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grafiqdesigner81 commented on 17 Jan 2009
I have been using Xslimmer for about a year and a half (about as long as I've had my Macbook) and it seems to be very careful about what it does knowing that some programs do not function well when architecture code is wiped from them. Some programs are automatically blacklisted by the app...perhaps the developers know enough not to mess with these.

At anyrate, I use Xslimmer pretty often...especially when I've had a productive week of installing various apps from websites like this one. However, CleanMyMac seems to have found a ton of programs that I thought were slimmed down as far as they could go. So when I ran a scan with Xslimmer and nothing showed I unchecked "ignore unslimmable apps" and scanned again. This time all the same apps popped up...but they were blacklisted or all slimmed down...meaning if you used CleanMyMac to "slim" them down...they might not work well (or at all) and CleanMyMac doesn't tell you this could affect the applications negatively when you perform the process. I'd be very careful with this app.

Either CleanMyMac is actually doing a better, more thorough job of slimming than Xslimmer, or it's doing a more reckless job of slimming than Xslimmer. I don't think I'll be the guinea pig for that experiment. I have enough problems with my computer at the moment to try and figure that one out.
[Version 1.0]


grafiqdesigner81 reviewed on 09 Jan 2009
Let me preface this review by saying this: I am not a fanboy of this company...I've never even heard of it before. I have never seen this game before nor ever knew of its development.

That said...

This is a VERY clever game...especially for the money. The graphics are not incredible but the game ran very smoothly on my Macbook 2GHz with 2GB RAM and looked pretty for the most part. The super jump ability and some weapons do have a well made distortion effect that radiates out from where you land or where the blast lands. There are some other interesting effects like motion blurs as well.

There is a ton of strategy involved in killing most of the insect enemies. Some of them you can "run and gun" but many of them require you to retreat and fire at them as they will often unleash a fury of fire on you and if you sit still and try and blast them away, they'll likely kill you well before you kill them. The smaller crab-like enemies often have a sort of hive-like mentality...that is to say they travel in large groups and once they see you they will chase you, but with the right weapon you can take them all out at once. Another enemy were these "tree stumps with legs" as I call you approach them...they approach you...but when you do they. I never really figured out how to kill them so I dashed through that area. Often some insects will pop up right out of the ground as you approach an uninfested area...taking you by surprise and forcing a last second weapon selection to take them out.

The weapons in the game are very well thought out too. One of them not only serves an offensive purpose but a defensive one as well. Another even helps increase the landmass rather than most of them that decrease the landmass. This weapon's usefulness will be made pretty obvious in the demo when you get it. Another weapon will heavily decrease the landmass to the point where the water/lava/acid underneath now appears. The acid/lava in particular are good for killing some insects...but you have to devise a strategy to lure them in there without killing yourself. Very clever.

The player's special abilities are also well thought out...allowing you to dash through areas that are heavily infested with insects (as mentioned above) where you may not have a lot of life left to fight through them. Of course the penalty with that is that your score will not be as high as if you took out the insects. Super jump also can get you out of tight spots...or into them depending on how high and how far you jump. The upgrades for these abilities can be a godsend or a curse depending on the you have to be careful how you use them.

All said, the graphics are simple, yet elegant and can pleasantly surprise you at times. The gameplay is very addicting...but the levels are very short and the maps themselves are small. The game never hiccuped once or slowed down...but there are a lot of options for turning the graphics down should it not run as smoothly on your machine.

Honestly, if I had $10...I'd buy this game. If the content updates and new epsiodes are as fun as what was shown in the demo, this game will be very hard to walk away from.
[Version 1.0]

grafiqdesigner81 commented on 17 Dec 2008
Responding to the problem below with the error. I got the same error when trying to do anything in the application window after starting the program. However, when opening an image by dragging it over the icon or into the window, the image then appears and the program works as described.

And is very similar to the Goo tool from Kai's Power Tools.
[Version 1.0.5]


grafiqdesigner81 reviewed on 14 Dec 2008
This is great for a free time waster...however some of the kiddies (and make no mistake about it...they are kiddies) chatting away make you feel like you've just contracted an STD while they try to hook up with each other. Apparently driving cars wildly around a desert with stunts abound makes teeny-boppers want to do "other things". I think this was the furthest thing from the developers' minds.

At any I said, a good time waster...really no skill or anything involved...just sit back relax...hit spacebar for a good boos, jump through the hoops, score points and avoid the kids trying to do "other things". Or really just try to look away from the chat...but since it takes up half the play area...that's kind of hard. If there's an option to take the chat out...find it and do it...or lets hope a new version has that

The graphics aren't anything spectacular, but they really aren't too hard on the eyes either. The car model is a bit weak compared to the landscape and buildings, but overall, the graphics are decent. More car models would be good.

The physics engine is decent enough too but could probably use a little more refinement.

Otherwise its a great time waster.
[Version 1.0]

grafiqdesigner81 commented on 05 Dec 2008
Isn't there already a proven piece of software for the same money that does the same thing called Adobe Flash? Flash is a tried and true piece of software that is essentially the industry standard. If you're going to put out a piece of software that does something similar, you might want to start out at a much lower price point than your main competitor...just to show there is a cheaper alternative. For the same money, I would just go with Flash knowing that its well supported by the developers (and a huge Flash community), has tons of innovative features, and is more likely to be properly tested and be more stable on the systems it supports. Plus if you already own an earlier version, you can upgrade for $199 to CS4.

This isn't to say this program is bad, but never having heard of it before...and just now seeing it pop up for the same money as had better be just as good if not better for that price.
[Version 1.0]


grafiqdesigner81 reviewed on 27 Oct 2008
To those saying that its nearly impossible to really isnt. I've done it twice now in four games. A lot of it really isn't due to skill though...I think the AI just gets into situations where the puck somehow gets behind their paddle and they knock it back into their goal. As long as you keep up with the puck...and honestly I haven't found it that can win.

I too remember the old Shufflepuck Cafe from my days on a Mac Plus, and this feels like its on its way there, but yes, it seems the characters don't really have much difference in style or aggressiveness. I recall some of the earlier opponents in Shufflepuck Cafe being slow and the player getting a pretty large paddle. As you go through the opponents though, their style of play becomes ridiculously aggressive and you get a ridiculously small paddle.

Plus the animations were always great in Shufflepuck Cafe...even if you lost. This could be a really great reinvention of that game, but it still needs to go a long ways to get there. It is a great start though. I like the idea of having a sort of "health meter" that shows how strong your defenses are before the puck will finally go in. It spices things up a bit and makes things a little more interesting...especially if both sides have very weak makes you react a little faster (and maybe even get a little more wreckless) to try and protect your goal.

I don't know if I would buy this game in its current state, but if it got a bit more polished and animated I might consider it. Another thing would be to add some background ambient sound like glasses clinking like Shufflepuck Cafe had (it did didnt it? geez that was a loooong time ago). Also a background image or some 3D animated backdrop might also help it out a little...just to add to the environment. Doesnt have to be anything too elaborate.

Man I miss Shufflepuck Cafe...
[Version 3.2]


grafiqdesigner81 reviewed on 26 Oct 2008
And it might actually help if I rated the software...
[Version 1.0pr1]

grafiqdesigner81 commented on 26 Oct 2008
Hyperspaces is something that Apple should have implemented when they introduced Spaces. The idea that you can customize your spaces with different backgrounds and custom labels is brilliant and should have always been features of Spaces. Yes, the software is a bit rough at times, but the developer has been working feverishly to fix bugs and has been very quick to respond to feedback. The only reason I don't rate it a 5 is for the few hiccups I rarely encounter. However, having talked to the developer, I'm confident these issues will be worked out in a timely manner.
[Version 1.0pr1]

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