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i-mateur reviewed on 02 Jun 2011
An instant ago, after months of continuous usage of the trial version, I happily purchased TotalFinder to support the developer for a product I consider essential amongst my software arsenal. On occasion a bug here or there seems to appear (which gets sorted immediately by closing the old finder window and opening a new one); it is merely an anecdotical incident in my experience, which also happens with even the most expensive software I own. Thus, my purchasing the software without any hesitation. Thank you TotalFinder developer, keep the development active.
[Version 1.1.13]


i-mateur reviewed on 25 Feb 2011
We have used our recently purchased MDRP 2.1 for the past couple of months, although we are sufficiently satisfied with its ripping performance for the dozen films we have generated tested, we are however extremely disappointed at its inability to generate a single functional .iso; all of them result in images that our MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard 10.6.6) returns as 'non-mountable filesystem'. Whether the fault resides on MDRP or our system we cannot say, however it is also true that other software cloning/ripping software was able to generate functional .iso for the same films.

We would be grateful if any MDRP user has found him/herself in this situation, solved the problem and cares to share the solution.

Unfortunately, the developer did not seem to be extremely useful or approachable, certainly far below the standards of other developers we have contacted for other imaging-related software.
[Version 2.1]

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i-mateur replied on 09 Mar 2011
Dear Makira, I never questioned the ISO-related satisfaction of others with MDRP, and I expressed our own in its 'to VIDEO-TS'ripping functions. I merely expressed our failure to generate productive ISO. And that is a fact has not happened with alternative software, and we would be more than satisfied to find a solution to this issue with MDRP.

And so I get to the point of approachability/problem solving by MDRP Customer Service. My first e-mail highlighting the issue was around the 16th December 2010, and after a couple of e-mail exchanges my last e-mail was on January 21st. The problem was never resolved, and I have not received any reply since to continue the troubleshooting process, even though in my final message after undertaking any troubleshooting I could at our end I specifically said: "... (after some troubleshooting at our end) there is not a problem directly linked to either the computer, the DVD reader or the DVD itself (for instance, other software was instrumental to generate productive ISO). Naturally, I would like to continue using MDRP and I run the alternative software merely to troubleshoot problems at my end. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you in advance."

I did not mean to be confrontational, we still wish to continue using MDRP, and in fact we do (but restricted to VIDEO_TS generation), we have not purchased or have a deep interest in any alternative software at present, and hope to resolve the MDRP ISO issue in our computer eventually. In fact, I will try to approach you again on this matter by e-mail. My messages have always been courteous and highlighted the benefits as well as the flaws of MDRP in our hands, never questioning its impeccable excellence in the hands and systems or others. Please do not take offense as such was never the intended effect.

i-mateur replied on 13 Mar 2011
Following my feedback posting to Macupdate the MDRP developer kindly contacted me offering to follow up on the issue regarding my inability to generate mountable .iso through MDRP in my system.

After a few e-mails back and forth to troubleshoot the problem, a few suggestions and several tests, the culprit was identified. It seems likely to be a harwdare matter related to the external DVD drive used to backup our DVDs. Other DVD drives in my hands were able to generate functional .iso with MDRP.

Although the issue has not been solved per se, the solution (if at all possible) would not be neither trivial nor cost efficient. I do appreciate, in agreement with the MDRP developer, that to tackle such solution for a piece of hardware from a software development standpoint would entail a higher cost than acquiring a new piece of hardware.

Given the kind and useful follow up by the MDRP developer I feel compelled to add this final message to this thread. And I should also state that MDRP will remain, as it has been so far my preferred tool to ensure the backup of our DVD collection.

i-mateur reviewed on 06 Feb 2011
A recent project at home has been to create a home network (LAN) interconnecting our computing and audiovisual equipment. An important component of this system is a Network Attached Storage Hard Drive able to DLNA-stream to the ethernet/internet-capable TV and BluRay player, the pictures, music and films stored within it. However, the codecs supported by the TV and the BluRay player are rather limited, and we decided to have our film collection (in disk image or VIDEO_TS format) as a .mpg (MPEG2) library.

Our limited knowledge on video conversion had to be complemented with a lot of research on the topic, exploration of several pieces of software, trial and error. Ultimately, for our purpose, MPEG2 Works 4 Advanced was the ideal application to successfully undertake the job.

As any feature-full application it is not easy to master, yet in our opinion the effort is worth it. There is also some excellent free software available to undertake the task (which we have used for other image processing purpose), but in our hands it seemed to be as difficult to learn and did not render the desired results in this case. The price for MPEG2 Works is also below the tag of other shareware competitors, which in our hands also failed to generate .mpg from our sources.

Even if it is not obvious for the low level user (like us) to learn the software, it is crucial the excellent customer support we have received from its developer. Besides explanations to help us to apply the software, he has offered to introduce additional functions to ease our conversions. Importantly, the software is currently ongoing further development and several key features (key to us) are on their way.

The developer has been very approachable and personable, replying swiftly to several inquiries.

A disclaimer: we do not have any personal or professional link to the MPEG2 Works developer beyond the e-mail exchanges resulting from customer support after our purchase of the software.
[Version 4.2.5]

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