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freebsd commented on 03 Sep 2008
iTerm Resurrected!!


freebsd reviewed on 01 Sep 2008
This is a phenomenal program. Working well for me on 10.5.4. Thanks so much for your continued work on this. It's a beautiful, lightweight app.

Let's donate early and often!
[Version 2.0b01]


freebsd reviewed on 24 Jun 2008
Google Notifier downloaded directly from Google will avoid the Google Updater junk that you can read about in several other reviews.

That aside, once you actually get the Google installed, you may encounter the same problems that I have seen with respect to latency, redundancy, and time outs.

I assume that Notifier checks for new mail each minute, which is a fixed time that has no easy preference change that I can see. However, this operation times out frequently (several times per workday), irrespective of the state of my internet connection, which is fine and always on (and working during these time outs).

Additionally, Google Notifier will from time to time ask for my login credentials again, to erratic behavior. When it asks for this info, pressing cancel seems to have the same effect as pressing OK. Yet the annoying pop up dialog box invariably disrupts my work once or twice a day.

Finally, I have noticed that, though it looks to have been checking successfully for new mail within each minute and finding nothing new, checking Gmail manually in a browser has sometimes yielded new mail that is greater than 1 minute old. It looks like Google Notifier just missed this mail. It's unclear whether or not Notifier would have eventually found it, as manual checking from Notifier did not find the new mail. Strange.

I do find this app better than the other ones I've used, for simplicity and size. However it's imperfect and could use a more rigorous testing and release schedule to be truly useful.

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freebsd replied on 02 Jul 2008
Actually, for awhile there were two links - one that went directly to the Google Notifier only package and one that went to the Google Updater.

Now, it seems that the MacUpdate one is not going to the Google Updater. I don't recall if this was always the case. Regardless, the Updater is with what most/all of us take issue.
freebsd commented on 19 Jun 2008
I won't be upgrading. I donated to this project when it was free, and the developer didn't so much as acknowledge it with an e-mail, though that's clearly not why I donated.

In my opinion, the upgrade/pay version of Shimo is an incredibly poor value compared to the original. At perhaps 10 USD per license, it might be reasonable, considering its one-trick pony status.

As always, it's the developer's time and money that may go into this project, so it's totally his/her prerogative to charge whatever he wants. Same goes for those who pay. But I just want to point out that vpnc software compatible with Cisco is not new and has been available free and open source on GNU/Linux for awhile.
[Version 2.0.3]

freebsd commented on 21 Jan 2008
I will refrain from adding this to a review for now, but is there any way to disable or cancel that opening video/animation?
[Version 1.6]

freebsd commented on 19 Jan 2008
My workspace consists of 2 xterm windows running screen and multiple instances of vim. It's incredibly fast and efficient for me.

However, sometimes when I am wishing for something a bit more modern (and screen keystrokes get a bit tiring after awhile), I try and move to TextMate. Unfortunately, I could never learn the emacs keybindings after all these years, nor do I wish to.

I am sure it's been said a hundred times before, but there's a reason we love vim so much. If TextMate would add a command mode support environment that supported the primary keybindings for vim's command mode, then I would switch in an instant. That simple, really. Oh, and while I'm on this 'dear santa', tabs are key and missing.

Having said all of that, it is the ridiculous number of features already in TextMate that make it very appealing for future use. It's lightweight and fast, being native, and while I don't really know how to use all the crazy stuff that's built in, these are the two basic things that are keeping me from really getting into it. Most programs that are this feature-packed are bloated and difficult to use, but TextMate is already very nice.

I'll upgrade my license gladly for inclusion of these features. Otherwise, nice app. For me, almost worth the current price of admission.
[Version 1.5.7]


freebsd reviewed on 07 Jan 2008
I think it takes a sense of humor to realize the value in this basic, wonderful drawing program. Does no more or less than it should!
[Version 1.1]


freebsd reviewed on 25 Dec 2007
I've been following this community supported project since the shipping version of Leopard's X11 and Xquartz were hopelessly broken (officially as of 10.5.1).

The support has included a number of key members of the Free Desktop project as well as others in the community who have managed to make an incredibly easy to use installation that is for the most part reasonably stable.

The codebase has changed from the XFree86 implementation to, which is a significant change and possibly the key reason for the X11 growing pains.

However this release supports most basic functions of X11, stuff we normally take for granted but was broken, including suitable UI behavior, alt+tabbing, and proper OS X window management.

Their package release is so great because it updates a number of supporting files and binaries that most users don't ever see.

Despite having a few funny bugs remaining, it's completely recommended for all users of Leopard who need or may need X11.

A sincere thanks to the developers who continue to work on this project!
[Version 2.1.1]

freebsd commented on 11 Dec 2007
It would not be fair to post a proper review considering that I have not had or had the desire to invest the time in "learning" what 1Password can do, above and beyond the Keychain. It is unclear to me what benefits it provides, though I have been using it for several weeks. I have found the Apple Keychain to be very useful, on the other hand, and completely adequate for my needs. Receiving annoying shareware messages despite the fact that I have a license somewhere doesn't help my attitude toward this app.
[Version 2.5.6]

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