I see, they're back online. Don't bury them too fast. (Which doesn't mean they are not being buried, just slowly, they still can react.)
[Version 4.1.6]


kaz219 reviewed on 23 Jun 2009
The good:
- configurable hotkey
- good dictionaries

The bad:

- impossible to get the translation of a link. It will have the same effect as clicking the link. Apple's dictionary can select the word without clicking the link. But maybe this is a private API from Apple.

- Expensive updates in my opinion, considering that the dictionaries aren't changing very much (even if Ultralingua people do say the contrary)

The ugly:

- no cross-dictionary translation: if I hover my mouse over a french word, I'd expect for ultralingua to display all possibilities, in all dictionaries I have, instead of displaying "no match in the english dictionary" and me having to manually choose the french dictionary.
Example: translating "comment" should give me the english and the french meaning (which is totally different) at a glance, without me having to choose the correct dictionary manually. Generally speaking, it should display all translations in the same window. And the user should be able to decide in which order the matches are displayed (first matches in english dictionary, second in english-french dictionary, and so on...). Just like Apple's dictionary does....

- no way to resize this small translation window (the one appearing when pressing the hotkey).
[Version 7.1.4]


kaz219 reviewed on 21 Jun 2009
This app needs work. It very often freezes (it doesn't crash though): the spinning beach ball of death, and you can't do anything. This is not that relevevant if it is going on in the background since it always comes back somewhen. It's just annoying when you want to cancel an automatic backup (not enough bandwidth at the moment for example), you have to wait for iDrive to be responsive again.

Another problem in my opinion is the memory usage. Right now, with *no* backup going on, it uses 150MB RAM ("real memory" column in activity monitor) which is quite a lot for a background daemon...

Otherwise it's ok, and still a better (or "less worse") interface than the one from Mozy (where you can't even get rid of the menu bar item - mine is already cluttered, I really don't need another item there.).
[Version 1.3.4]


kaz219 reviewed on 16 Apr 2009
Nice benchmarks:

Using a 721MB directory full of text files:

7za (7za a -t7z -m0=lzma -mx=9 -mfb=64 -md=32m -ms=on) took 11 minutes to produce an 8.3MB archive

BetterZip took 10 minutes to produce a 7.2MB archive (highest compression ratio, no mac-specific files)

I wouldn't recommend the zip highest compression though: 26 minutes to have a 47MB zip archive while the osx utility took one minute to produce a 53MB archive. (Disclaimer: this may be totally different for normal zip compression!)

But since I bought this for removing mac invisible files and p7zip compression, I'm totally satisfied =)
[Version 1.8]

kaz219 commented on 04 Jun 2008
Is there some smart import rules capabilities? I want to stop using iBank (buggy, buggy and oh, BUGGY), but this one feature from iBank is very nice for CSV import. Saves tons of manual work...
[Version 2.1]

kaz219 commented on 19 Dec 2007
Still some problems here on 10.4.11 and a G4. On some sites safari starts to eat 100% of the cpu. When I disable SafariBlock everything become normal again.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find out which website which caused this.

I think this app is a great idea though, and I really hope it will work flaslessly in a near future.

As a feature request, I would love to have the possibility of having many subscribtions. Subscribtions for very specific needs, or more localized subscriptions have a nice supplement to the easylist+easyelement subscribtion...
[Version 2.0r3]

kaz219 commented on 26 Sep 2007
A bit slow:

almost 9 minutes on a G4 1.3GHz to export 31000 lines in a text file...

AquaDataStudio 4.7 did this for free (same computer, same SQL script) in 2 minutes.
[Version 1.2.4]

Kaz219 had trouble on 24 Jul 2010
Playing around with the software, and I have one problem: it isn't possible to do any kind of fine tuning on multi-pages documents. When I modify anything and go to the next page, the changes on the previous page are lost (if I navigate back, everything is back the way it was).

The help in the software is very limited and on the website it's just a joke.

Their only (but big) advantage is that they got the best engine so far. But the interface is pretty bad I have to say.

Kaz219 had trouble on 01 Jul 2010
Doesn't work for me. Download the updater (AdbeRdrUpd933_all_i386.dmg), open it, it asks me to “choose the copy of AdobeReader to update” but, after navigating to it, I can't select my Adobe Reader, it's dimmed.
[Version 9.3.3]

Kaz219 had trouble on 24 Oct 2009
disk image failed to mount: "codec overrun"
[Version 2.0.0b43]

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Kaz219 commented on 24 Oct 2009
strange, the problem is only with firefox (3.5.3)... Thanks for the tipp!
kaz219 had trouble on 17 Sep 2009
safaristand 4.0L168 seems not to work with google gears... I can't load gmail anymore if gears and safaristand are installed. I I deinstall gears or disable safaristand, it's working again.

Has anybody the same problem? Is there a getsatisfaction- or forum-like place to discuss this, as macupdate is not the best place for getting support on a software... ?
[Version 4.0SL169]

kaz219 had trouble on 21 Nov 2008
Fantastic. This update crashed my whole computer. Nice job Apple. Keep up the good work.
[Version 8.0.2]

kaz219 had trouble on 11 Nov 2008
Whenever an URL has a high ascii character in it (like "é"), the icon for the website is replaced with a default icon, and pressing enter while this URL is selected has no effect.
[Version 3.2v58]

kaz219 had trouble on 21 Sep 2008
The link doesn't work since many days. Does somebody has a link for this? Maybe a torrent? (don't know if this is ok to do this, but since it's a freeware...)
[Version 1.2]

kaz219 had trouble on 02 Dec 2007
I get "There was an error while evaluating JavaScript for the package." when I try to open the package...

SIMBL 0.8.2 is installed, safari 3.0.4, Tiger 10.4.11 and a PowerBook G4
[Version 2.8.1]

kaz219 had trouble on 09 Feb 2007
Very nice thing. I have here the only Wireless Network I know that is not Mac-compatible (Ciscos aeronets, with channel hopping). I tried thousands of things, but I always get the same : "there was an error while joining the network blahblah".

So I decide to try this one. At first I was consterned, because my printing was broken (no cupsd daemon anymore), iscroll wouldn't remember its settings anymore, spotlight was also gone (daemon gone, I suppose), and the "Wireless Status" menubar icon wouldn't pop up.

But after 2 other reboots (!), it works like a charm, everything back to normal. I would just recommend not to boot with the USB-Adapter plugged in...
[Version 1.4.7]

kaz219 had trouble on 01 Dec 2006
Workaround for the incompatibility with Firefox 2:
- double-click the word (it gets highlighted).
- Press the accio shortcut. (highlight disapears)
- Double-click again the word.
- Press command-C.

The accio window should appear. It works for me at least...
[Version 1.0]

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