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g8tgod commented on 31 Aug 2006
I'm not qualified to compare this version of LAME to the previous ones, but I will say two things. First, as everyone says, the LAME encoder beats the pants off of the iTunes mp3 encoder. If you're not using it, you ought to. Second, a big 'thank you' to whomever included the installer in this version of LAME. It's a lot less intimidating for the less Unix-savvy among us!
[Version 3.97b2]

g8tgod commented on 03 Aug 2006
Okay, I'm convinced. I had heard that the mp3 encoder for iTunes was not very good, and that LAME was essential. But I figured people were just being overly picky. Not so. I have one CD that is just not bearable using the iTunes encoder, even at 192.

But have you ever tried to use LAME? Not exactly user friendly. The iTunes-LAME script is simple and it works; it's great!

One question: this says it's v. 2.0.8, but when I open the script, it says v. 2.0.7. Am I missing something here?
[Version 2.0.8]


g8tgod reviewed on 18 Mar 2006
Bought this year's ago under the Mac OS (pre-X). The selling point is the handling of message threads (excellent visual representation) and the ability to read off-line. I also like the way that you can reformat messages easily (command-R).

Under OS X, it's looking a bit dated to me, both in appearance and function. It's ready for a revamp. But still solid under OS X 10.4.5.
[Version 2.8b1]


g8tgod reviewed on 26 Feb 2006
This is a great program. I think QuickSilver is faster and easier to set up, but the bookmark manager in Butler is the feature that made me switch; it's great to be able to keep the bookmarks in one place, outside of any browser.

On that subject, my Butler menu bar icons seem to be missing in Firefox. This is not true for Camino, Safari, or Opera. Is Butler incompatible with Firefox?

My setup is OSX 10.4.5, Firefox, Butler 4.0.1.
[Version 4.0.1]


g8tgod reviewed on 20 Feb 2006
Not a bad implementation of a well-known game. A few suggestions/requests:

- It'd be nice to be able to select a different dictionary. During one of the games I played, the game said that 'lashed' wasn't in the dictionary, which seemed odd. One of the official Scrabble dictionaries (TWL98, OWL, or OSPD4 for example) would be great.

- I'd love to be able to turn off the colored letter indicator. It's distracting and unnecessary. If there are 3 'L's on the board and I select L first, it lights them all up.

- The game won't let me enter a word that's not on the board. Again, I think this is unnecessary. Better to penalize the player afterwards for a word that's not on the board than to disallow the word while playing. Likewise, I'd prefer that it allow me to enter a word that's not in the dictionary, then disallow the word AFTER time is up.

- It'd be nice to allow the player to set the timer length (3-10 minutes, to allow for solo games against the computer?).

- On that last, it'd be great to be able to play against the computer. The computer should only get to keep the words the player can't find, while the players score would be based on all the words s/he can find. Make sense?

Hope you keep developing. This is a fun project.
[Version 1.0a3]

g8tgod commented on 14 Feb 2006
Just started using LAME (in conjunction with itunes-LAME) to rip to MP3, and I'm surprised at how long it takes compared to itunes. I know that it gives a lot more encoding options than itunes, but is it really worth the wait?

That's not a rhetorical question. I'm really interested in what people think.

Other than that, the product definitely works as advertised. It's been solid so far.
[Version 3.96.1]

g8tgod commented on 06 Feb 2006
Is there a similar app for use with System 9.2.2?
[Version 2.3b1]

g8tgod had trouble on 15 Jan 2006
I'm having trouble converting from Word 5.1 format to Word X format. Is this supported? It appears to be, as the file seems to convert (the program appears to process the file), but there is no new file produced, and the old file is not overwritten.

Is the program able to distinguish between these two versions of Word? It would be a great boon to be able to convert all of my old 5.1 files to either the new format or RTF.
[Version 1.3.2]

G8tgod had trouble on 03 Oct 2005
Seemed less stable than the previous version (2.2.10), so I switched back. I can't get either version to import Word files from Word 2001 for the Mac. Is this a known problem? If so, it seems like a big one, as many of us will need to import Word files for the application to be useful.
[Version 2.4]

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