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Eyekey reviewed on 29 Aug 2010
Simply awesome
[Version 3.7]


Eyekey reviewed on 01 Mar 2010
I put it simply and small.

This is awesome. Apple should have done such a prefplane by default.

Thanks for this.
[Version 2.0.0]


Eyekey reviewed on 02 Feb 2010
This software is a joke.
The developer charges for bugfixes. Every few weeks there is a new "major" release which doesn´t really give you anything new.

I recommend Bettertouchtool. It´s free, has nearly daily updates and a LOT of features.
[Version 6.0]

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Eyekey replied on 03 Feb 2010
Playing dirty... assuming you are the developer or affiliated with him, here are the right one´s talking about that.

The cause why my download-list is empty is I always download directly from the source-webpage, because I don´t like people like you spying on me for what programs I try out.

Eyekey replied on 03 Feb 2010
Ok, let´s start.

You can´t set any application-specific shortcuts. All commands are global, which is very unproductive.
There is no "real" middle click.
There is no four finger click.
In 2 finger mode, you can´t set the distance between fingers.
You can´t activate the Trackpad Mode via mouse shortcut.
You can´t set any touchpad-settings at all.
"Whole hand" is useless, it triggers randomly.
There is no difference between clicks and taps.
Localisation is half baked.
If you tried out a previous version and want to check out the newest one, the days will not be reseted.
It´s not written in 64bit.

Despite of these technical issues, there is more.
The software is out for about 3 months in which it bumped out 6 mayor releases. The customer has no idea, what´s going on. When it first appeared, I was really excited and thinking about buying it. But a few DAYS later there was version 2 .. and then 3. So I thought, hey, updates are usually free, upgrades aren´t. Can I trust a company which sells updates as upgrades? But you gave them for free, so I thought, it was just bad version-spelling.
So NOW you are charging again. After 2 months of development. This is just plain wrong.
If you are unhappy with your revenues, it´s your fault.

You have competitors. There are BTT, Magic Prefs and others. So people compare. While you are charging for this software, the other one´s are free. And they can do more. You should implement something, the others do not have, otherwise I don´t see the point.

Also Samuco does not provide any information about its company on its website. No name, no address, no phone number, no tax identification number, nothing. This is kinda creepy.
eyekey commented on 18 Jan 2008
Quiet a time since my last Review...

Because the most used newsreader got free a while ago, I tried it also and several others.

Shrook is the ONLY reader which makes a difference between NEW and READ news. This is very important for me to immedially see which post is new and which I just have not read. I love that feature.

Shrook gets better with every Version, can´t wait for version 3!

Sorry for my bad English, it´s not my native language.
[Version 2.6.1]

eyekey commented on 12 Nov 2007
Great Plugin.
It would be perfect, if:
-The sender could be shown in a different color
-"Today, Yesterday" would work again in the date field
[Version 0.1]

eyekey commented on 21 May 2007
Great Software. I love it.
But same here, Dev. does not respond to emails. Let us hope, he reads them, because this rss reader has some bugs.
[Version 2.54]

eyekey commented on 12 Feb 2007
I really don´t know why so many people are so in love with the old mac os design. Maybe its because I was a Windows user back then, but i had to work with OS9 at the office. Really, I hated it.
Since OSX 10.4 I call myself a switcher and must say, this interface/optics are so beautiful/efficent (although I replaced finder with path finder).
I don´t understand why all you guys moum the old OS...
But you know what you do. :) Have fun!
[Version 2.5]

eyekey commented on 19 Jan 2007
Finally this works. (for me)
Intel-CPU, 10.4 & Logitech VX.
[Version 2.1.3]

eyekey had trouble on 29 Dec 2006
I wonder... is there anybody who can see their devices?
[Version 2.1.2]

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