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Plum Amazing (developer) commented on 05 Sep 2010
all copypaste pro users should move to version 2.3.1 it fixes an issue in 2.3 that caused a problem. thanks for all the feedback on this.
[Version 2.3.1]

julian miller (developer) commented on 10 May 2009
Thanks for all the interest in the new version and the upgrade. It is far better and far more usable then every before. It is presently a beta. The final version should be ready shortly.

Until then its important to realize this is a beta. It is solid and stable but not feature complete. There are hundreds of settings and features in iClock Pro if you find something that does not work as expected or a spelling mistake then just let us know via our suggestion/bug form and it will be fixed in a week. We really appreciate feedback, all kinds, our aim is to continuously improve the software.

On email. If we don't get back to you within a few hours, we are not ignoring you and we will get to you, we are a small company. There are a lot of iClock users and only a few of us.

If you ordered and did not receive an email just let us know. We will resend it to you or you can log in and get your registration key or you can go to our support page and have it resent.

If you have any other question or problem or feature you want in iClock Pro then let us know via email.

[Version 1.0b11]

julian miller (developer) commented on 29 May 2008
Thanks to all the users who helped pinpoint the problem for some users with the contextual menu. Since we did not have the problem ourselves it really helped to have your input.

Also all the creative suggestions have been invaluable. Many suggestions like the vertical browser will come shortly. If many people all want some particular feature then it moves it to the top of the list of things to put in the next update.

We especially appreciate technical input through the feedback menu item in CopyPaste Pro because it goes straight into a database that we see immediately and allows us to track, follow up and respond better.
[Version 1.0.5]


Julian-Miller reviewed on 15 Jun 2006
This is not just a new iTunes visualiser its a plug-in which allows you to use Quartz Composer to develop more visualizers for iTunes. This is fantastic. The artwork is realistic and lots of info on each song. Many different visualizers are included. If you have iTunes on a mini connected to an HD screen this is essential. Amazing work and its free. The only way to understand it is to download and try it out.

Kudos to the author and the artists who have obviously given a lot of time and effort to this undertaking. Anyone who loves their music owes it to themselves to try this out.

I found it solid and dependable and easy to install.
[Version 1.5]


Julian-Miller reviewed on 15 Jun 2006
If you are ready for a new iTunes visualiser this one is fantastic. The artwork is realistic and lots of info on each song. If you have iTunes on a mini connected to an HD screen this is essential. Amazing work and its free. The only way to understand is download and try it out.
[Version 1.4]

julian miller (developer) commented on 05 Jun 2006
To answer the message below. NetCheck is written in Cocoa/Xcode. It is very solid and in use on numerous major government and corporate networks around the world. The admins who use it say it is a time and life saver. Most admins who try NetCheck end up using it. Do not let the low price deter you from trying it. This is a very professional application written from the ground up by an industry vetran to monitor the uptime of networks, critical devices and applications. Since he is still the admin of a huge network and a consultant to others it is based on real hands on experience and is constantly being improved.

Yes, there are a couple very pricey $$ applications that can do some of what NetCheck does but any busy admin who is looking to, do less and accomplish more, owes it to themselves to take a minute and try NetCheck. It is just what is needed and will save many headaches.
[Version 1.3.3]

julian miller (developer) commented on 06 Mar 2006
this is julian again (one of the iclock developers) and i just wanted to mention why iclock has what appears to be non clock and so many features.

when we created iclock we wanted a time hub. something that gave us time and date simultaneously in the menubar. we wanted to see timezones for all the cities that we interact with to improve communication. we wanted alarms that could be set in one click and drag so that they would be simple and therefore used. we wanted a quick calendar that could have pictures and lots of other options and be printed out. a stopwatch was another very obvious feature related to time and that was soon added.

an updated stock portfolio available at a click from the menubar does not seem related to time but it is because stocks change with time. also setting alarms for stocks makes sense. a to do list also may not at first glance appear to be time related but if on the list you want to know when an item is due (and all to do items are due sometime) then it should tell you. this is not implemented yet but mark is working on it.

so iclock has everything to do with time. it sits up in the menubar and gives you powers that no other application does because it integrates many types of functions and this power will be seen as it continues to evolve. it is unobtrusive, it doesn't use much memory, is inexpensive and uses hardly any cpu and yet it is extremely useful to get things accomplished. it for productive people.

thanks again to all the users of iclock for their valuable input.
ps the price of iclock will be going up for unregistered users in the future. so if you don't own it you may want to get it soon. registered users will continue getting free upgrades as they have for the past 4 years.
[Version 3.0.3]

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julian miller (developer) replied on 05 Apr 2006
my guess is you have more then one version of iclock. it might be best if you used find file for iclock. dragged all found to the trash. then downloaded and reinstalled using the latest version.
julian miller (developer) commented on 06 Mar 2006
we appreciate all the great feedback. in particular a special thanks to cian:
an interface and graphic designer from ireland for a great idea and now the latest feature in iclock of country flags for the floating clocks. a feature you can see only if you have an intel mac is in the application menu which now displays which open apps are running in rosetta. very handy.
to respond to the last user. we did have a problem with apple's installer that was out of our control and the easiest solution was to decide that future versions of iclock would only be for 10.4. programming is a very complex and one reason it can be challenging is that we don't control everything. if apple decides to change some rules, programs, the os, or the installs then it takes us awhile to react to it. but we do. mark is a great programmer and dedicates a lot of time to talking to users and adding features and improving the program.
apple and other developers are constantly improving their programs. to do it feedback is needed. you can reach us through our website and direct at info at scriptsoftware.com
suggestions, bugs and comments are always welcome. right now we are working to make everything perfect so if you notice any issue let us know.
[Version 3.0.3]

julian miller (developer) commented on 26 Jan 2006
i am one of the developers of iclock. we created a new installer that is better in many ways but when doing an install reported (incorrectly) that the version being installed was older then the version on your disk. it does not have any other problem. so we apologize for that but you can go ahead and use it just ignore that message.
as for the restart after installing. if you have a newer version of iclock then you can just quit the installer and you are fine. if you have an older version of iclock (pre 2.4) then we recommend a restart or logout. that is why we did it like that. we will try a different way of doing this in the next version. i know i certainly don't like restarting after intalling a new application.
a big thanks for all the good feedback.
ps now that iclock is working on intel macs mark is working on the next round of cool features. if you have suggestions then email us.
[Version 2.5.6]

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