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Fishscale rated on 19 Mar 2014
[Version 3.2.7]

Fishscale commented on 24 Feb 2014
Application is now Free, ignore the 6.95$ tag according to app and dev's site.
[Version 1.2.2]


Fishscale reviewed on 09 Feb 2014
- I own this app. And others...

- Just buy it, as fraganiol tells you to instead of exploring competitors with features people need.

- Thinking is for small minded folks like myself so just BUY IT!! - Don't think or expect more ever... that's why we have the mac app store and crap developer's robbing at will with bs products. This not one, but you know what I mean.

You all are pretty funny. I have never debated a user's review or experience as that is very subjective, individual perception based on needs and so on.

Sorry for pointing out the lack of updates and features like multiple shelf's or files handled one at a time, all together or just left to add them to move as you find them. Valid points I thought so my gripe of "don't just buy it" really is too much for you to do, thinking hurts and only us small people do it so I never knew how this was taken so personally.

@dragondrop fam - get married already!
[Version 1.4.1]

Fishscale commented on 16 Jan 2014
I noticed that one time limit point apps that were released eons before the mac app store have suddenly all disappeared and 404 is now the response.

I might have missed the obvious but with the new site layout it is pretty bare so I am completely confused as to the state of limit point customers that purchased software now only available via MAS. We get coupons, etc.. or what? I prefer a DL from the developer but better MAS than nothing which is the drift I am getting but keeping fingers crossed is not the case.

So all of us that paid for the "bundle" of every app in existence now and to be released in the future by limit-point for one flat price is now in what state dev? Just very surprised for a developer I have always praised for their dedication to customer needs over developing multiple apps that are overall useful (like many MAS devs) - Hell the limit point utilities bundle + the other bigger apps is by far the best deal I have encountered, especially when those one trick utilities were the only way to get the task done and accessed via context menu before services.

I'm going to email developer directly, always good communication so if they don't post a response here first I will let others know what the deal is, if any (most likely me just being tired or dev not finished with a site upgrade etc... ) ...
[Version 5.0.06]

Fishscale commented on 05 Jan 2014
Mr. developer. Please explain the status of this application as I am completely beside myself with confusion as to whether it is alive, you answering Aargi suggests so, or if it is defunct, your release schedule or lack of anything even minor in over 2 years tells me the app is dead in the water.

Last Released Version:
Webbla Version 1.5.2 Release Notes - Dezember 9th, 2011

Current date: 05-Jan-2014

On your blog I also saw a post about a new version with screenshots supposedly coming and that was 8+ months ago with no answer. What is the status, once and for all please! We love the app, hate the angst in not knowing whether to look for alternatives. I'll be a guinea pig beat tester if you need, I just want an update! Cheers, happy new year!
[Version 1.5.6]


Fishscale reviewed on 30 Dec 2013
Hmm, i am not sure where all of these negative reviews come from but one thing is clear to me after reading a few of these 1 start reviews/complaints.

User kill_gore's complaints and another user echoed a similar statement in regards to not being able to comment on blogs and someone even said the GUI was not user friendly...

This is an extension that is extremely powerful if utilized correctly and that would of course entail reading the documentation provided by the author along with asking other users and the very responsive and generous developer who has made this open source. I am sorry but if you can't comment on a blog look into which scripts are being blocked and allow the appropriate script to run, at the same time you can make the rule temporary or persistent/permanent along with a slew of other options.

The GUI is beautiful so to say it is not user friendly please provide us with a more intuitive layout as I think this setup is easy to read and interpret at a glance even though it provides a complete "picture" as to what the JSB extension is doing, script by script.

Read the documentation, donate or use all advanced features with the built-in generously provided way of activating for free. Read the documentation... I can't say it enough, all your questions will be answered and statements of false advertising this as freeware will again be answered.

It's a shame that people will see the bad star rating from people who failed to learn the extension before writing negative reviews and if you can't uninstall an extension, which is always by clicking the uninstall button in the settings pane for that extension in safari preferences extensions tab. Never heard of a partial uninstall of an extension Kill_gore, why do you need TOTAL when the built-in process provided by apple deletes the extension which is self-contained to begin with?

Sorry for my rant, but I hate reading negative reviews and ratings for a superb and responsive developer who has put in countless hours perfecting the extension so asks if you would but does not force anyone to donate. Donate .10$ if you really wan to be cheap, or nothing, just don't expect the developer to continue keeping this extension up to date when they can get paid to use their skills providing a client with a product they appreciate instead of complaining users with a free extension that they obviously do not appreciate. Sorry again for the rant. ALL 5/5/5/5

ClickToPlugin, Vimari, Sessions, JavaScript Blocker
[Version 4.1.2]

Fishscale commented on 23 Dec 2013
Wow! realmacsoftware has done us a huge favor by removing every reference to little snapper on their support pages and everything links to instead (they still need to remove one button in the nav menu)

Come on, you can stop selling the app but to cut support information and remove extensions/bookmarklets is just an even larger slap in the face to current users and those who gave you the capital to create the "professionally priced" Ember, which is amateurishly thought out and implemented.

So Ember users should know that you will arbitrarily decide to cut the app and remove all reference of ember from your website so those using it can't read the FAQ or troubleshoot? I can't wait until the next great idea coming out of your lab is released and the "suite" price that comes with it.

How about you do something for everyone who used the app and put back information! Too much extra cash spent on hosting those couple of pages and extensions/bookmarklets right? Even better the app, the last decent thing made by your company should be made free... drop support altogether but let everyone have access. Exactly like Panic did with Candybar.

I guess true colors are hard to hide, but at least make an effort to not make screwing over customers a priority.
[Version 1.8.5]

Fishscale commented on 27 Jul 2013
Hmm... thanks for making "LittleSnapper 2.0" for all of us long time license holders and giving us a treat for our patience, YEARS, between updates to LS.

Oh wait, we can't even try this 2.0/renamed for profit version even if we were willing to dish out the full price on MAS.

@Dev, We know why you made the choices you did and so be it, if the product is great I will pay for it even though I don't plan to see updates too often but at least don't make me throw $50 on red just to try the app!

Give us a demo that doesn't save but otherwise functions so we can at least get a sense of the new product.

Better yet, if you don't want to give users a demo to try out, even crippled beyond usability, at least offer those who paid for LittleSnapper a chance to try the "new" app. Have the demo only accept valid serials from LittleSnapper to unlock and email the file to those email addresses linked to LittleSnapper Licenses.

So you don't want to maintain two versions of the product, okay... your choice but remember their are apps like ClamXAV that are free, have been for years, and the developer even offers a MAS version and non-MAS version. If he can do it for free, you can't do it for a paid app?

Look how MultiMarkdown Composer 2 was handled by Mr. Fletcher and you will see how a developer who cares about his customers while still wanting to "protect" and stay within MAS gives faithful users who supported previous versions of his product gives those users a chance to give it a test-drive while the product itself remains unusable since you can't save your work, etc... The app is useless in it's demo state but at least the user has a chance to work with the program and see if it fits their needs. By the way, MMC2 is much cheaper than $50 and it's previous versions were updated frequently, and no yearly is not frequently.

- Oh well, you lost a customer here for sure. Your actions and policies have quickly told us all what matters more to your company.

Money over customers... at least you have made one decision easy on me. There is no way I buy another realmac product. Prices go up but product version numbers hover around 1.0.1.

Won't rate the app and hurt the overall stars this app receives, company deserves no stars imo, but oh well. Good job making Apple wealthier while hurting your customers. There is not much backbone at realmac it seems, let those who supported you when you were just getting started bear all the risk.

Good luck squeezing blood from a rock and please do right by those who pay you hard earned money for an app they have only seen pictures of.

Give them updates and listen to their requests. They do deserve that much, our opinions differ greatly though it seems.
[Version 1.0.1]

Fishscale commented on 08 Jul 2013
@ MU please remove/delete the accounts associated with these shill reviews.

Users FitsumAdmasu6805 & Tony2013 seem to have the same vernacular, even down to punctuation... but bit obvious...

I used to use Finder to uninstall Apps, but I am too lazy to do that manually all the time, so this App is great!

I used to use Finder to uninstall Apps, but I am too lazy to do that manually all the time, so this App is great!
[Version 2.2.0]

Fishscale rated on 26 Jun 2013
[Version 2.6]

Fishscale had trouble on 05 Sep 2010
Finder windows when running TotalFinder don't show up properly... every other app seems to work great. Nice app overall !
[Version 1.14]

2 Replies


Fishscale replied on 13 Sep 2010
No problem, working great! Thanks for the fast fix. Now I just have to wait for hotkeys and I am buying this bugger!

Fishscale replied on 15 Sep 2010
Thank you for adding Hotkey support! Extremely fast as usual. Many thanks.
Fishscale had trouble on 09 Apr 2010
Hotkeys don't stick... Pretty hard to test an app w/o those features plus has anyone figured out a way to "tab" or move over to the right-panel to fill in all the note details w/o having to leave your keyboard... i.e. no mouse... Thanks, dev, please look at hotkey bug, I am on 10.6.2 mbp late '08. Thanks, I thought this app was dead... good to see an update!
[Version 1.5]

Fishscale had trouble on 13 Oct 2009
Any of the little applets that call for authorization crash on SL. All the other simple ones like "," "," and "" work. Even "" works. It's those that call for permission that crash about a second after the permission prompt arises. Fix that and they are 10.6.1 ready.
[Version 4.2]

Fishscale had trouble on 26 Sep 2009
Everybody's tun tap working with 10.6? I get it to "stick" for 1 minute max... It says connected to tun0 but after a couple minutes it no longer works... well it says' it does "connected" but no net stat shows no input or output, websites can't connect etc... Would love if anyone has a clue how I can fix this or if you have ran into the same problem. I don't think it is with viscosity but 10.6?.?.? Thanks.
[Version 1.0.6]

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