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jonlink commented on 01 Jul 2007
No offense, but I think maybe mac users have a higher standard for "visually stunning" and this just isn't it.

If you are gonna try to use that to differentiate you from the rest you ought to look at some top notch UI design for games and apps (Quinn comes to mind as an example of a well designed UI)
[Version 1.1]

jonlink commented on 14 Jun 2007
Now that OpenOffice is being properly ported to Mac, it is hard to see the use in this project.

The developers are clearly smart, it would be great to see them team back up with the porting team
[Version 2.1 Patch 6]

jonlink tipped on 29 May 2007
It is Ignatius that is surrounded by dunces in the Confederacy of Dunces. He himself is not one.

The title comes from Jonathan Swift quote: "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."
[Version 1.0]

jonlink commented on 03 Apr 2007
This looks a lot like Celtx, which is a great open source program. Does anyone have any commnets on how the two really compare?
[Version 2.3.3]

jonlink commented on 02 Apr 2007
I love sigma chess, but when I saw there was a new version I was hoping it would be universal. I'll take it anyway I can get it, but it would be nice.

Regardless, a huge thanks to the developer!

This is a great free chess game, I love that I can set the game to various level and that I can import pgn games.
[Version 6.1.4]

jonlink commented on 29 Mar 2007
neo-office is a better/easier user experience right now, especially in the look-n-feel department. BUT the updated timeline for an aqua OpenOffice says we'll only have to wait until May for an alpha version and then the end of '07 for the beta.

As much as I hate x11 I don't like java (aka neo office) OpenOffice either- though the newest version seems to be quite an impovement- so I can't wait to try out the aqua version. OpenOffice is really really great!
[Version 2.2]

jonlink tipped on 25 Feb 2007
If you are looking for plain old tetris clones-Quinn is free and beautiful.

If you are looking for Tetris and Tetris variations, Tetris Zone, made by the actual Tetris people is $10.

I don't think the price for this is reasonable at all. It is fun, but not $20 fun, not even tetris fun.
[Version 2.6.6]

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jonlink replied on 22 May 2007
Actually I find it pretty plain, even with the variations, BUT that wasn't my point.

The point of my comment was to point out:
A) similar games that I like better, which are (conveniently) cheaper
B) I don't really think this is very tetris like and, not even all that fun, certainly not innovative enough to captivate me.

jonlink reviewed on 20 Feb 2007
I tried this and a lot of other applications like it out. If Studiometry was designed to crash a lot, then it is designed very well. But since it probably isn't, I'd say it isn't designed very well. It looks kind of pretty, but the invoices suck dirt. In my research I have also never seen anything but complaints about support, even when people find bugs (heck, just look at the reviews here). It is also tough to get the informaiton you put in out, if you'd like to switch applications... which, in my experience, you will (thank goodness I didn't put too much into while testing). For the price I'd want no crashes and excellent support.

I've been testing Billings and its invoice system is great, it hasn't crashed once, is easy on the eyes, does what I need, and has a much more reasonable price.
[Version 4.1.1]

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jonlink replied on 20 Feb 2007
I played with modifying the templates and it was easily one of the most annoying times I've had working with a template system ever, and I've used a lot. I write xhtml, css, php and a handful of other stuff so if I can't do it easily I doubt anyone could do it easily.

I tested Studiometry for a while- the whole demo period. Are you are saying that the demo period isn't enough time for a person to know if the application works well? And if so who's fault is that? I didn't set the length of the demo period. You did.

I tried using your application, and I researched other user's experiences, honestly. I gave it a bad review because that is what it deserves. I'm just thankful I bought Billings instead (right after I read your reply). I need an application that does all the things Studiometry does, but I need it to be reliable and I need to know that the developer(s) are going to be there if the application goes south AND it's nice to know that they aren't just spending their time attacking people on MacUpdate for sharing an honest experience.

The funny part is I rarely write reviews, but you seem to imply that I spend time bad-mouthing folks. Meanwhile a look at the reviews for Studiometry seems to show that you spend quite a bit of time on here being rude to people.

jonlink replied on 21 Feb 2007
"Studiometry also has hundreds of features that billings does not have (including completely customizable invoices), hence the price difference."

That is just a lie.

Billings does have a wonderful way to create a custom invoice, much better than Studiometry's. That is one of the things I like most about it. You can modify one of their beautiful existing invoices or make one from scratch. The interface for this is easy to use, unlike Studiometry's which is clunky and difficult. It's pure speculation on my part, but I am guessing you couldn't even name one hundred, muchless hundreds, of features that Billings doesn't have. Especially considering you don't seem to know anything about what Billings does have for features.

If anyone is serious about making a good looking invoice they would be very frustrated by Studiometry's "WYSIWYG" version. Before making claims about competitors you should be sure you are correct, especially when saying their application can't do something, when it actually does it a lot better. My opinion is that getting anything half decent out of Studiometry (as far as invoices are concerned) requires you to hand code, and that is a total nightmare.

This is the last I am dealing with this. It isn't my battle, but I couldn't let that amazing lie stand. Also, to the person who speculates I work for Billings. Shame on you. I mentioned Billings because I appreciate a reasonable alternative being offered when I read reviews that tell me a product isn't worth buying. So I offered one to folks that might read my review. And characterizing my posts as "countless" and "screaming" is just wrong, since there is now (counting this one) a total of three- three is not really countless at all. I don't know where "screaming comes from, but I can only tell you that I am not screaming. Honest. And I only mention Billings again and again because it was my original point of comparison and what I see as the most reasonable alternative. I've tried things like iRatchet and iBiz and I didn't like them as much, so why would I tell people to try those?

My hope is that people check out a few applications, read a bunch of reviews for all the applications they are considering (maybe in this case focus on people's experience with support), and decide for themselves which works best for them.

This has been interesting, but I can't waste anymore time debating on MacUpdate.

jonlink reviewed on 20 Feb 2007
I don't like writing reviews, but I felt the need to balance the silly one-star review given below.

Yojimbo is really good at what it does. I don't use it a ton, but I do use it enough to appreciate it. The new release looks like it will bring in a bit of extra stability which I like, though I didn't have a big problem with before the update.

The only other thing I would add is that it is good, but not $40 good. Half that seems much more appropriate to me, considering how much I actually use and what it does.

Sidenote: The icon doesn't make any sense, Yojimbo was a samurai not a martial artist. Flying kick? Kind of questionable. Not that I want a sword on there, but... well I guess the whole thing is a bit iffy to me.
[Version 1.4.1]

jonlink commented on 18 Feb 2007
I am obsessively checking to see if the pulibc alpha aqua version is out yet. I can't wait for a decent opensource word processor. and yes, I know all about NeoOffice, I just don't like it... it doesn't feel the same as using openoffice on other OS's.

OpenOffice is amazing.
[Version 2.1]

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