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Iamdorian reviewed on 24 Mar 2014
4.02 Broke the icon-app boot feature in Safari 6.1.2. Version 4.0.3 broke the icon button auto address link to the app. Version 4.0.4 broke continued the latest incompatibility trend (OS X 10.8.6 on a 3.4 GHz i7, Thunderbolt 27" iMac with 16GB RAM). Version 4.0.5 only recognizes about 60% of the Flash movies even when I manually boot, manually paste in a web address and repeatedly hit the play and page update icon.

This (once) indispensable app is rapidly becoming the latest greatest Flash downloading app. Let's hope they start working in some backwards compatibility? 1 star off because hope springs eternal. : )
[Version 4.0.5]


Iamdorian reviewed on 28 Oct 2011
I love this product as well, it's smart, powerful and easy to use. It is a shame that the developer seems to be having problem getting an update out. I even had to de-install the latest Safari (I am still on Snow Leopard) just to have this at my disposal.

However, not that there could be security leaks I need to move on. Too bad, so sad.

I'd be happy to lay out a small upgrade fee. I'll bet most of us would.

Best Wishes to the DEV_We're pulling for you!

Choosing 5 Stars to offset the stupi-heads in here that insist on punishing hard working (struggling artist) developers.
[Version 4.5.1]

Iamdorian commented on 23 May 2011
I don't know about developers publishing phony reviews of their own products (happens all the time!) in this case, but this product has NO Trial Downloads! This should be totally discouraged. No way I am just plopping down cash without checking out an application first.

Boycotting such developers helps us all in the long run, and it is going to be a sad day for the Mac community of people end up on the Apple AppStore encouraged to sell products without providing this critical process of FREE evaluation.

I'd love another good thumbnails browser (like ViewIt!) but if I can't check it out first I am highly suspicious).
[Version 4.0]

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Iamdorian replied on 23 May 2011
This is something I did NOT know. Then Apple should be chewed out for this. It's a BAD policy, especially for you developers, then. What they must be trying to do is prevent people from advertising on the store, and then having clients NOT buy through them, thus circumventing their sale percentage (which MUST be high!). However, they could still provide TRIAL DOWNLOAD LINKS for their developers. That's just stupid.

I suppose we loose Steve jobs (and his large corporate control) and we get MicroApple, or is it, AppleSoft?

Sorry for not understanding their App Store Developer bylaws. I'll have to start a write in (bad propaganda) campaign.

Q: ViewIt has a great thumbnail preview feature. It allows for the rapid (and smooth) playback—drag of all thumbs in a collection. This is — in effect — a movie preview in near real time. For Time-Lapse this has proven a VERY useful preview feature (no rendering required). Is this something you have included already (does your preview work this way), or can add?


Iamdorian reviewed on 06 May 2011
I wish I could say that this software IS STABLE, but as of 2.6.1 it is NOT. Bought it yesterday (MUPromo) and installed. Everything seemed fine, but I noticed that my hard disc seemed to loose space. I was VERY low on space (down to under 20 Gb on a 500 Gb disc), so I noticed this. Thought I was hallucinating, until I came back in from working some 2-3hours later and I had a blue screen - the system was totally frozen. Finally got it to boot and had "0" hard disc space left!! HAd taken al memory too, and so I couldn't even boot from the Apple OSX DVD. Finally go it to boot momentarily and threw out a couple of files and started working, then watched as - slowly . . ever so slowly . . . hard disc space returned.

Realized this must have the biggest memory leak in the history of memory leaks!!! Then I found the following dialog describing this exact problem from back in 2009:

Apparently this problem is either BACK, or was not really fixed. Either way I have to uninstall and am out $19.95! I hope the developer gets the message here and actually fixes this problem, otherwise this software is dangerous! And this is a shame because I REALY need its features. Great idea. BAD problem. I'll be monitoring the solution closely.

FYI I am running a late 2008 2x3 GHz Quad Core Intel Mac Pro with 12 Gb of RAM.
[Version 2.6.1]

Iamdorian commented on 12 May 2010
VLC updater just tried to download some version labeled 2.0 IT was 'unsigned' and so the update stopped. Is this a 2.0 release or maybe some Trojan riding on the installer? DANGER - Will Robinson! DANGER!
[Version 1.1.0-pre1]


Iamdorian reviewed on 12 Apr 2010
I thought I'd just add a little update to my earlier review (2009). The developer has done a great job of stabilizing this software, although a few problems still exist. When it dos its job it is a marvel, and rapidly opens hundreds of files creating a visible light-box catalog,making additional operations - like renaming, rotation, file conversions and so on - to be performed with an ease and simplicity few 'imaging' apps can claim. Its film-like scrubbing option (allowing a review of the entire set by clicking and scrolling) allows time-lapse sequences (from stills) to be 'previewed.' This was likely not a planned feature, but it is certainly useful for those of us producing time-lapse sequences.

Some of the 'missing features' of this program will - hopefully - be addressed in the future. One of these shortcomings is the program's single preview size limitation. Thumbnails should be available in at least a few convenient sizes, if not being altogether scalable (the ideal). Similarly, the ability to scale this scrubbable preview 'movie' would make time-lapse previews from hundreds (even thousands) of stills more viable (the author should plug this feature, as it is unique). This might be possible for those of us with lots and lots of ram, or a virtual 'ram' solution might suffice. Also, the ability to export a simple movie at these thumbnail sizes could entice a whole new type of clientele into his customer base.

Overal, this is a must have utility for serious photographers who do a lot of shooting. Yes, I use Aperture, and iPhoto still holds most of my research photography from the web, but ViewIt is also a valuable asset to my software arsenal. This is not just a one trick' pony', and if the author chooses to add a few of these suggested features, it becomes an irreplaceable asset.

Encourage him. Buy a copy. I did!
[Version 2.35]

Iamdorian commented on 01 Mar 2010
AUto backing up means, when you forget to back up your files (rigorously), you don't have to pay the ultimate price for being human. My mother (bless her heart) lost 12 hours of work because she overwrote an older file attempting to do just this (manual-sequential backups).

This is certainly a huge oversight by the iWeb development team. Of course, alongs comes an inexpensive back-up utility like this.

I'd like to see a review of the product, rather than this sort of obvious (and inevitable) criticism.

A personal thanks goes out to the developer for plying his wares on the Mac. Welcome, and best wishes.
[Version 10.9]

Iamdorian commented on 25 Nov 2009
Apple has missed a major niche with FCServer . . . that of the 'little guy,' the independent on a tight budget. 1000 Somolians is a lot of money for server software requirements and income of a person with 3-5 Mac workstations. They need a
[Version 1.5.1]

Iamdorian commented on 21 Nov 2009
I am going to DITTO the pricing comments. I owned at least 2 licenses at one time, and don't even know what happened to discs and so-on, as I thought this a dead app. I ALWAYS support companies who make an effort to support the Mac community. TypeStyler was a great 'quicky' graphics tool. However, when development drops off the face of the earth (for years) you have to earn back the faith of your clients if you want their money.

I add my 'thumbs up' for a MU Promo offering something like a $25.00 upgrades and/or $50.00 one-time/72 hour deal. This might tempt me back 'into the fold.' You'd be better off running regular updates and pulling in revenue from that approach, with a 10x client base, than overcharging a few desperate folks.

Also, I'd like to see a modern GUI (not to mention speed increases) that would demonstrate (to me) a solid commitment to on-going development.

Welcome back . . . now roll up those sleeves, and get to work. : )
[Version 10.6.43]


Iamdorian reviewed on 22 Aug 2009
To set the record straight, I am an illustrator and designer who pioneered electronic publishing. I watched as BBs gave way to primitive (and horrible ugly) HTML web sites, and now to CSS, Flash animations and every kind of scripting language you can imagine. I don't write code. Period! Never cared to, even though I can understand logic statements. My strength is in design and all that goes along with that, and I don't want to 'code.' This holds no joy, nor interesting challenges for me. My lifetime (what's left of it) is too precious to spend typing. So, this is one application I understand.

How well do I understand it? Well . . .

The first time I sat down and began using it it required the usual 'learning curve' you'd expect from a unique GUI. However, in one long evening-into-morning session, I had a good looking preliminary web site up and running. This is the strength of RapidWeaver.

The plug-in developers (those whose products I am supporting) are responsive and clever, the themes base is constantly growing, and I cannot praise the concept behind this application enough. And yes, I have worked a tiny bit in early versions of GoLive a well as DreamWeaver. This approach is pretty intuitive, the pages are clean and load fast, and . . . work!

If you're trying to get real work done, and you don't think that coding is the 'cats' meow,' then I highly suggest that you give this inexpensive, (fairly) intuitive and creative little application a spin. I did. I think it was one of those great little (minimal) investments which have simplified my life. (If you want to see what I cranked out in one night - less additional copy - see my SpagyricArts dot com site).

Highly recommended. I'd give it six stars if I could.
[Version 4.3rc1]

Iamdorian had trouble on 28 Jun 2008
A small addendum to v.5.1. The problem - which appeared in the beta using the latest Apple Leopard OSX - is still with us. It did not seem to be a problem before about a month prior to the release date of the final Mac version of 5.1 (hope this helps?).

I use this application for time-lapse, primarily. This means loading 300-1500 images (usually only JPEGs) into the processing set-up window. After the last few OSX upgrades, the time to move the images into the pre-process que (for stacking) now takes about 20 minutes+ for 500 images. At 600+ images times ran into an hour or more. This is only half the problem. After running the first batch, if I try loading a set of images, Pro Elite fails. Throw away all plist files and reset permissions and I got one more batch to run. Then, crash on the next, and so on.

What gives? As it is - at least for people like me with a large batch to run - this is close to unusable.
Time to get this fixed!

And what's up with the lack of controls over the famous DxO lens softness. It seems...disabled...using JPEGs. This was one of DxO's best features.

I already bought the upgrade, so I am a "believer." However, I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake. As the last reviewer mentioned, version 4 was pretty solid. What gives? I hope the DxO gnomes are busy fixing all these -should-have-been-fixed-in-beta issues? H-E-L-P!

I am using an 8-processor Mac Pro with 16Gb of RAM and virtually unlimited hard drive space.

When I see some fixes I'll change my rating.
[Version 5.1]

Iamdorian had trouble on 28 Jun 2007
Finally decided to contact the developer. The response was surprisingly fast. Problem lay in a corrupted Prefs file, located in the User/ApplicationSupport folder. Hadn't looked there; only in the main Preferences Folder.

Problem solved...easy.

I cannot praise the usefulness of this application enough. Yet anothre reason to own a Mac...I mean...Apple. : )
[Version 1.2]

Iamdorian had trouble on 13 Jun 2007
Well, I don't know if it's just this Mac, but Vela Terra seems broken. It won't boo_crashes upon opening.

This is an Intel iMac, 2.0GHz, 20"

System Version: Mac OS X 10.4.9 (8P2137)
Kernel Version: Darwin 8.9.1

This is a new problem, and I only noticed it after the last Mac OSX updates (first of June, 2007). Tried the usual (throwing out com.veladg.VelaTerra.plist) but no go. So, what gives?

I hope I am not the only person in the Apple universe using this wonderful utility? If you haven't tried this yet, it is a great idea for photograpehrs who wish to time their shots with lunar and solar conditions, anywhere in the world.

[Version 1.2]

Iamdorian had trouble on 24 Jan 2006
Fixed. Had a web proxy switch turned on. Apparently this version has an issue with Proxy Web server turned on when attempting to D/L streams. The mystery remains...but it works.
[Version 6.0.2]

Iamdorian had trouble on 24 Jan 2006
Problems! 6.0.2 seems to have disables my streaming audio. Nver seen this happen. I don't use streaming radio much, but tried after this update and I simply can't get anythying to stream.

Tried with abd without web proxy settings, still nothing. Has anyone else had this problem,or do I have Gremlins?
[Version 6.0.2]

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