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Kaidoh commented on 23 Mar 2011
After only three hours of in no way extensive browsing (and only a handful of add-ons installed) Activity Monitor indicates, that FF4 is eating up 500 MB of RAM and slowing down my whole system. I wonder why developers are hunting for milliseconds in the javascript engine and don't seem to care about performance issues derived from poor memory management.
[Version 4.0]

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Kaidoh replied on 23 Mar 2011
Sorry, I can't offer a secret revelation (exept for lynx ;-) - browsers tend to get RAM behemoths these days. I found Safari and Chrome to be a little less aggressive memorywise. Safari is my main browser and takes between 200 and 300 MBs - but that numbers are reached after days of browsing, not after hours. I get similar results for Chrome but have little long-term experience with it.

Of course you can tweak on some details to get a little extra performance regardless of the particular browser:
- get rid of flash
- reduce the usage of add-ons and extension to a minimum
- restrict browser caching and cookie storage
- don't store favicons
- make stand alone apps from often used sites (search Macupdate for "Fluid" - e.g. I turned GoogleReader into single app)

How much ballast you can cut off depends on your browsing preferences and your joy of asceticism.

kaidoh reviewed on 28 May 2009
Other Reviewers have mentioned it: GC is getting bigger and bigger. But on the other hand this gem is getting better with every release - and updates are coming pretty constantly. Being around for a real long time this app might be a little behind according to GUI polishing but it is still a formidable workhorse I keep coming back to in spite of the new kids on the block (Acorn, Pixelmator and alike - which are fine applications of their own). Everybody interested in serious image processing should give it a try. The functionality you get for the money is hard to beat.
[Version 6.4.2]

kaidoh commented on 11 May 2009
On the three last postings: The rating function of this site should be used to rate products not companies. While the support of a company IS an important part of a review the rating system should not be abused to punish a company for something you dislike. Your points may be valid and of interest for others but posting a comment would have been a fairer way of expressing your points.

The Things forum became a shoutbox for trolls whining about the absence of their beloved can't-live-without-feature xy on every corner. While it was totally unwise to hide the forums away, by reading these "reviews" the measure seems comprehensive.

Please keep the discussion on topic at least at this place
[Version 1.1.1]


kaidoh reviewed on 01 Apr 2009
As presumably a lot of other people I have used Quicksilver before. I was looking for another launchingandotherpurposes utility after QS got more unstable every week and I was fed up rebuilding indices and digging for problem solutions (aka acting without getting things done). I'm glad I tried LaunchBar and will never look back. To be honest it took a while to get accustomed to the ways of LauncBar as the user concepts differ to some extend and old habbits have to be broken (e.g. you can't define custom key combination shortcuts). But after a short phase of reactance I now find LaunchBar's way of dealing with things much easier and slicker. Here are some observations:

* Holding down a key for a short time is simply a great way to trigger off events. After you've learned the right rhythm this feels ultrafast.
* Managing file operations with LB is just done right. Have to whisper this as my Finder get's jealous because he feels so neglected lately.
* The clipboard history is another winner. Simple but powerful (check out the clip merge function)
*Drag and drop works in any direction and almost always behaves the way you would have expected it (and provides quite some ways you have never thought of - RTFM!)
* Speed: Spotlight is a dodderer against it.
* Stability: In the months of testing LB 5 beta did not crash on me a once!

As said, I'm glad I made the switch and I can't think of a single QS feature I'm missing (not even the comma trick). LB isn't free but it's worth every penny. I reccomend you try it for yourself and I also recommend you give it some time to get accustomed to it and before you render a judgement. My experience is that this time is payed back manifold by the time this little apss saves you.
[Version 5.0b7]


kaidoh reviewed on 26 Nov 2008
The ability to record mouse actions, address menu items and to simulate keystrokes is quite powerful and makes this app different from other launchers. Keyboard Maestro shouldn't be taken as a launcher at all (although it works fine as one). It's a utility to stick together any interaction with your Mac you can think of and makes it repeatable. I yet had not had a customization problem the Maestro could not provide a solution for (although some solutions might be clumsy workarounds - but as long as they work ...)
Whoever thought that Apple's Automator could have been a good idea but falls short in some regards: Give this little gem a serious try!
[Version 3.4]


kaidoh reviewed on 07 Oct 2008
An app I have to buy before I can have a look at it? Ridiculous! That so called video tour is capable of making me sea sick as it is a nervous panning over some GUI at a high zoom level. Felt 80 % of the video ist about how you invoke the preferences of the app. In the preferences the only available setting seems to be that for automatic updates. The video not even shows the menu bar, so one has simply no idea, what the app could do! From what you can see one can easily guess that this junk's task management capabilities are not even anywhere near of what you find in iCal.
This is not a shameless rip off. This is just paltry.
[Version 1.0]

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kaidoh replied on 08 Oct 2008
I shall not rate this app only on a video? What other possibilities do I have - apart from buying it? You not even communicating that this is beta. I had a look at the screenshot. The fields in the Task Editor are not even named. I won't wait for any other video. I recommend Things or OmniFocus instead. They cost more but at least you can try them before buying them.
kaidoh commented on 21 Aug 2008
I've been searching for a small quick-and-easy audio editor and although WavePad looks promising it's quirks outgun it's benefits. Some occurances:
- First crash a minute after the first launch.
- Space bar does not start and stop playback as in virtually ANY other audio app.
- Working with selections is a pain: extending or diminishing an existing selection seems impossible (so you better select precise on the first attempt)
- And oddest: Using the window scroll bar does not scroll the window as one would expect but does move the playback cursor (and yes, hence destroying an existing selection)

The developer should be a more adherent to the common principles of GUI-design or this app will be nothing more than constant cause for frustration.
[Version 3.10]


kaidoh reviewed on 19 Dec 2007
A lot about the non-macness of this app was already said. I personally find it easy to use and it didn't take me long to achieve the feeling that the app is under my control.

But there are a lot of downsides to this app:
- Printing is a pain
- Instable, instable, instable: Palettes freeze or won't show up after you click the appropriate icon. Only restarts seem to help this. And unknown combinations of formatings seem to drive the program crazy: Too often the fans of my macbook go wild and the activity monitor tells me that XMIND is eating up all the CPU it can lay it's hands on. Again only restarting the app (and deleting the last changes after that) helps.

My conclusion: XMIND could be a nice and easy programm to boost your mindmapping, Unfortunately the stability issues overlay that potential. With the (non-MU-bundle) price of XMIND one could expect a stable, usable app. XMIND does not deliver in this regard and can't be recommended in it's current state.
[Version 2.1]

kaidoh commented on 30 Oct 2007
Thanks for the quick Leopard update. I don't know what I would have done without this extremly useful app. Highly recommended - even for keyboard junkies who can finally make peace with their mouse.
[Version 1.7.2]


kaidoh reviewed on 13 Mar 2007
Is this some kind of joke?
- No iCal integration
- No palm, mobile phone or whatever synchronisation
- Export only to XML
- No drag 'n' drop support
- No system wide service or any other way to add tasks
- No spotlight integration
- No GUI that deserves the name
- Not even proper shortcuts
- No Applescript support
- Not one reason to pay almost 50 (in words FIFTY!!!) bucks for this!

This is a ridicilous try to make money out of poor GTG addicts. Beware! Try something else: kGTD, Midnight, iGTD, Thinking Rock, TiddlyWiki, Backpack or anything else. Even pen and paper will fit your GTD needs better than Vortex.
[Version 1.0.10]

kaidoh had trouble on 17 Nov 2008
I really like Xmind and was looking forward for further refinement in this upgrade. Unfortunately this update seems not yet ready for prime time: I tried to open a workbook created with the previous version and I'm only getting an completely empty sheet. This is an absolute show stopper for me and it seems I'll have to wait a little further.
[Version 3.0]

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kaidoh replied on 19 Nov 2008
The problem with this file mysteriously disappeared and I'm now able to use that file with Xmind 3. It shall be mentioned that the support compartment is really fast in replying.
kaidoh had trouble on 08 Apr 2007
Uff, I finally found the time to try this out. I entered about 30 tasks in different projects and different contexts. I hit 'Sync' and everything disappeared! All tasks were gone. And they didn't show up in iCal. What is going on? Is anybody else experiencing this sort of problems?!
[Version 1.3.4]

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kaidoh replied on 10 Apr 2007
Thanks, that helped. But there is a little itchy feeling, it might happen again sometimes. - Time for a backup plan ;-)

Otherwise this is a very promising app developing at an incredible speed. Thanks to the developer for his time and ethusiasm!
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