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Fonix reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
In the midst of this "fiasco," Koingo gives us bundle-holders version 3 of this app, knowing they just released version 4, and expecting us to pay to upgrade? Fiasco aside, I might not think anything of it. But telling us your business model is to include apps in bundles only when you're about to release a new paid version, and then "giving" us the old version and telling us to buy the paid upgrade, well that just leaves a bad taste in our mouths. No thanks
[Version 4.0.7]


fonix reviewed on 26 Oct 2007
I have been using Yojimbo since it first came out, and it has become a very useful part of my daily work process, as I collect web pages, receipts for online purchases, code snippets, phone messages, and other stuff into my handy sidekick. I have 900 items, including pictures and many pdf's, and after an initial delay of maybe 5-10 seconds on the first search after launch, Yojimbo is super-fast for searching within the application. Plus, you can add tags to your entries, to make searching more efficient. More often, however, I just search in Spotlight, since Yojimbo is completely Spotlight-compatible, unlike other tools such as DevonThink Pro.

Try the demo, and you may find this grows into an itegral part of your daily process as well!
[Version 1.4.2]


fonix reviewed on 23 Oct 2007
I have used this since I got it with the MacHeist/MacUpdate bundle, and while what other reviewers have said (about this being a wrapper for sparseimages) is true, there are two bits of functionality which, to my knowledge, cannot be done with DiskUtility, or not in one step: resizing the sparseimage to be larger or smaller. Exces now can do that, and there is no longer a 10 GB limit on the vault size. Another minor benefit to using Exces is one of obfuscation. I keep my vaults on an external hard drive, and if that hard drive was stolen and someone tried to double-click the vault, it would say that it could not open the file. A minor thing, yes, but it would repel the average thief, and the AES-128 encryption should keep the more savvy hackers away (the ones who might try to use Disk Utility to open the .exc file).

Also, a previous release was supposed to fix a minor curosr focus problem, but when I launched the app it wasn't fixed. I emailed the developer and within minutes he had responded and fixed the problem.

This also has potential to incorporate even more features that are not currently in Disk Utility. I look forward to seeing what the developer comes up with.
[Version 1.2]


fonix reviewed on 15 Oct 2007
I waited a long time to buy Acquisition, based largely on the negative reviews, but during that time I continued to use Acquisition with the shareware pop-up. Finally I decided to make a donation to Dave, figuring that if the product didn't work, or if I didn't get my license code, or if anything went wrong, well then that was my gift to him. However, I have had nothing but good experiences with the developer. There was a time a few years back when Acquisition stopped working correctly, dropped connections, etc., but it has worked beautifully for the past year at least.

I have just started using version 2 and while many of the visual changes are subtle, there are a lot of them, and they really do help the interface and functionality. A lot of thought went into the design of this program. It even seems to do a much better job of cleaning up after itself (with regard to search logs, download logs, etc.), which is great.

So look, TRY the software and see if you like it. If you like it, consider BUYING it--and I highly recommend you get the lifetime upgrades, because the versions seem to increase in cost every time, making the $9 initial tack-on a no-brainer.

And no, I'm not a personal friend of Dave's--I've never met the guy. I'm not a hater either. I'm more like a skeptic-turned-believer. Try the software.
[Version 2.0v200]


fonix reviewed on 13 Oct 2007
The game is pretty polished and the graphics are fluid. No crashes as of yet. While the gameplay is updated for a more "modern" feel, it's still pretty much the same game.

I would have loved to have the "classic" version as an alternative play mode, for those of us who are nostalgic for playing this game as kids. Also, the music is extremely repetitive, and eventually I just had to turn the sound off for the music.

All in all, a fun game of Monopoly on the Mac!
[Version 1.0]


fonix reviewed on 08 Oct 2007
This application improves with each update, and it was great to begin with. The interface is clean, and the list of applications it cleans grows every few weeks. The developer actually listens to the users, and does what he can to accommodate our requests--including mine for a more thorough cleaning of some straggling Acquisition files. He is fast to respond, intelligent, and humorous. Frankly, we need more Mac developers like him.

There is a trial of the software, so try it out and see if it meets your needs. And give the developer at least a few hours to reply to your email or purchase. This is not McDonald's, you know. ;-)

P.S. Tim, thanks for the smart code for adding AIM online status to RapidWeaver. That was cool!
[Version 2.31]


fonix reviewed on 20 Sep 2007
I use this software at the office and it is great for toning down noise from people talking, construction, and other distractions. The registered version has some extra goodies as well, like a few meditation tracks, which is nice.

I also like the Ocean Waves app listed on MU. For a simulation of waves, it's very effective.
[Version 1.1.3]

fonix had trouble on 05 Nov 2007
I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but the latest upgrade to (which brings Leopard compatibility) causes my iTunes to crash consistently in Tiger. Disabling iWoW fixes the problem. I've contacted the developers and hopefully they'll either have a solution or a copy of the version just prior to, which seemed pretty stable in Tiger.

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