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Fontbot reviewed on 29 May 2013
Happy to see this still working in Mountain Lion (using EasySIMBL). Read the documentation for tips like holding Ctrl+Cmd to easily move/resize windows with the mouse and change opacity via scroll wheel. Main limitation is that it only works with Cocoa apps.
[Version 2.4]


Fontbot reviewed on 15 Sep 2011
An eclectic collection of some of the most unattractive and ill-conceived fonts ever sold as a package. These are the kind of fonts you would except to discover after having installed some cheap design software and immediate remove them from your system. The collection contains around 300 actual font families, most falling within the either Techo or Script genres. Some appear to be original designs, while others are poorly done variations of classic fonts. Each family is padded out with unnecessary extra weights, most of which are artificial derivations of the main weight. Some families appear to include large glyph sets beyond the traditional Latin, however these extra glyphs must have also been created automatically, and contain either no diacritics or poorly positioned elements. As a promo freebie, you might find a few diamond in the rough. As a $40 commercial product, look elsewhere.
[Version 1.0]


Fontbot reviewed on 17 Jan 2011
I tried this app a couple years back, when tags relied on Spotlight comments, but never got into the habit of tagging files. But since OpenMeta caught on and gained support from a variety of apps I've become a habitual tagger, so I was happy to rediscover Tag Folders and actually put it to real use. The concept may not be immediately intuitive, and some aspects of the interface can be confusing at first, so the User Guide is a must-read. But once familiarized with the various dialogs and the concept of Tag Folders as "Smart Folders but easier and more flexible", it emerges as an incredibly useful addition to one's tag-based filing workflow.
[Version 2.6]

Fontbot commented on 10 Feb 2010
This app has great potential, I hope to see it developed further. It's very fast for browsing folders of images. What's annoying is that it displays non-image files in the browser as blank thumbnails, and in the larger image window as black nothing. The current inability to filter out unsupported file types limits its usefulness for browsing folders containing more than just images.
[Version 1.0b5]

Fontbot commented on 29 Oct 2009
It's a bit disconcerting to examine just how closely this app resembles an existing utility called Hazel from Noodlesoft. While it's not uncommon to find different apps that perform similar sets of functions, AutoFiler's feature set and especially its user interface are nearly identical to Hazel's. I'm all for competition, and AutoFiler even seems to improve upon some of Hazel's features while charging half the price. It just seems awfully coincidental that two independently developed apps would end up looking so much alike.
[Version 1.17]


Fontbot reviewed on 24 Oct 2009
Having become hooked on mouse gestures in Windows - using the awkwardly-named app "StrokeIt" - xGestures was like a savior when I started using OS X. While xGestures doesn't recognize curved or diagonal gestures like StrokeIt does, as the developer points out this can actually be an advantage, since your gestures are less likely to be misinterpreted. Aside from that, xGestures' practical range of options and extensive list of actions make it very flexible and easy to configure to one's working habits. It's a must-install app on any Mac I use.
[Version 1.7.4]


fontbot reviewed on 03 Dec 2008
This is basically a slideshow featuring over-exposed photos of Christmas lights. The type that millions of amateur photographers take every December. "Museum quality" is going a little far. The transitions and color options are nice but limited.
[Version 1.0]


fontbot reviewed on 10 Aug 2008
Simple but well done, the movement of the sprites is so fluid it's almost spooky, as if there's some intelligence behind the motion, like someone shining a laser pointer on your screen. It's rather entrancing for a minute or two, becomes less so as they multiply. Allowing the user to set the colors would be a nice addition.
[Version 1.0]

Fontbot had trouble on 11 Jun 2013
Happy to find xGestures still functional on 10.8 (manually copied from an older system). Certain actions won't work with sandboxed apps, but some can be replaced with keyboard shortcuts (i.e. changing "Quit Application" to "Perform Keystroke Command-Q").

For those having issues with the installer, try running the following command in Terminal while the xGestures DMG is mounted:

open /Volumes/xGestures/.data/EverythingElse/xGestures.prefPane

That should attempt to launch the most recent version and trigger System Preferences to install it.
[Version 1.75]

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