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halfasemitone reviewed on 07 Oct 2007
The Lobster Petting and other Seafood Domestication software market is absolutely saturated these days. It was only yesterday that I remember Macromedia Free Shell, but then got bought out by Adobe and is now called Adobe Crustaceashop. Quark had their pinch at the market with Quark Arthropod Xpress.

This program seems to lack the luster of the old Lobster Petting software when it wasn't bogged down with big heavy code like "fez scripting" and simplicty was the name of the game.

The much rumored app "Barnacles" that will be included in iLife Suite is already causing the vapourware effect on the market. And I don't blame them. Apple has been working on this since Steve Jobs came and revamped Apple and made it a tightly run ship. But of course like Jobs, he denied the whole thing:

"I hate seafood, I don't like water, I'll never, ever, ever subject Apple to the Shellfish Domestication game." Of course 5 years later, we see files like "com.shell.pinchers" in our Preferences Library.

Although Lobster Petting 1.5 runs extremely well on the Macintels the interface was daunting and was a big task for people like me who only pet my Lobster maybe once or twice a month. Pro level Lobster Petters would find this app a double edged sword when it comes to the learning curve. Once you get past the Disco setting, the interface seems less of a steep hill.

I prefer to wait for the "simplified" version of Seafood Software "Barnacles" It's the Lobster Petting app for the rest of us.
[Version 1.5]


halfasemitone reviewed on 21 May 2007
Another musicians comment.

Quicktime can't do what ASD can do. It's just not as easy to loop, have presets and so on. There's no Slow down types in Quicktime. This program is meant for TRANSCRIBING. (An art that most musicians don't do alot of these days... for some reason.)

You can also practice along a section of a tune by looping a section at frame accurate resolution. This means that you can loop a section and nudge the start and end points just right so you can practice a section along with it in perfect time. As it loops back to the start point you can adjust it so it's in complete time so you don't break the flow of the pulse. If you don't know what I'm talking about pick up an instrument and try practicing a section looping in quicktime. Good Luck.

In ASD, you can speed it up bit by bit without having to render it. Or try speeding it up in quicktime. Good luck since the slider is small and jumps in huge increments.

Amadeus is NOT a TRANSCRIBING tool. Nowhere on the website does it say that Amadeus is great for transcribing. Thats because it's not. It specifically says "Amadeus Pro is a powerful multitrack audio editor...". ASD is NOT multitrack audio editor because it's not supposed to be.

In actuality I shouldn't be comparing Quicktime with Amadeus with ASD because these three apps are in three different categories. If anything you should have all three of these pieces of software.

Quicktime to pull the audio from a movie , Amadeus to edit out dialog and keep only the score, and ASD to transcribe the score easily.

ASD is a musicians tool made to do musicians things. This is NOT a tool to make cool effects or to edit out a sax solo. It's supposed to help you hear sax solo at various tempos.

Try transcribing "Koko" or "Shaw Nuff" by Charlie Parker (if you know who he is) and you'll quickly realize that Quicktime, and Amadeus don't cut it... because they weren't meant to do what ASD was meant to do.
[Version 3.1.5]

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halfasemitone replied on 26 Jul 2007
buying the wrong tool for the job will make your job worse. Using ASD for time compression/expansion is a good/cheap way instead of spending hundreds in something like serato or protools. If you casually transcribe your money is well spent on ASD. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step..... forward, not sideways.
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