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Follerec commented on 11 Nov 2012
I haven't used this in awhile. But from the last time I used it, what worried me was that passwords were stored in plaintext inside its configuration directory. Is this still the case?

UI-wise, I don't mind the non-Apple compliance, but the password thing drove me away.
[Version 3.6.0]


Follerec reviewed on 09 Aug 2012
There are a lot of negative reviews of Things, mostly due to their slow development process. I am personally quite happy with what they've been doing.

While cloud sync could have been there from the start, I understand their issues with it, namely that they probably didn't have a server guy who understood all the possible problems. They were primarily Mac and iOS developers. Syncing is a huge thing.

So I've stuck with Things, syncing via wifi. It was annoying. But the main point of Things is to list down things I needed to get done. It did that job well.

Of course, the moment they did have cloud sync beta opened up, I jumped in. Wow. Simply wow. It was fast and they planned on making it a free feature/update.

While Things is expensive, as a professional, I am dependent on it and have no time to switch between so many different solutions. Quite frankly, my time is better spent getting things done. If Things were to become broken due to too fast a development cycle, I'd scream.

So here is a software with a slow development cycle, which I've paid for 2 years ago, now getting a major update. I'm happy with it.
[Version 2.0]

Follerec commented on 26 Apr 2012
These guys are getting douchey about their donation requirements. First it was "Donate to download, to post in the forums, and possibly get a reply", now it's "Verify you've given us money in the last year or don't get updates".

Thank goodness I've since switched to Markdown for all my document needs. For spreadsheets, Apple's Numbers is looking quite tempting. Or I'll just stick with LibreOffice for the once in a blue moon I do need spreadsheets.
[Version 3.2.1 Patch 5]


Follerec reviewed on 06 Nov 2010
I've made this a review to give the app 5-stars since I never did before.

Anyway, great update. Just a comment on the new preference:

"Enforce negative amounts of Transactions for appropriate categories" should really be "Enforce negative amounts of Transactions for appropriate **types**" shouldn't it since it applies to the "Type" dropdox and not to the "Categories" that a user creates.

Just thought it might cause confusion for some.
[Version 0.83]

Follerec commented on 26 Oct 2010
OK, I've been using this for a bit. I'm trying to find a replacement for Buddi, which has worked well for me throughout the years, despite its quirks. Things I've noticed:

1. Not really a double-entry accounting system. I keep forgetting to enter negative numbers for expenses. Selecting Withdrawal or POS should automatically make it negative in my opinion. That, or make a "double-entry" type dialog for entering expenses. This could easily be similar to the Transfers dialog.
2. The little red dot in the window doesn't show if the file has been saved or not. Since there's no save notification sheet when quitting, you will lose a lot of information entered if you forgot to save. I did.
3. Accounts aren't grouped by type, something I like with Buddi.
4. There are no Expense subcategories.

I'm no professional accountant, so I have no idea if how I use Buddi is correct, but it has worked well with those points I've mentioned above, particularly #1. I've been able to track everything I have down to the last cent, even what's in my wallet and little can of coins.

Looking forward to what the developer has in store for this.
[Version 0.82]

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Follerec replied on 31 Oct 2010
I guess I'm closing it the wrong way. I tend to leave apps open and just close the document window. So steps to reproduce "bug" (if it is a bug):

1. Enter some transactions.
2. Press the upper red blob (or Cmd-W, or File-->Close) to close the window.

At this point, I was hoping to get notified about saving my document. Since I didn't, the window is now gone, and I don't see a way to get it back. I do get a prompt about saving the document, but I don't really like saving documents "blindly", without the window displaying.

Anyway, I guess it isn't really a bug since the prompt is there. To me, it just shows up at the wrong moment.
Follerec commented on 08 Sep 2010
Yeah somewhat contradictory I know. But then again, the developer DOESN'T require donations. You get the source code. If asking for donations makes a software donation ware, then a lot of open source software should be called donation ware. The key thing there is the donation requirement.

But seriously, why are we arguing about this? The main problem here is that MacUpdate doesn't seem to have a feature to categorize a software as "Open Source" or "Free License". It lumps everything that doesn't require payment as freeware.

Soothe, I can see your point. Maybe we should all just be happy the developer gives us a full featured FTP client without a required fee, plus we get the source code as well.
[Version 3.6.1]

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Follerec replied on 08 Sep 2010
OK, that was again a reply to Soothe and my thread, which was also a reply to Soothe.

MacUpdate really should fix their reply system, especially when logging in to reply. Yeesh.
Follerec commented on 07 Sep 2010
Actually, it's actually open source software. You have the source code. Re-release it without the donation nag and, poof, it becomes freeware.
[Version 3.6.1]

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Follerec replied on 07 Sep 2010
OK, that was actually a reply to SOOTHE.

Follerec replied on 07 Sep 2010
Also, it's still technically freeware, since you don't need to donate to get full features. The only difference between donating and not is the little nag screen you can dismiss permanently for each version (it only shows up after an update), and that new little toolbar reminder.

And again, if it's really annoying, remove the donation code and recompile for your needs. No donation required.
Follerec commented on 10 Aug 2010
Flash Player has just been released. Other than security updates, it supposedly enables hardware acceleration of H.264 decoding in certain situations.

Follerec tipped on 08 Aug 2010
I think I've found the best way to run Flash on my MacBook avoiding slowdowns and browser crashes and the fans running on full speed.

1. Install Google Chrome, which comes with the latest version of Flash built-in.
2. Install FlashBlock extension for Chrome.
3. Install ClickToFlash for Safari.
4. Install FlashBlock for Firefox (if you have Firefox).
5. Anytime you need to run something Flash, run it in Chrome instead.

With this setup, I avoid accidentally running Flash on all my browsers. I have to explicitly click on the Flash to activate it.

Anytime I want to run something Flash, I use Chrome for it. I have noticed that Chrome's built-in Flash runs faster (maybe it's because of Chrome?), and crashes less often. Hopefully those who are having problems with Flash will find this a good enough solution. Those who are having Flash crashes but don't want to install Google Chrome, sorry.


Follerec reviewed on 17 Dec 2009
I used to say that I wouldn't use this since it was neither cross-platform nor open source (recommending KeePassX instead). But ever since I started to use it and kept using it I liked that I never have to type my passwords any more. Plus, I tried it by changing all my passwords to complex passwords I'd never know just to see how secure I can get. I thought if I didn't like it that I'll just change them all back to my old passwords. One year later, still using complex passwords (random 21 characters unless otherwise doesn't fit with the webapp). I've even changed them once in awhile. I still have no idea what my passwords are.

Then they came out with an iPhone sync tool. Wow. I can now use my passwords anywhere.

I also now sync my 1Password with my Firefox password manager so that I can sync it through Xmarks to my other computers. This way I have no-keyboard-typing passwords on any platform. Together with Firefox's Secure Login extension, makes it work like 1Password on my Linux machine.

When the private beta came out, I immediately purchased an upgrade license.

My complaints right now are that the extension loads a little slowly on Safari on first run (which is why I give stability a 4 rating... because I don't know where to put that complaint rating). That, and that I can't login anywhere if I'm using someone elses computer and didn't bring my iPhone with me... but that's a good thing security-wise.
[Version 3.0.2]

follerec had trouble on 17 Feb 2009
Would love to find a way to exclude Exposé. Using Exposé now requires to clicks to activate a Window.

Otherwise... great app!
[Version 1.1]

follerec had trouble on 13 Nov 2007
To make it work with Leopard, just do the normal patch through the interface. Then when you're done and you've closed the program, open a Terminal and run this (it's all in one line, no quotes):

"/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -f /Applications/QuickTime"

If you're curious, the command above is mentioned here:

Note that I haven't actually tested it yet. But logically it should work since it's just specifying the correct patch to lsregister.
[Version 2.3]

follerec had trouble on 13 Apr 2007
Seems there's a bug with 2.6.2 where pressing the "Resync" toolbar button will always show all your Address Book entries as "New Item".

Anyone else seeing this?
[Version 2.6.2]

follerec had trouble on 06 Jan 2007
Ever since I've switched over to a MacBook, I've noticed that Buddi runs a little slow. It says on the MacUpdate page that it's a Universal Binary. But when I look at the Get Info page of, it says it's a PowerPC app. I know it's Java based, which should be cross-platform, but even Cyberduck shows it's Universal.

Other than that, still a great app!
[Version 2.0.3]

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