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jjwjazz commented on 09 Dec 2013
I won't rate this.

It was a great little tool before FeltTip. I downloaded 4.6.7 and nothing worked on it, plus it overwrote my old version. I was inadvertently charged two (2!) times for it. Yes, it was on the AppStore. Avoid that version.

This version may work, but I managed to roll back to an earlier, more stable version using Time Machine. That's my 2 cents. Actually, that's my 60+ dollars, but I wasn't paying attention, I suppose. No blame.

I don't however, believe that these new owners know terribly much
about software. The interface was never great, but now . . . fail.
[Version 4.6.8]

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jjwjazz replied on 13 Jan 2014
Got it. BTW, 4,6,7 was broken, and they released 4,6,8 days later. But it's all cool. You're right—Lucius Kwok was the original developer. You can still download his old version 3. I could have sworn it had a different company name . . . early senility, probably.

They got it working again, and it does a good job for certain tasks. I still use Audition 6. More options, better output, tons of options for shaping sound.
jjwjazz commented on 23 Aug 2013
No review. But I just read the content of "iDiabloX"'s profile page, and there is a fish smell to his 5-star reviews. He is certainly not impressed with 1Password at all. Proceed with caution.
[Version 2.0 alpha 4]

jjwjazz commented on 16 Jul 2013
Let us all "watch the way they go" for just a moment and share our pertinent observations. Watching the act of self-serving greed that serves no one may, in the end, be instructive.

I recently purchased Logic Pro v9. To get v10, I will have to uninstall v9.

I will also have to pay another 199.99.

If I DO uninstall v9 and find v10 wanting, I am not permitted to re-download v9, which I now legally own, as it is "no longer available at the US App Store."

Such dulled brilliance in the minds of self-anointed aristocrats whose only accomplishment will be the end of any form of trust between consumer and corporate atrocity is in itself a marvel, a feat worthy only of the lowliest of thieves.

I will no longer EVER use the app store for anything except updates, and of those I shall be particularly wary.

I was a long-time Mac devotee. I am no longer.

Such small-minded, ham-fisted pilfering aimed at those who made a company great (we, the users) is not only an act of unbridled greed, but also an act of heinous treachery. Unless of course we are witnessing some huge merger, meant to create a monolithic monopoly of unknown power and proportion.

In either case, I quit. I will have computers built to my own specifications in future. I cannot watch "the way they go" as I can no longer afford it.

Nor can I stomach it.
[Version 10.0.0]


jjwjazz reviewed on 05 Jun 2013
This one I just cannot resist.

How much money have I sunk into Adobe apps? And how often have I seen a message saying "update unsuccessful"? And I'm not talking about the Creative Cloud. I refer to 5.5, 4, 3, and on down.

Cowicide, I'll sign the petition, expecting as much as I do when I sign a petition against GMO's or Civil Rights abuses. But I'll sign it. Goodbye, Adobe. You said it.

It is greed, and it is rampant, it is an epidemic of miserliness. The birth of a new Gilded Age complete with aristocracies, autocracies, and despots. And it works. For now.

All empires fall under their own weight, and we hope this holds true for the rulers at the top of Adobe's hierarchy. I too am stuck at 13.01, but this may be a good thing. Their "upgrades" often fail or are wanting in feature-sets.

I will not wear anyone's collar. Goodbye, Adobe.

We can do without you. Can you do without US?
[Version 13.0.5]


jjwjazz reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Acuraice, call me a bitch? What is WITH you? This isn't InfoWars or something. Clean it up or stay away.

I had to uninstall the last beta and use the "stable" version. Who knows which number it was? With Adobe, digits are flying everywhere. I just know that videos seemed "jumpy" to me with the last beta. But then, I was watching Hiromi.

I think Adobe needs to really focus on HTML5, something that increases security, decreases CPU usage, and is stable enough for deployment over longer periods without major updating.

I do appreciate this: at least they have kept it free.
[Version 11.7.700.150]


jjwjazz reviewed on 06 Jan 2013
I notice the pref pane blinks into existence when I unzip a file. This I suppose is a glitch. But the file opens and is uncorrupted.
A bug? It may have always done this. I never noticed. It's a good app, though.
[Version 3.6]

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