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Felinity reviewed on 19 Jun 2010
I cannot say enough good things about MindNode Pro.

It's simple, beautiful and effective. It may not have every feature, but it seems this is because the developer is proceeding in a very apple-like way; realizing that you don't need to cater to absolutely everybody all the time, and adding features only when they are needed.

the other thing worth praising is that the demo version, rather than being limited by time, is limited to 20 nodes (and a watermark when printing?). I think this sets the threshold just right. There's no time pressure, so you can happily use it till you outgrow the demo.

so with that said, here are some of my humble feature ideas:

How about text fields that can be placed anywhere on their own or linked with node/s, that can be shown or hidden easily. I often want to explain something or comment on a specific node but have that text only show up when you want.

At the moment you can share with devices on the same wifi network which is pretty neat. Imagine how useful it would be if your mind maps were stored in some sort of cloud. You could hash out some ideas on your iphone, get home, open mindnode on your main computer and automatically have it sync any changes or new mind maps you created when you were on the move. Or how about having more than one person working on the same document? Huzzah. I'd be curious what the developer thinks of that.
[Version 1.5.1]

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Felinity replied on 04 Jul 2010
Hi Markus,

I hope this is the right way to reply to your reply- these things confuse me..

Well, dropbox support would allow the functionality I was talking about (that is, more than one person working on the same mindnode files, and being able to update and create new files on the go that will synch with your other devices). At least.. I think so? I mean, there is a dropbox app for iphone/ipad.

I'm looking forward to notes for nodes, then :D

Felinity commented on 16 May 2010
Don't get me wrong, this is a nice app. It works very well. It looks pretty awesome. It's very customizable. I like it.

But, this review focuses on how they treat their users. I bet a lot of people out there are feeling jilted right now. Like they are being "herded" into paying up.

And I like to support software that I find useful. But not only is the price a bit high, but these tactics are, frankly, unacceptable.

They can charge whatever they like- they cannot, however, plaster my menu bar full of exclamation marks and not give me a simple way to uninstall. Instead, the uninstall button hovers in the background but I am only allowed to click on "buy" or "register."

Dude.. that's just not cool.

Ok, so maybe there is a way to turn it off or uninstall. But it isn't immediately apparent to me- and that appears to be intentional. Even selecting "uninstall" in the menu doesn't do anything.

Shame.. I like iStat menus, I do. I want them to add google calendar synchronization and the option to view more than one month. That'd be cool. But... they seem to think their customer are their sheep. No thanks. I feel like I should refrain from supporting them on principle, regardless of whether or not I think the fee is too high or not.

I'd rather donate to something like MenuMeters instead. Who's with me?
[Version 3.01]

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Felinity replied on 16 May 2010
for anyone who might still be wondering, to uninstall:
> click one of the exclamation marks in your menu,
> select register (if you select buy, the website will load)
> in the istat menu, select uninstall
> the buttons will change to 'cancel' and 'uninstall'
I guess the first time I tried it I didn't the text on the buttons change.
> click uninstall and enter your pw.

In my opinion those are way too many steps. If your software is going to plaster a users menu bar full of useless icons, the opt-out function should be RIGHT THERE in the menu.
In fact, why not just turn the istat menus off and then prompt the buy/register option once the user wants to turn them back on?

felinity reviewed on 03 Mar 2008
I had hours of fun, and that was just the demo. I love the idea of a "just go crazy" gameplay where you can do whatever you like.

the options for the graphics are very configurable, and I like that you can choose play it in a window rather than full screen.

keep up the good work :)
[Version 2.5.2]

felinity commented on 02 Mar 2008
oops, I have to take that back, I restarted my computer and there it was.

still, this app is not worth it at all.

However, the idea is great. I love tracking things. If only it had an even more slightly intuitive interface, it would be great.
[Version 3.1.2]

felinity commented on 02 Mar 2008
I downloaded it. I opened it.

nothing. Then, everything slows down. I have a brand new macbook with 4GB RAM, mind you. Healthtracker has died. I force quit it.

I opened it again. I tried entering something. I couldn't figure it out. I read the readme. It says select "add data" form the edit menu.

this. menu. item. does. not. even. exist.

not in any other menus either. Not after restarting it twice.

I'm afraid Health Tracker is a tad sickly.
[Version 3.1.2]


felinity reviewed on 30 Jan 2008
I love this little app. simple and handy.

It wont protect against those who know how to find hidden files, but for casual use it is great. Hide your personal data, emails, letters.. and, well, porn. enjoy :)
[Version 1.0]


felinity reviewed on 20 Jan 2008
this is absolutely awesome, I love it. Of all the 'to-do list' apps i've seen, this is the best i've seen; simple and effective.
[Version 3.7]

felinity commented on 20 Jan 2008
ok, just noticed this; I only have horizontal spaces, so i'm only going left and right, not up and down. yet, when I hold my mouse at the top or bottom edge, warp still warps my cursor to the other side - obviously without switching spaces. kind of annoying.
[Version 1.0.1]

felinity commented on 20 Jan 2008
this is great, thank you!

I do have a feature idea though; instead of either disabling or enabling warp on dock/menubar edges, how about making it so that it'll only switch spaces when you're not moving your mouse around on the dock/menubar. Ie, it'll only warp if you're holding the mouse still, rather than browsing the dock or menu.

that'd be clever :)
[Version 1.0.1]

felinity commented on 30 Dec 2007
This is a great idea. I used to use worldclock, but that is really too much for this simple purpose; this is much easier, and free. Very cute.

I do have some feature requests though:

• customizable font. Pretty please?

• the option to display a 12 hour clock, but without AM / PM. I prefer seeing "6:00" instead of "18:00", but I can easily tell if it's referring to AM or PM, and menu space is valuable.

• customizable/optional image! Yes the heart is very cute, and the sun is a neat idea... but why not let people choose for themselves if they want to see it.

• in OSX, menu items become white when you open them. This should be no exception.

the relationship aspect to this app is neat. I can think of a few features from that angle; how about a lovers-calendar being part of the menu? Or maybe a sort of timeline of past events (such as visits, anniversaries), and a countdown to the next one? I I envisage a simple interface where you simply put in a date with an event name and it shows (as a simple text list) how long ago or how soon the event was. That'd be neat. Though I guess that's another story ^.^
either way this is a very cute app.
[Version 0.5.2]

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