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Heymini commented on 13 Jun 2013
I cant help but notice the title of the app in the preview image is 'Identity Scrubber Free'
[Version 10.7.3]


Heymini reviewed on 20 Oct 2012
OK im more a fan of action games but the hidden puzzle type has always appealed to me.
When i saw that this was 'free' i thought id download it and give it a whirl. This is 'free' but only for the first 20 minutes which is enough to give you a good taster if you use the casual mode.
The graphics are good and the speach is a nice touch too, ive certainly seen a lot worse.
No real niggles but i would recommend starting it in full screen or you cant get access to the all important menus.

This could be the first puzzle game that im going to have to buy.
[Version 1.0.2]


Heymini reviewed on 19 Mar 2012
Does exactly what it says on the tin. No more 'tadahhh' when i boot up. I had considered taking my Mac Pro apart to disconnect the annoying tinny speaker, Start Ninja is a much easier solution.
Not a complaint and maybe can't be done but its a pity its not a preference pane. Would be easier to alter if i ever needed to rather than trying to remember the name of a programme.
[Version 1.0]


Heymini reviewed on 13 Mar 2012
Call me a cynic if you will but all the 5 Star reviews of this product come from people who have reviewed NOTHING else and have downloaded NOTHING else. And i do mean nothing.
This couldn't be some kind of attempt to sway the ratings by the developers could it??
At best this is highly publicised rubbish at worst its malware itself and i certainly wouldn't trust it.
[Version 2.1]

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Heymini replied on 13 Mar 2012
OK so im a cynic i just found someone who's downloaded other programmes but just check out the last 4 or 5 'reviewers' all joined today and only reviewed the one item. Hmmmmm........
Heymini commented on 16 Feb 2012
OK people settle down, this is still a Beta if you notice and the Apple blurb says it won't be released till summer.
I have to agree that this does seem to be a large .1 jump for what seems like very little on offer, a few new 'apps' and more iOS-ness but that dosent mean that you HAVE to buy it.
There will be those that will purchase it because its always nice to have something new and shiny to play with but many people will continue to use 10.x for many years to come.
What you have to remember is your Mac is at the cutting edge, its reliable, dependable and does what you need it too with no fuss, it would be nice if they could produce some cutting edge drivers that gave us a 50% speed boost but as someone who has to work with a PC all day its nice to come home and not have to fight with a machine thats supposed to help me.
As for the big cat theme it IS getting a bit tiring now but at least we haven't had 'Kitten' 'Tabby' or 'Moggy' yet.
What I'm waiting for is OS XI or should that be 11 either way it should be OS 11 'Manta Ray' and run on any intel processor / wintell box. Then we'll really have a world beater on our hands.

PS.. Apple I've got baggsies on that one ;)
[Version 10.8]


Heymini reviewed on 07 Feb 2012
This seems to work well at first glance, and even transfers some discs that others don't seem to be able to cope with.
However the image quality leaves something to be desired at times with some blurring using the standard settings.
The whole programme has a feeling of 'un macness' about it and this shows through in some of the descriptions / instructions IE 'shut down PC when done' It also seems to lack direct support for second gen Apple TV.
On the whole not a bad programme but could do with being a bit more Mac-like.

Heymini commented on 03 Dec 2011
When your power cable unplugs, HardwareGrowler will spring into action and lets you know about it.

The fact that my MacPro will suddenly grind to a halt if this happens might alert me to the fact
[Version 1.3.1]

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Heymini replied on 04 Dec 2011
Don't UP Supplies have an annoying alarm to let you know that the mains power has failed??

Heymini reviewed on 23 Jul 2011
Ok, the first new version of OSX we've had for a while if you don't count Snow Leopard which was kind of a clean up.
First impression, OMG they've turned my Mac Pro into a giant iPod Touch or iPhone. The whole look and feel of 10.7 is very iOS.
It would appear they have updated the graphics drivers (long awaited)
as my Quadra now seems to have much more colour range and depth of field.
Ive had a wireless trackpad for a while and have been quite happy with it this new release brings lots of new gestures some of which I'm sure ill use eventually but at the moment its quite a lot to take in. I seem to be changing screens when i want to go back a page but that could be due to the fact i use an Android phone and my fingers are doing what seems to come more naturally. The default set up seems to be the reverse of what I'm used to but it can be altered in the settings.
No major complaints but i have experienced a problem when waking from sleep, nothing to have a major tantrum about but it seems my computer dosent want to wake up and i have to give it a second gentle tap 'on the shoulder' to rouse it from its slumber.
Ive lost the use of one or two older programmes (starry night for one) as Lion no longer supports ANY PPC applications but I'm sure i can always manage to exert myself and hold down the Alt key and boot into an older OS if needs be.
It does seem to take an eternity to download and install, not the sort of thing you can do in 20 minutes, more like 2 - 3 hours with a half decent connection, which as i said seems like an eternity when you want to play with something shiny and new.
In the same way i thought 'Noooo what have they done' when they switched from OS9 to OS X, I'm sure ill get used to it.
[Version 10.7]


Heymini reviewed on 06 Jul 2011
This brilliant little app has always sat quietly doing what i ask it to do. Cant fault this latest version either.
Developer is always quick and willing to respond to any queries / fix any flaws. If i could give any more stars i would.
[Version 1.5]


Heymini reviewed on 23 Jun 2011
Dont think of this as a 'Game' think of it more as a chat room with user defined graphics.
There are some reasonably well defined locations to explore such are the Eiffel tower but the graphics hardly zip along as everything is stored on the S/L servers even your own clothing, possibly why the developers call it a 'viewer'
In busy regions the lag can become horrendous and if the region has 50 occupants im sorry it just wont let you in.
If you have the time and patience its ok for a laugh but do expect some lag and random crashes.

Heymini had trouble on 22 Jun 2011
Dont worry if this dosent download or work at the moment. EVE have taken the servers off line due to a DDoS attack.
Lulzsec strike again?
[Version 6.10.271273]

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