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Gregmlr reviewed on 01 Jan 2011
Don't let the Express in Postbox Express fool you, this is a very capable and well-rounded email app. I had grown tired of Apple Mail continuously asking me for my password throughout the day because it wasn't playing nice with AOL's IMAP server. Switching to Postbox Express alleviated that problem and it has never happened again. Postbox Express imported all of my settings from Apple Mail painlessly. The tabs feature is pretty nifty and something I did not know an email app would have because I never saw the need but now I would miss the feature if I didn't have it. One thing I did not like about the program is when it opens up it automatically takes you to a tab touting the pay version of Postbox and encouraging you to upgrade instead of showing your inbox, but poking around their support site I found a way to disable this tab. I highly recommend this program and plan on switching to it permanently on both of my Macs.
[Version 1.0.1]


Gregmlr reviewed on 22 Dec 2010
A great alternative to Transmission. The developers really listen to user requests and problems and release an update promptly but not too frequently like Transmission (who wants to update their software 2x a week?!). Keeps getting better with every release.
[Version 1.1.0]


Gregmlr reviewed on 22 Dec 2010
Used to be my default torrent client but with recent releases it has became very buggy, with support being lax at best. The support community and developers seem disconnected from the real users. I began having a problem where Transmission would not obey the upload/download limits I would set and would suck up all of my bandwidth. Judging by all of the complaints about it in the user forums it was (and may still be) a widespread problem some users were having, but there was no indication it had even been acknowledged by the developers. I've been using uTorrent for over 6 months now and have not had any issues, and the developers seem to really listen to the community. So far I (along with many other users) requested new features be added to uTorrent (the ability to only download parts of a torrent, the upload/download speed being shown on the dock icon) and with they latest alpha release they have been included. I even received an email from a developer letting me know they had listened.
[Version 2.13]


Gregmlr reviewed on 01 Jun 2010
I downloaded some icons from InterfaceLIFT and when I try and change the icons in OS X I get the message "You Must Drop an Icon"

So I downloaded some icons from Iconfactory

"You Must Drop an Icon"

They ARE icons!

You get what you pay for with this app.
[Version 2.1]


Gregmlr reviewed on 29 Mar 2010
I got Web Snapper part of the MacUpdate Spring 2010 apps bundle. I promptly received my registration email from MacUpdate from all apps except WebSnapper. Instead of just giving you a license key, you are sent a small file you have to download and then "drop" it on top of the WebSnapper icon to register it. After several days, the email never arrived. I contacted Tasty Apps customer service and received a quick response stating that my registration email had been sent successfully, but they resent it anyway. Alas, still no email. I requested it be sent to an alternate email and that worked (finally).

WIth my registration woes out of the way I was finally able to play around with WebSnapper. I even added the WebSnapper button to my Safari toolbar so it would easily accessible. Problem is, after I close my Safari window the button disappears and I have to continuously keep adding the button to my toolbar. I never found a fix for this bug.

And it doesn't end there. About a week after I installed WebSnapper I noticed that whenever I would close my Safari window, my new window would be in a new position. No matter how I positioned Safari, the window would always end up being pushed up against the menu bar and slightly to the left. The more windows I opened and closed, the more left the window moved.

That done it, the third time was the charm. The registration issue was forgivable being they were so helpful and responsive, the disappearing act of the toolbar button was OK considering I had never actually used the app anyway, but when it began screwing with Safari itself it was too much.

I just cannot recommend this app as it is far too buggy and rather pricey, especially when there are other (free) alternatives out there such as Paparazzi.
[Version 2.4.2]


Gregmlr reviewed on 03 Feb 2010
This is an excellent ripper for Mac OS X. The interface may not be the most attractive in the world, but it does what you need it to do quickly and efficiently. This app has been able to handle every DVD I have thrown its way, although the Video_TS size of Transformers 2 was about 81GB. I was unaware of using the "Rip as disc image" feature at the time, but will give it a whirl the next time I have this issue arise. For the price, MDRP cannot be beat! I really hope the developer keeps releasing regular updates to this program as it really is the best out there.
[Version 1.5.1]

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Gregmlr replied on 07 Apr 2010
DARKLORD is correct. The movie is only there one time and plays like a normal rip, it's just really, really big. Even when you burn it the movie appears as though it is 81GB and it has to be compressed down to like 20%. Most big name movies will give you this problem, and anything from Disney in general.

Gregmlr reviewed on 14 Oct 2009
What is a could-be awesome Front Row replacement is too difficult to get up and running. When using the Apple remote with Plex there are two major issues:

1) Navigating up and down through the main menu turns your system volume up and down as well

2) Hitting the "Menu" button to go back (like you do in Front Row) launches Front Row on top of Plex

Changing the setting for Plex to run on top of other applications does no good.

Done a Google search and found no solution.

Sad, as this could be an awesome solution for users looking for something more feature-rich than Front Row.
[Version 0.8.2]


gregmlr reviewed on 09 Sep 2009
All you hear around cyberspace is how Perian is so fantastic, yet I'm yet to be able to get it to work on my Mac. It states it supports DivX encoded files but I am unable to open them without installing the actual DivX codec from, after that there are no issues. I've also not noticed any additional playback capabilities as a result of installing Perian without having to download the individual codecs from their respective developers. Seriously, don't waste your time.
[Version 1.1.4]

gregmlr commented on 17 Nov 2008
Doesn't support Tiger!

I guess it's "Shades" for me!
[Version 1.3]


gregmlr reviewed on 08 Oct 2008
Stainless could be a great browser but at current there are quite a few bugs still present in the program. I downloaded Stainless to use for just browsing MySpace, however whenever I'm logged into MySpace, opening a link in a new tab will log me out in the new tab but I can go back to the old one and I'm still logged in. So even though there are tabs, I'm pretty much confined to using just the one. Another fluke in the program would be that after closing a window, but leaving Stainless open in the dock, in order to open a new window you can't simply click the dock icon like with Safari. You have to click the dock icon, then go to the menu bar and click "File, New Window." This will also result in logging you out of MySpace (unlike with Safari) but not other websites (I tried it with BetaNews) so maybe it's just a problem with certain websites.

Other than these problems I'm having, Stainless has great potential to be an awesome browser. The GUI is gorgeous, the best looking browser out there, rivaling even Safari. Plus it's quite snappy and doesn't take up much space which is always a plus.
[Version 0.1.5]

Gregmlr had trouble on 02 Nov 2009
I am using Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" 10.6.1 and have an issue that causes my mouse pointer to disappear when I'm running FVD 2.1.3. This is a sporadic incident and is resolved by closing FVD. Sometimes the my arrow will reappear own its own, only to disappear again.

I know the latest version of FVD was released months before Snow Leopard, I am mostly curious to see if anyone else is having the same issue.
[Version 2.1.3]

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