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gatorjim reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
Had this app installed for a while, then recently discovered it launches a process called iDriveSyncDaemon that consumes 100% CPU for 100% of the time!!

Once I figured out how to uninstall it, the uninstall process leaves behind multiple folders in the system library and the user library.

There's plenty of cloud options out there that don't consume your system resources like this one does, therefore absolutely cannot recommend this app for a cloud solution.

Look elsewhere!

gatorjim commented on 20 Feb 2014
For an application like this, it absolutely essential to have a trial version available from the developer's web site. Oh wait...there isn't a web site. Hmmmm.

The only way to evaluate the lofty claims made in the description is via a trial, or to pay the MAS $20. That's a pretty expensive way to see if the app really performs as stated, and if the app really meets your needs.

If you look on the MAS, the reviews aren't very favorable. Worse yet, if you click the developer's web site and support links it takes you to an iCloud sign on page in your browser! What? How did this even make it to the MAS?

Maybe this app is all that is stated, but I for one am not about to plunk down $20 to find out, especially when there no--as in NONE--developer support.
[Version 1.6.2]


gatorjim reviewed on 06 Oct 2013
Always looking for efficient, usable and feature complete software to display folders of images. So decided to try this one. Fail! Here's why...

Any application that sets itself as the default for handling specific file types without obtaining a confirmation from the user is crap! Arcsoft Photo + does exactly this. And does it without any warning or confirmation from the user!

I found lots of usability issues, but this "feature" by itself earns a lousy rating.

To the developers....try again.
[Version 2.0.10102]

gatorjim commented on 22 May 2013
Used this way back in my Windows days and it was pretty good. But why would I fork over $60 when TextWrangler offers many of the same features and is free.


gatorjim reviewed on 05 May 2013
Skeuomorphism to the Max!

If you like crown molding and a baseboard on your window, over twenty kinds (count 'em!) of wood bookshelves, jiggling objects, moving lighting effects, eraser dust on your chalkboard, and much more...then you'll love this software. But if you are like me, and apparently many others, that want a way to turn off all this stuff so it doesn't get in the way--forget it. You can't. Not to mention that the implementation eats up screen real estate, sucks up 1 gigabyte of real memory, and causes other performance hits.

This application has great potential to be a productive tool, and could be fun to use to catalog your books, DVDs, software, video games and gadgets (a catch-all for any kind of technology-related stuff). But the developers have lost their way with all the skeuomorphism. I'm sure a lot of effort has gone into the design and implementation of the appearance of this application. Too bad the effort didn't instead go into features and functionality that make it easy to use and manage your information. For example:
- Displaying the details of your stuff is truly laborious with a small pop-up window and unintuitive controls. And you can't edit some of your data after it's in the database.
- Controls that should be on toolbars are hidden in menus.
- Virtually no customization of your data...what the developer wants is what you get, nothing more.
- No preferences? Really?
- There's no built-in backup/restore. You can lose a library of hundreds of items without a way to recover.
- It hooks up with your iTunes library, but you get the whole thing. I could care less about another app cataloging my music collection, but I can't exclude music. It sucks in the whole iTunes library. Except eBooks! The one category I would want added to the Delicious Library can't be added. Huh?

And there's serious bugs:
- The main window resets itself to a small size every time you quit the app. It doesn't remember anything, including thumbnail sizes and other things you set in a session.
- The app crashes while simply mousing around the features.

On the plus side, the companion iOS app to scan barcodes is great, and works well. Unfortunately, all it does is scanning. In an age where we are becoming more and more mobile, there's no way to sync your library to an iPad or iPhone...there's no companion library app. You can publish a website or print a PDF, but that's it. Neither is a good solution for a large library of hundreds of items.

If you are using the previous version, can't recommend upgrading at this time. Stick with what you've got. If you are considering a new purchase of this application, download the trial (25 items max) before you spend the $$. And definitely don't take my word for it...spend some time on their support forum. A lot of long-time users have some telling comments about this new version.
[Version 3.0]

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gatorjim replied on 22 May 2013
Here's an update regarding version 3.0.2

1. Good news...they have fixed the window resizing issue. It remembers the last size and position when you restart.
Bad news...the app frequently forgets the thumbnail size you set and reverts to unusably large thumbnails. You have to keep resetting the thumbs to the size you want.
2. Good news...displaying details is now easier. You can open a details window, resize it, and it updates to show the details of the selected item.
Bad news...the app frequently (like almost always) crashes when you drag and drop the information window away from the selected item.
3. You can now add your own synopsis to an item. One other field can be used for your notes, but that's it as far as customizing information goes.
4. You can now create a backup by way of a copy of the SQLite database.
5. The iTunes connection sees some books in your iTunes library, but not all of them. Sorry, half a library is almost worse than no library at all.

Still no mobile solution in sight...the developers blame Amazon licensing restrictions but offer little in the way of an alternative solution.

And the app crashes a lot.

OTOH, the developers appear to be putting in the effort to keep fixing and improving this app, but they have a long way to go. Purchase or upgrade? Your call. Keep your DL2 stuff around, though, if you are upgrading.
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