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iRideSnow commented on 14 Oct 2007
To Ivanovitch: I run TuneBar (2.7.2) on a dual monitor set up and it seems fine. This is on a DP G5, not an Intel. I also have it installed on an MacBook Pro, but I haven't used it there other than to start it up, set my preferences, and make sure that it worked.

Can you be more descriptive about the instability you see?

One thing I did notice is that if you use the standard TuneBar notification (instead of growl), then it does assume the left side monitor isn't there (it slides the notification off the right monitor and onto the left monitor). However, that's not a really a problem, and if you switch to using Growl notification, then it's not an issue at all.

In terms of the CPU issues I saw with earlier versions, that seems to be resolved. I still see CPU usage spike up, but that's to be expected. The constant CPU usage I saw before isn't happening.
[Version 2.7.2]


iRideSnow reviewed on 22 May 2006
Comparing the contents of folders is not something that most people need to do very often, and that includes me. However, when you need to, there's usually a very good reason and having a tool like this makes the job infinitely easier.

I've only had to use this app a few times, but I'm very glad I have it and was happy to pay for it. It's very well done and the developer continues to improve it.

[Version 2.5beta3]

iRideSnow commented on 09 Jan 2006
I purchased SyncX Pro in early 2003. It definitely had advantages over other backup programs available at the time, so I was willing to pay the $99 for a reliable, schedulable backup program. However, since that time quality alternatives have come out. The one I use now is SuperDuper. The latest version of which has added the ability to schedule backups. It may or may not have all the features of SyncX Pro. But if it doesn't, I certainly don't miss them. Plus, SuperDuper is significantly cheaper and, to me at least, has a cleaner, easier to understand interface. Until SyncX Pro either brings its price down or justifies its relatively high cost with some kind of feature comparison matrix, I recommend looking closely at cheaper alternatives that do what most people need backup programs to do.

Oh, and one other thing to watch out for with SyncX Pro. I don't know if Qdea still does this, but I was a little surprised to learn that the $99 price tag only bought me a year's worth (I think it was a year, maybe it was two) of updates. I suppose this is just an alternative to the "pay again when they release a major upgrade" model, but I don't like it. I want to receive all bug updates for the major version release that I have, no matter when I purchased it.
[Version 5.0b2]

iRideSnow had trouble on 13 Mar 2007
I purchased this a while ago. Nice app. However, I'm still using v2.5. The past two releases, 2.6 and 2.6.1 both consume a lot of CPU relative to 2.5. When you fire up 2.6+, both the TuneBar process AND a process called System Events start consuming 5-10% of the CPU each! This is on a DP 2.0 GHz PowerPC G5.

I'm assuming this has something to do with the "Sparkle Integration" mentioned in the 2.6 release notes.

I wrote directly to the developer when I saw this happen with 2.6, but did not receive a response.

[Version 2.6.1]

iRideSnow had trouble on 10 Sep 2006
The version, and all previous versions that I've used, have worked well on my single CPU 1.5GHz G4 PowerBook. However, all of those same versions, including this latest one, ALWAYS have problems maintaining their connection on my DP 2GHz G5 PowerMac. It's soooo annoying. Sometimes I'll have to re-connect within minutes of having connected. Sometimes the connection will last for hours. Presumably, this is some threading issue which only comes up in multi-processor machines. At least that's my initial guess.

Cisco devs, please test future versions on DP machines. Thanks!

iRideSnow had trouble on 22 Mar 2006
I removed this from my system. I think the idea is good, however, I noticed that, for whatever reason, it drastically slowed down Safari. I don't know if the problem was specific to using Safari's built-in RSS reader, but that's where I noticed it: I'd open one of my RSS feed pages (say for MacUpdate), and that would take a while to fully load and while it was loading I'd cmd-click on one of the links to open that page in a new tab and both tabs would take forever to load, and Safari would be giving me the spinning beachball of death while chewing up most of the CPU.

I can't say why or how creammonkey (or the custom greased lightning script) was causing this problem, but removing creammonkey completely solved the problem.
[Version 0.6]

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