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hardcat reviewed on 10 May 2009
F10 Launch studio has been around for ages, Version 1 was very slick and stood out from other launchers. F10 felt good, was easy to set up and only took over the screen when activated and disappeared when not needed. For me it's biggest strength was the ability to group applications as required by the user. I had groups for Office, Internet, imaging, projects and so on. Grouping applications in this manner allows one to quickly bring up F10 and go straight to the application required. Version 2 of F10 has seen an great deal of good development. the application again looks very modern and offers interaction with application files. Setting up F10 is again easy and not time consuming, applications not required can be filtered out. For reasons only known to the developers grouping applications has been reduced to a single row in selectable tabs with all applications remaining visible above the row. This change has for me greatly reduced the capability and desirability of what should be an excellent application. If it Isn't Broken, Don't Fix It comes to mind, because in this instance that is exactly what has happened. Design of function is also true here. For what it's worth F10 users should unite and ask the very nice developers to look again at bring back the much loved full screen grouping of applications.
[Version 2.2]


hardcat reviewed on 08 Oct 2008
The developer has chosen a route whereby potential customers have to chose if they want this application based only on a video tour, there is no trial option. Based soley on the very poor video, I can only agree with previous comments/reviews.

TaskMagic appears to offer very basic capabilities, I'd go so far to say that I would jot tasks down in Tex Edit rather than purchase this.

To the Developer: I'd strongly recommend you re-do the video, please pan out!

Perhaps you might want to re-consider the price and providie a trial.

You are in a very competetive market and right now TaskMagic may be detrimental to your other applications and your credibility as a developer.

[Version 1.0]

hardcat commented on 09 Oct 2007
What ToDo 1.3 and others of this type are obviously very similiar so it's a matter of preferenceas to what one feels comfortable with. WTD looks good and all parts work are well integrated.

It is very easy for users to comment on the price of software. Perhaps if we knew the time, effort and commitment required to publish software we wouldn't be so critical. That said, the developer might want to review his pricing to ensure WTD remains competitive.

Someone commented on the date being displayed incorrectly.... That depends on where you live. For those in Europe it is the correct format. Perhaps offering users a choice of formatts will address this issue.
[Version 1.3]


hardcat reviewed on 09 Apr 2006
For several days I have been trying out Note Studio which I believe has recently been coded for Macs, It has been around awhile for that other OS.

Note studio is designed for taking notes and apart from basic formating, bullets and simple tables, that is all the developer intends. For note taking this is a sound approach. Notes can be taken quickly and without being diverted by a host of formating and other gizmos.

Note Studio is a Mac application and if required users can purchase a complete package including a Palm Note Studio which syncs with it's desktop companion.

Note Studio is a Wiki type application. Pages are linked and one can quickly and very easily set up Notes that link together and are easy to navigate through.

I am very impressed with this application. It is good to see that Mac software is supporting Palms. Too many PIMs are exporting to iPods which it seems is easy to implement. The iPod is a great music player but it isn't a PDA. Information exported to it is passive.... One can read it but that is your lot.

Using Note Studio I can maintain notes on my iBook , sync them to my Palm Note Studio and I can read, write, add, delete notes as required.

I wish more developers would consider supporting PDAs. The Missing Sync, which Note Studio uses is excellent, and another example of Macs and Palms working together.

So this software gets top marks from me. Will I buy it? Ummmh not sure.

The developer's site looks good. There are informative videos online to demonstrate Note Studio's capabilities. And there is also a Forum. This is where I am getting cold feet.

The forum doesn't seem to be well maintained and many questions asked by members are often not responded to by the developer. There are also some evidence that support for purchased software may not be to the standard I am looking for. I tried to join the Forum but didn't recieve an e-mail to complete the joining process. Which contrast to others who have and have left Daft messages on the forum which haven't been removed.

I like this software as I outlined above. A major decision in buying software is the impression I get from the developer's site. In this instance it isn't good... The forum has put me off (That's a first). The site demonstrates the capabilities of Note Studio using GTD. Perhaps the developer might want to include addressing the forum and participating in it in his GTD system.

I hope this software does well, it looks good and is great to use. I give top high marks for the software but urge the developer to review the forum content/use.
[Version 3.1.1]


hardcat reviewed on 17 Jan 2006
I have been using MailSteward for a bout 2months and rate it very highly. I use Apple Mail and transfer all my mail to MailSteward which keeps Mail lean and running smoothly. Transfering mail is easy and Mailsteward ensures that there are no dupilcate e-mails transferred to it's database. finding e-mail data is also straightforward by clicking on buttons and entering a search string (one can also enter a user defined search string). This is a great application and support from the developer is first class.
[Version 4.0]

hardcat commented on 07 Dec 2005
I'd like to try this, but the demo is so in your face that it is not possible. When the application launches a message about the limitations of the demo and encouragement to purchase it are displayed. No problem, I read this and fully understood it. One of the limitations of the demo is that it quits after just 3 Mins!

Well I can accept that, but everytime I tried to do something... like hide a file! the dam demo reminder box pops up and is displayed for several seconds.

Like I said I read and understood it the first time. Anyway with this message eager to pop up and prevent me actually trying the software out, I think I actually just tried out their demo message box.. Great idea guys!....

I wonder what the software actually does and if It would suit my needs?

[Version 1.1]


hardcat reviewed on 17 Aug 2005
I have been a long time user of Gyazmail and am generally very pleased with it. New in Version 1.3.2 is the ability to move the message viewer to the right instead of below as shown in the image below. I use an iBook and found the three vertical panes cramped and therefore not practicle. Even the new features offered by apples Mail have not persuaded me to leave Gyazmail. I would like to see the introduction of smart folders in Gyazmail. Another thing I think needs addressing urgently is the ability to change fonts in a message. Also Signatures sholud accommodate images. I use POP accounts and Gyazmail is fine for these and easy to set up. Gyazmail works well with Spamieve and Growl. Overall what most appeals to me is that Gyazmail has a clean UI it has a finder quality with folders which I prefer to that offered by Mail. Support from the developer has always been very prompt and helpful. I give this software 5 stars.

[Version 1.3.2]


hardcat reviewed on 09 Aug 2005
Well I just downloaded this and you know what....It's great! Having been a long time fan of Konfabulator I was disappointed with Dashboard. I really don't like the way one can view Widgets a superimposed darkened screen. As a result I have to admit not using Dashboard very much.

Amnesty changes this. All Widgets are conviently available from the Menu Bar. Widgets can be set to appear on the desktop at different levels. They are arranged A - Z. There is a wealth of options in Preferences. A nice feature is Hot Key functionality.
From the Menu Bar you can choose to get more widgets. Your browser will take you to VersionTracker's widget pages, very neat.

The only bad thing from my point of view is I have just paid for several shareware titles..I'll have to wait until next month before purchasing this (my wife insists!). Not a problem as the Demo period will let me wait that long. Whilst on the subject of purchase, Amnesty cost just $19.95 and is very good value.

Another great title for the Mac platform. I'm sure it will do very well, it deserves to.

[Version 1.0.2]


hardcat reviewed on 07 Aug 2005
I am looking for an application to work alongside iCal. I have been using BurnoutMenu but it won't launch in my newly installed 10.4.2 (Ongoing Saga!). Anyway back to this software. I visited the site sure that I had tracked down what I was looking for, and sure enough It seems that this does everything I want. Screenshots of the software demonstrate the functionality which seems very comprehensive. I have to admit that like other reviewers here I was very disappointed with the cost. I buy and support many shareware applications. This is the first time I have been completely put off by the the cost. Whilst I am in no doubt that a lot of hard work and many hours result in very competent software, I can't justify paying in exess of $30 for software that compliments iCal which itself is cost free. I would pay for this if it was priced at about $15 to $20, but as it is I haven't even downloaded the software to try. Accordingly I have reluctantly rated this 1 Worst in all categories.

I believe that if this product were pitched at a more realistic price, more potential customers would try it which in turn may result in increased sales. I'd be interested to know just how many have purchased at the current price!
[Version 1.8.6]

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