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Hurrikenux commented on 22 Feb 2012
Excellent little utility, my only request would to be able to set the default display stat to be total memory usage as one of the options. Another minor item would be displaying the private/public IP within the network items. If these are already there and I missed them, that is even better.
[Version 1.5.0]


Hurrikenux reviewed on 20 Feb 2012
I felt the need to log in just to leave this review and describe why after two years I've decided to uninstall Socialite. When this product first came to be, known as EventBox, it was an up and comer with many networks supported and many upcoming. Reddit support has not been in this app for some time, yet it is still listed here on MacUpdate and in the screenshot. Tumblr support was also being worked on before the sale to RealMacSoftware, and that never saw the light of day.

Really the number one thing that led to an uninstall is the fact that still to this day you have to open a web browser to view news feeds and links, instead of within the app like other similar software. It is a shame that the sale to RealMacSoftware rang the death bell for EventBox, I am not certain that Apparent is going to be able to bring back the promise that it had during the beginning.
[Version 1.4.0]


Hurrikenux reviewed on 10 Feb 2011
Not a bad start, but there are a few things I'd note after using this for a bit:

I'll start off by saying I have experience here, I worked on the Demeter project for a while which was a fork off of the Shiira sources. As soon as I saw the "Visitabs" for this browser, I knew where they were from (Shiira 2.x). I then saw the "Cinnamon" updater and recognized Sparkle. Screenshots of the plugin pane showed a Fluid-like look. So after downloading and running this, I wasn't surprised to notice there were many things from those components put together here.

I'll admit, I downloaded this originally because I recognized all of those items and didn't see where here or on your website you credited your sources. I also do not see where the source is available as is required for these items as far as I know. I did catch the credits in the About panel, which did give proper credit to these items. However, if you make any changes to original sources, most items require you make the source available. I always did this for Demeter as it was what was set by the license in use by Shiira (I believe it was FreeBSD). Fluid uses the Apache License ( which requires you to even notate the changes you made to the original sources. I won't go any further on this, only to recommend you correctly follow the license guidelines set forth by all sources you used and make your source available (unless you have permission). To be polite, you should also credit on your website so users don't have to search - although that typically isn't a requirement.

As far as implementation goes, everything seemed to load fine. The Visitab bar is gray on the left and white on the right, I am not sure if that is intended. The browser also crashes when closing a Visitab when it is the only one. Bookmarks seemed to work right, in fact pretty much everything from its respective source (Fluid, Shiira, Sparkle) works as it did in its source. I wasn't able to test gesture support as I do not have a touchpad, so I'm curious to how that is working. The load bar is aesthetically displeasing though, you should stick with some sort of gradient for this and not a texture (HIG). Items like that are relatively minor.

Well, I'd say good luck in this. I lost touch with my Demeter roots as I moved on in code, and as Chrome and Flock and other browsers came along that accomplished everything I was already working on. A native Cocoa browser with each tab running in its own process is really needed, especially with how bad Flash Player leaks in OSX. This is why I switched to Chrome, and Stainless is a good example of implementation.
[Version 1.0]

Hurrikenux commented on 21 Nov 2010
The game is great, I've enjoyed this since it originally came out for the PC. Now most machines are powerful enough to run the game at its full potential, this was an issue originally. My review is more about how Mac porting companies still don't seem to get it when it comes to customer relations.

I already own RollerCoaster Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon Soaked for the Mac, however Aspyr feels I should pay a full $50 dollars to add Wild to my existing installation. That includes repurchasing the original and Soaked pack that I already own. In addition, I can acquire the PC version of this for a full $20 dollars less via Steam on my Boot Camp partition (which isn't necessary as I already own all three packs for PC). I have been a supporter of Aspyr over the years, but sadly I'm starting to hope Valve and Steam blows them out of the water. The Mac porting houses trying to charge premium prices for games that they port over two or more years later no longer has to be swallowed.

I'm sorry Aspyr, but you could have changed my mind by simply offering Wild for $20 dollars and I would have been slightly happier and wouldn't have had this to say. I think it's time you think about jumping on the SteamPlay bandwagon.
[Version ]

Hurrikenux commented on 14 Feb 2010
Probably not the best screenshot (I'd imagine it will be removed), but I've always preferred Mumble to Teamspeak. The interface here, while basic, does the job fine. I've had no voice issues in using it.
[Version 1.2.2]

Hurrikenux commented on 31 Jan 2010
For those looking to criticize as opposed to provide useful information on how this program performs, you can do a search on Google (I know, mind blowing) which offers how to do this in Snow Leopard. There are no such disclaimers on most pages, common sense applies.

In regards to this product, it has worked thus far for me without issue. Here is to hoping they get the native support in. Some commenters should also realize that I believe there are royalty dollars that must be paid to Microsoft when officially supporting the NTFS protocol. This may be the biggest reason why the support is not official as of yet.
[Version 0.4]

Hurrikenux commented on 09 Nov 2009
It would be highly recommended that libraries (such as oggdec) be compiled as Universal so that Rosetta does not need to be installed on Snow Leopard. Currently, that library and some others are compiled for PowerPC only.
[Version 2.065]

hurrikenux (developer) commented on 01 Jun 2008
Importing is back in at a basic level (with a workaround)

Use the Bookmarks Preference pane to enable, some things may require a restart. This will be cleaned up before beta 3, but at least you can use bookmarks from Safari and Firefox.
[Version 1.5b2]

hurrikenux (developer) commented on 18 Feb 2008
As I see I myself am guilty of making general posts in this area, I realized that I should probably announce that it is best to find and get support for Demeter at There, you will get prompt support from myself or other users. This will also help to keep this area a little cleaner (as I'm sure MacUpdate devs will appreciate)

I thank everyone for their interest and support of the Demeter web browser!
[Version 1.0.8]

hurrikenux (developer) commented on 16 Feb 2008
1.0.8 is up.

Sorry about the delay. Thats kids for you. :P
[Version 1.0.8]

Hurrikenux had trouble on 04 Jan 2010
Does not appear to work whatsoever with the 32-bit version of Safari on 10.6.2. This is on an original Core Duo iMac where 64-bit processing is not an option. Perhaps this is a SIMBL issue and not a Safari AdBlocker one?
[Version 1.6]

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Hurrikenux replied on 04 Jan 2010
According to SIMBL's website, it should work in both 32-bit and/or 64-bit (SIMBL that is). Perhaps this particular plugin was compiled as 64-bit only as that is what it is advertised as being?

Hurrikenux replied on 04 Jan 2010
Glims, which works fine with the same setup on a 64-bit iMac
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