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jimbo9 reviewed on 19 Jun 2012
It's only useful because there are no competitors to the app. I hope there's propriety software eventually developed to satisfy the need for this market.

Anyways, long story short, the developer is simply horrible at taking criticism of any kind whatsoever from mac users, and I've pretty much given up trying. After a serious verbal altercation I've come to the conclusion that if you're mac user, your needs will never be satisfied until someone else makes a better app.

So here's my beef:

1. 99% of mac app are made with Cocoa. This app is made with incredible bloatware from some primitive eon. It's the biggest app I have on my computer - it's even bigger than freaking Itunes, and considering it's functionality is nowhere equivalent, I consider it a very poor example of good, efficacious coding.

2. The interface is ridiculously complicated and tacky, and whoever designed has absolutely no artistic sense whatsoever.

3. It frequently crashes, seriously screws up whenever I attach my kindle, or any ebook device.

Anyways, I suppose I have to credit and plaudits to the guy for attempting to make the app, but man, take criticism better if you want to improve so that it becomes the dominant app used.

Sure, you can bust out with statistics about how many people download your app but that's only because they have no other choice, and thus nothing else to compare it. I hope, wish, and pray this will one day change.
[Version 0.8.56]

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jimbo9 replied on 23 Jun 2012
Lord-lightning (nice name btw, very Game of Thrones -esque)
1. I donated. Please, don't get Jesus-Christ superstar on me.

2. "Each week since week one the developer has given us all a way to fight back the greedy tentacles of the evil empire of proprietary e-book DRM owners." Please remember that any application that proliferates pirating ultimately affects how much money the poor-ass starving writer gets. I'm a budding artist myself, so there's something personal in this. Please don't victimize yourself when there's plenty else wrong in the world that needs your attention.
3. Every week it's gotten bigger, slower and more bloated. That isn't smarter. It's just tacky.
4. The usage of Cocoa as a developing environment is fairly widespread and it is almost axiomatic as being the prime way to code. Google it yourself. As far as the app being ugly, well, it is! And yes, it does crash...and crash...and crash...every time I use it. So it's my personal experience with it, but I'm entitled to that aren't I?
5. I admire the developer's dedication; I think his app is crap though and needs work; and until there's something else to compare it to, all judgements (including my own) should be held as candles in the wind. If the developer smartens up, maybe I'd change. But so far he hasn't. As far as I know, he could very well be you responding to make sure the app gets as high a score as possible.

6. We're evolved from primate-hood I'm afraid. Open-source is nice, but I think it's just as extreme as propriety software. If no one gets paid to do absolutely anything well, something's gotta give. I'd be more than happy to pay for software if it's decently priced, and there's decent tech support; that's something I can't really say with open-source software.

jimbo9 replied on 23 Jun 2012

The 'altercation' that I referred to actually occurred within the bug tracker. He was rude, impolite and the kind of behavior I beheld was quite puerile. Maybe it was a one time shortcoming, but it was my experience and I can only judge things from that view. If a majority feel that their experience then so be it; it doesn't negate the validity of the one I experienced.

Anyways, I ultimately deduced that the developer, notwithstanding his making small changes every week and subsequently belying the impression that grand, categorical change was happening, was still unwilling to make any real significant change, and went on the assumption - I'm being highly euphemistic here as he told me this in far worse and puerile language - that since it's open source and 'out of the goodness of his heart' he's entitled to do whatever he pleases as no one will get hurt. To a large extent and unfortunately he's right; no one's money is on the line; donations are forms of charity, and not real, hard earned payment after all.

So does the problem of open-source reminisce the tincture of socialism. I say 'reminisce' and not 'is' though; for obviously open-source isn't going burgeon gulags anytime soon. However, there is the issue of, if no one gets paid to do anything, how can there ever be any real change? Sure, things can always start well and good with wanting to make a difference as I'm sure the creator of the app did. But eventually, when the going gets tough resulting in the developer working way to hard for no pay, well, as I said earlier, something's going to have to give.

jimbo9 replied on 29 Jun 2012
Cattus Thraex, and JCH2:

I don't want know what to say to these comments, aside from, I think you're both dangerously on the edge of something contrary to free speech.

I had a really bad experience with the app. I've had the app for several years now, and I felt the need to vent my frustrations. Deal with it.

Having already mentioned all the good parts about the app - that is, that it's really the only one of it's kind, it does the job (though in my opinion meagerly), and best of all, it's free - I felt the need to equivalently express all the shortcomings of the app - it's far bigger than it needs to be, it's behind the times as it's not programmed in cocoa (whether the developers like it or not, when mountain lion comes out, they really can't stick to this type of belligerence), and last but not least, I had an unbelievable horrible time with customer support.

These are all reasonable things to say. My comment therefore to your frustrations about my frustrations, is well, to not take any of this so dramatically personally (unless of course, you are secretly one of the developers, in which case, I'd totally understand).

So deal with it folks. I don't like the app. It needs work. The developer needs to wake up. Above anything else, please see my comments as a way to improve the app. Perhaps it may not be the best way, but considering that it's been replied to more than anyone else' comments as apparently it's so atrociously, unquestionable wrong, it equates in the very least, to the fact that someone's reading it, and taking it seriously.

This is all I want in the end.

Even if none of my suggestions are taken up, the point is, something like MacUpdate allowed me the chance to express myself; and for that I'm quite grateful for.

So it is my hope that comments are not removed precisely because to do so, wouldn't be honest of you guys; you'd be instantly removing the unbiased quality of the website - that is, that it allows everyone to express their thoughts, yay, or nay.

I hope after writing this, people jump on the bang-wagon of "I can't believe he wrote this"; or, "jee, golly, he's wrong"; or "he's being a baby"; or "I think he should be removed"; yatta, yatta, yatta. It's been done, and if you've got something original to say aside from simply refusing to accept that at least something of what I'm saying has a measure of truth, well, only then say it.

Otherwise, you're just another sheep in my book.

jimbo9 replied on 29 Jun 2012

If you buy a book on your kindle, it should automatically update on all your kindle apps, or other kindles. In fact, one of the features of the amazon eco-system is that whatever page number you are in kindle, should you decide to switch to the ipod/ipad/mac version, the copy on that computer should automatically jump to the last page of where you were at on your kindle.

Then again, I'm not sure if you're already done this that the 'update' is the issue. If that's the case, you'd probably want to call Amazon to sort this out.

Calibre is only useful in conversion; it proves no benefit if you want to switch from one Kindle app to another on another computer.

I could be mistaken, but this has pretty much been the experience with me.

jimbo9 replied on 29 Jun 2012
236.1 mB is current size of Calibre on my computer; yes, it's the biggest app on my computer.

jimbo9 replied on 06 Jul 2012
baddington - man, put up your rating of the app yo. if you think the developer's a phallus, be sure your grading reflects the shape!

yeah...i hope someone makes an alternative. preferably just as cheap. that way everyone can compare properly.

jimbo9 replied on 22 Aug 2012
Xenophile and Lord Lighting -

This is an interesting debate. I have no opinion on the names of apps. Though it seems here the utilitarian versus the artist argument.

I won't deny Xenophile that I chuckled a little about the dog comment; however, I have to say perhaps it was a little over the top.

It's true the developer is working hard on the app; certainly the fact that there's always an update is a sign of that. I just think he or she needs to think things out better with a holistic agenda with the consideration for aesthetics, file size, and user friendliness.
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