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Iconz113 reviewed on 02 Apr 2011
anyone else having issues with using linkinus? Nobody can see what im typing in the irc channels, like im invisible. I can only see what they are saying, and sometimes that doesnt even work. Some channels topics wont even be displayed. I tried reinstalling both the application and the operating system, reformatting the harddrive. still no go. whats the deal, I wanna use linkinus.
[Version 2.3]

Iconz113 commented on 11 Feb 2010
This was a recurring topic in the apple mac pro forums, I know this update just made a lot of people happy.
[Version 1.0]

Iconz113 commented on 06 Feb 2010
does chax still use its own icon? or is it back to the way it used to be where u can just click the ichat icon? I just dont like having to click the chax icon to open ichat
[Version 3.0]

Iconz113 commented on 01 Feb 2010
so how is it you guys that downloaded it? leave a comment

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Iconz113 replied on 01 Feb 2010
If this does transfers better then adium Id switch

Iconz113 reviewed on 26 Jan 2010
you guys are buggin, this app is awesome, the only thing keepin me at transmission is the fact that it can create torrents. But once utorrent implements that prolly in version 1, Im def switchin. Side by side comparisons on same torrent have uttorrent faster every time. Try it.
[Version 0.9.3]

Iconz113 commented on 13 Nov 2009
lmao why did they put 2 retards in the preview image lol they couldn't get a better pic then that?


Iconz113 reviewed on 13 Nov 2009
Im using awaken again and everything seems to be working fine, I used alarm clock pro briefly after SL came out but I hated it lol, glad to have awaken back
[Version 4.0.21]


Iconz113 reviewed on 11 Nov 2009
I've used both vmware fusion 3 and parallels 5. I used vmware 3 for a few days then when parallels 5 dropped I used that for a while. After using parallels I felt it might be a tad bit snappier. I tried getting in touch with someone at parallels to find out information about offers for educational licenses and some other information I was interested in. I tried getting in touch with someone for days and not once was able to speak with someone. I called every number on that website. A few times I called, an automated machine answered, press 1 for this, press 2 for that, and so on. No matter what number u chose the message would just repeat lol. and another number called some other company in india that acts as the call service for many companies because the first question they ask is what vendor are you calling about, and the most they could do was give me the website address of parallels lol. After all this I just gave up on parallels. I was literally unable to make a purchase with both a credit and a paypal account. I received errors on both types of transactions. I was able to open a support ticket with an ETA of 3 days. Afterwards I called vmware to find out about an issue involving connecting my firewire drive and I was able to get in contact with someone within 5 minutes. Someone actually answered the phone number I called, it wasn't a machine, and I was able to get answers right away. Also I believe vmware listens to what their customers want, as far as feature requests, as opposed to their competitor. In the end I decided to stop pursuing information about parallels and continue to use vmware. Even though I felt parallels was a a little bit snappier in some situations, I think the ability to get support makes up for it. If something happens where I need my license key or something like that, I like to know Ill be able to get in contact with the vendor and the information I need. other issues that factored into my decision was that vmware has been involved in virtualization from since 1998 and the company seems more established by being involved in many different aspects of the field. from what I understand parallels workstation just focuses on the mac desktop application. To this day I haven't received a response from parallels and if I were still wanting to purchase parallels I would still not be able to do so. This was actually a blessing in disguise, and I probably saved myself a headache down the road.
[Version 3.0]


Iconz113 reviewed on 07 Nov 2009
Evernote has been very useful to me. I use it to capture information including snippets of text from websites, bookmarks, emails, pictures, create notes, I also utilize the OCR technology that is implemented when notes are synced, this comes in handy when doing research for school assignments. One thing I don't use it for, is file organization. All of my documents I keep organized with folders. One reason I don't keep all my documents in EN is because I'm concerned about having certain documents online, also Evernote's ability to export to the format the file was when it was imported can sometimes be difficult or tricky. I feel I have more control when organizing my files and documents manually. I think of evernote as an "everything else" organizer. Other then that I think EN is a great application. Another plus is its ability to keep all your notes synced with all your computers and the iphone client is pretty cool too. The only issue I have with Evernote is the EN helper thats added to login items every time you start the application. When I manually remove the helper from login items it adds itself the next time the application is started. Not that big of a deal I just like keeping login items to a minimum. Evernote also features a web clipper browser plugin, making it easier to clip and save information while browsing.
[Version 1.5.2]

Iconz113 commented on 06 Nov 2009
Transmission is a torrent client, limewire is a p2p client. I usually use a p2p client for single songs, and transmission for albums. I usually cant find the single song I want on torrent sites but I can usually find the whole album. I figure just get the songs I want so not to clutter my itunes with a bunch of stuff I don't listen to
[Version 5.4.0]

iconz113 had trouble on 01 Sep 2009
yeah they need an update for snowleopard, whats the deal?
[Version 1.4.8]

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