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haleakalari reviewed on 09 Jun 2009
the new interface is atrocious. first off on 10.4, you have a "unified" toolbar, but the status bar is brushed metal. that's nothing though. my real gripe is this:

we mac users are not allowed to have a frucking stop button on the toolbar of our default browser. it has to be present only on mouse-over in an integrated-progress/address bar? it just has to. that's funking ridiculous! it's counter-intuitive. this is changing something, for the sake of change itself. which is *not* change for the better.. it's the gui-design equivalent of saying:

"yeah, we make the fastest, sweetest, most kickin' sneakers in the world. but we decided to use shattered goat-carcass instead of rubber for the soles, because it looks nicer. it might hurt, make no sense and it'll take you much longer to get where you need to go, but... y'know, it looks better."

we don't even have the option of using the sensible, intuitive and efficient interface which was present [even as just an option] in all prior releases of safari, so now we have to spend our time getting used to mousing around like a retarded person to reach basic functionality, for no good reason.

yeah, safari 4 is fast and has a load of new features. but the gui design is absolutely disgusting and makes no sense whatsoever. let us have options and let us continue to use sensible and efficient design paradigms. stop removing standard furcking features every time you introduce a new one. cripes.
[Version 4.0]

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haleakalari replied on 09 Jun 2009
it's crap like this and the mere fact that i can't disable google-search suggestions (wtf!?) that prevent me and others from continuing to use this as their default browser.
haleakalari tipped on 08 Jun 2009
wow. i've never seen so many negative reviews for a solid program, just because the people writing them can't figure out how to configure their own damn computers. you're all a bunch of retards. you need to open the correct ports in os x's firewall and if using a wireless connection, in your router as well, for any torrent client to work. end of story.

the problems you all have with tomato obviously arise from not understanding the basics. and to the person who called this application "junk", eat a fat one. this was one of the first alternative torrent clients for os x and it is actually fairly configurable (see "advanced settings" when you start up a torrent). cripes people, get yourselves together.
[Version 1.5.1]


haleakalari reviewed on 03 May 2009
the folks behind this application are benedectine monks living in freaking bangladesh! so what if you do not like the software, they are just trying to raise money for their monastery. also, apparently they are quite involved with inter-religious dialogue, which is a good thing and something this world needs more of. i mean although i do not use the software and am not christian myself, i think people should take it a little easier on these peaceful ascetics. besides, they offer freeware applications as well, and when was the last time you met a coding monk?
[Version 1.5.6]

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haleakalari replied on 03 May 2009

you're a moron. i specifically said i'm NOT a christian. furthermore, how is believing in the good nature behind a group of monks that engage in inter-religious dialog and community service, akin to believing in something as puerile and irrational as santa? check your freaking head.

haleakalari replied on 04 May 2009
yes. supporting the notions of mutual respect between different cultures and religious groups is moronic and sure, finding the idea of a benedictine monk, in bangladesh, pumping out and compiling code to be oddly uplifting is totally irrational. you got me.

haleakalari reviewed on 20 Apr 2009
sexy. fast. strong. it's like having a reishi log for my tongue. it's the chims to my chams. point is, psi is powerful and dynamic, like pleurotus ostreatus.
[Version 0.12.1]


haleakalari reviewed on 13 Apr 2009
icab is so flipping intense it rips my face off, wears it and [intentionally] does a face-plant all over the interwebs. but seriously, this has become my go-to browser for research work and general light browsing. if only it could access login information in keychain, like camino and safari do, it would be my main browser. until then, it tops safari for me and comes in a close second to camino.

the developer is also quite responsive to bug reports/feature requests. i hope a.c. never stops development on icab. aside from it's odd approach to saving login information, this is the most feature complete [solely mac] browser that i have ever used.

plus, icab actually has the ability to create standalone web-applications (or single-site browsers, whichever you prefer), like fluid, from one or a whole set of user specified addresses. furthermore, these web apps' are able to use standard icab filters, settings and scripts. plus, like safari and all webkit applications, they are compatible with greasekit. beat that!

p.s. it also plays quite nicely the version of webkit that the safari 4 beta uses.
[Version 4.5]


haleakalari reviewed on 04 Feb 2009
as a cog user who prefers tiger over leopard (i have a leopard box, but still find myself on tiger 90% of the time), i had been toying around with songbird [for its m4a/aac metadata support, which cog lacks on tiger and integrated last.fm scrobbling], but i hate the "media library" concept. still, songbird is nice and all, but along with its obscenely high resource consumption, some extensions will irreparably "muck up" prefs.js and the xul overlay/chrome files.

besides, what i was really looking for was sort of a companion to cog, not a full blown media library, tag editor and web browser mash-up, just something that supports all/most of the file types cog does while filling in some of the gaps. vox fits this niche very nicely and [amongst a few other things] even ads in an equalizer, audio effects, transcoding, album artwork support and integrated last.fm scrobbling (cog requires one to utilize the official last.fm client). last but not least, it's just as "gentle" with my system as cog is.

of-course on my leopard box, i'll probably just be using the 10.5 only builds of cog, but for now, vox completes my audio player arsenal on tiger... the only thing i'm missing is a drag & drop playlist interface [and ideally, a directory browser to compliment that]. otherwise [aside from some very minor glitches] this is an outstanding up & coming player with great potential. i'm very interested to see where the developer will be taking this application further down the line.
[Version 0.2.6]

haleakalari commented on 12 Dec 2008
there seems to be a minor interface glitch with this version of caffeine (1.0.4). under os x 10.4.11, when command clicking on the icon, the submenu which allows one to activate caffeine for a specific period of time, does not display text. just thought i'd let you know.
[Version 1.0.4]

haleakalari commented on 08 Oct 2008
ach... the only thing which prevents me from using opera on my mac(s) is its lack of keychain integration/support. i cannot fathom why opera doesn't have its mac team working on this, i mean, a lot of us (including myself) have hundreds of keychain entries, and there's no way i'm going to regularly use a browser unless it can read and write keychain entries... in-fact, even an importer [from keychain to wand] of some sort, would be a good step. i'm sure a lot of people would be more apt to try opera for mac, if some sort of keychain support was added.
[Version 9.60]


haleakalari reviewed on 07 Jun 2008
this program is freaking great. it has allowed me to efficiently keep track of and access quickly, thousands of scriptural citations, which has aided my writing of many a paper. i mean, unless you want to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on other "bible software", this is where it is at. there are many modules in many languages available (even some non-religious/dogmatic texts, also maps and such), and it uses webkit for its display of the modules, which means it natively supports any language your mac does. 5 stars!

having said that; beff, you are a moron. one can argue with the accuracy of most historical accounts from the periods(s) in which the old and new testament literatures were written just as well as one can argue with the historicity of the biblical accounts themselves. the fact is, that aside from being inspirational and "spiritually relevant" reading for many people across the world, ANY "older" religious texts (that would include hindu, buddhist, zoroastrian, jewish, christian etc...) do AT-LEAST offer us valuable insight into early stages of human, cultural and psychological development.

some of us study judeo-christian biblical texts for the same reason people across the globe are taught about greek and mesopotamian mythologies [as early as 4th or 5th grade in many schools], to gain knowledge about certain periods in time that we would otherwise know very little about, if it wasn't for the texts. older religious or "mythological" texts, regardless of the doctrines they espouse, offer us treasure troves of information about the history of this thing we call, the "human condition".

atheist or theist, agnostic or gnostic, older religious scriptures can teach everyone a lot. to discount these valuable learning tools as merely "fantasies", is just plain ignorant.
[Version 1.4b1]

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haleakalari replied on 14 Jun 2008
in light of your conjugated spinoza citation(s) [although lightly misspelled] i will recant my usage of the word "moron". i am familiar with "spinozaian pantheism" but will note the following; somewhat ironically, its vocabulary/logic is often used to describe or validate the concept of a singular god, especially in regard to judeo-christian esoteric/mystical traditions.

although you could consider this to be negative, it is quite positive to me. a non-personified singular "god concept" which can be argued through reason is highly preferable to a quasi-singular personified "god concept" which can only be argued through repetition. the point is that the judeo-christian concept of god, if one so wishes, can be easily reconciled with "spinozaian pantheism", yielding a kind of logical panentheism. this reconciliation actually allows for the further development/enhancement of [the more stringent and] true monotheism.

in-fact there seem to be many natural parallels and lucid connections between gnostic cosmologies of the judeo-christian persuasion and later "spinozaian pantheism" (which arguably expounds upon certain aristotelian concepts, amongst others as well).

none-the-less, i maintain that the religious scriptures [including non-judeo-christian flavours] of antiquity still hold great value (and rightly so) in the fields of the humanities.
haleakalari commented on 20 Nov 2007
it is so nice to see more developers distributing bible software utilities as genuine freeware. for one it shows sincerity of the developer's beliefs and second off, the spread of knowledge especially in regards to any established wisdom/religious tradition should ideally always be accessible to anyone interested. regardless of their monetary situation. a hearty kudos!
[Version 1.1.2]

haleakalari had trouble on 13 Jun 2008
I hope the author of AppCleaner keeps up with this page, because it has been quite difficult to get a response from him through e-mail, but i have a bug report which is as follows:

Under OS X 10.4.11, AppCleaner Version 1.2 does not detect or display
any Widgets under its Widgets section. Furthermore, AppCleaner's
History function does not seem to work at all either, when you click
"Show History..." from the "Window" menu or use the keyboard shortcut
(Apple-L), nothing is displayed. This occurs on an Intel Core Duo
MacBook Pro.

Also, in AppCleaner Version 1.2, under OS X 10.5.3, although the History window is accessible, the Widgets section exhibits the same problem it does on OS X 10.4.11, as it does not seem to detect or display any Widgets. This occurs on an Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook.
[Version 1.2]

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