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jim_t_3 reviewed on 06 Sep 2007
Props to this guy. I've been using this program for months. I can't stand going to the online TV listing sites since most of them are overly fancy by this point. Back when it was just HTML it was okay. Now? They suck. Plus I frequently need to reset my location since that gets trashed for some reason.

I also don't use Dashboard and never found a good widget anyway. yes, yes, there are widgets. None I liked.

This program I like. It launches fast, it displays what I want to see, it's stable, and it works well. It's no frills, but it's TV listings. I want no frills.

And the fact that he stepped up and rewrote the thing to use a different service after zap2it discontinued their free service was top notch. I'm sure many other people would've just killed the app in some sort of silly protest about information being free. But this is the real world, and I still need my TV.

$15 every three months ain't great (but, again it's paying to the service, not the programmer), but it also isn't the end of the world. I'm sure if a viable free service shows up again that he'd consider rewriting to support that one instead.

This guy deserves support for keeping things going after zap2it split. It's a good app, to boot.
[Version 0.55]


jim_t_3 reviewed on 06 Feb 2007
I didn't have any crashes on my powerbook w/10.4.9.

But, it is...weird. Some documentation would help immensely. The object appears to be to move the cursor around, which causes a small cluster of balls to follow you. You use that cluster of balls to knock smaller balls into larger balls. They get stuck together, explode (for some reason), and then you advance to the next level.

I only got that far by getting lucky, and I almost gave up before getting that far. Again, no docs that I could see.

It's more like a surrealist or expressionist concept of a game, than an actual game.

The control needs work, and some documentation would be nice. But the music is very soothing and it looks reasonably pretty.
[Version .04]


jim_t_3 reviewed on 18 Dec 2005
Truly an awesome game. I downloaded it about two weeks ago when I was feeling an urge for some 2d adventure. This thing delivered in spades - and I registered it after a few hours.

The thing is huge. 8 different mansions with 3 different difficulty levels. This effectively translates into 24 mansions, since they're all different. It's not one of those games where the "hard" setting is the same level all over again but with an extra enemy. You can tell that you're in the same mansion and things are sort of where they used to be, but the rooms are all slightly different and slightly tougher than they used to be.

I'm a little less than halfway through. It's hard, but not frustratingly impossible (usually).

A lot of love and care went into this game. I highly recommend it.
[Version 1.0.3]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 02 Jul 2005
Using Yahoo Mailer in Tiger is difficult, since Apple now has an account wizard in Mail.app. You can't even get into Apple Mail anymore without configuring an account. So it's hard to set the default reader this way.

This is certainly one of Apple's dumber decisions. Moving it out of System Preferences was bad enough, but then adding that Wizard to Apple Mail is just lousy.

Solution is pretty easy, just download a nifty program called More Internet

It's a preference pane (shows up in system preferences) that allows you to configure the applications used for various protocols. Just scroll down to mailto and choose Yahoo! Mailer and you should be all set.
[Version 1.0.1]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 01 May 2005
Actually, please note that Globe Trotter is a 100% new program that happens to do the same thing as an older program of mine, called jSearch.

Functionality is similar, but the product itself is brand spanking new. It even has a different icon.

MacUpdate for some reason insists upon merging the Globe Trotter listing in with the older jSearch one.
[Version 1.0]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 06 Jan 2005
Guys, anonymous notes on macupdate about how the program doesn't work and you don't like it and everything's broken are utterly useless.

The program does work (at least on the 4 various macs I've tried, and the registered users are presumably happy with it), so usage problems are simply that - usage problems. Not software.

Yet, I'm at a loss to be able to make suggestions to these anonymous users as to what to do, or find out what they've tried, or offer anything to tell them what to do, since no one's bothering to let me know what their problems are.

I'm not going to post generic "do this, do that" instructions, since I've done it before (I believe they're still in the description), they're included in the read me, and there are extensive walkthroughs and usage tips in the built in help.

If something's lacking, I'm happy to extend the documentation to make things clearer, but until I know what attempts to understand (if any) a user has taken and what it is they don't understand, I'm at a loss.
[Version 1.3]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 19 Dec 2004
As the Read Me, help system, website, etc. all say, the program is 100% background and accessed 100% via hotkey.

To bring up the Text Bucket Window, press command-option-control-T (unless you changed it, in which case press whatever you changed it to). That will bring up the Text Bucket window and allow you to use it.

If you still have trouble and can't figure it out, then press the "help" button on the lower part of the window to bring up the help screens to talk you through basic usage.

To quit the program, simply press the "quit" button. Due to how apple's force quit menu works, it's the only way to get out of it other than going through the terminal and killing the process.

You may rest assured, there is nothing sinister about it. Just read the included documentation and help, and you'll be fine.
[Version 1.2]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 15 Jul 2004
In case anyone was wanting to use this with Google's gmail, simply launch the program and set this to be the URL:

[Version 1.0.1]

Jim_t_3 commented on 12 May 2004
Definite potential. This is extremely similar to something I've been meaning to write.

Two points:

1) This program is insecure on multi-user systems. It fetches the email by executing a command line program called 'curl'. It passes to curl the user's yahoo username and password in cleartext. If a second user is logged into the machine when mail is being fetched, this could be exploited to gain the user's email password. So only use it on a secure machine when you're the only one logged in.

2) Is there contact information for the developer anywhere? I can't seem to find any.
[Version 0.1]

Basset Software (developer) commented on 21 Apr 2004
If you have any problems with no search sites showing up, please delete your preferences file. Quit jSearch, then go to your home directory, then Library, then Preferences and delete com.thomason.jsearch.plist. Then re-launch the program and you'll be fine.

Also, please note that the initial software launch can take a few moments as it is trying to cache the favicons from the various search sites. Depending upon the speed of your connection, this may take a while. Subsequent launches will be instantaneous, since it will have the icons cached.
[Version 1.0.4]

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