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Ep1curus reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
Useless app. Giving this away for free because it is PowerPC only. 19.50 on MacUpdate but 29.50 on the developer site. Really, 29.50 for an obsolete app, even Apple has dumped support for PowerPC.
[Version 3.2]


Ep1curus reviewed on 18 Jun 2011
I have amended my rating because the problem originally experienced have happened again without Disk Drill installed. The problem appears to be related to Quick Look Helper.

I had never had this happen before and it only began to occur after a recent application install. Killing the Quick Look Helper process solves the issues of a non-responsive system.
[Version 1.3.123]


Ep1curus reviewed on 27 May 2011
Initially it performed decent. If there was a performance hit it was negligible. You can use it for free in limited mode. It will still recover deleted files. After about one month, I begin to get a message that there is not enough disk space. Dismiss the message and it comes back in 2 seconds, constantly.

Programs won't launch or appears frozen. Seem like this program keeps a copy of any deleted or modified files. Maybe it was the S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring, I don't know. I've been down to zero disk space before and never had my system come to a crawl. I would still be able to delete a few hundred megabytes of files and be on my way. Each time I free some disk space, it would go down to zero in less than a minute, even freed up 1GB and it was gone in a few minutes.

Had to boot the system in safe mode, uninstalled and now the system runs fine. This app needs to run smarter than this. It should not use up all the space indiscriminately. The OS always needs some headroom to work. In its current form this program is not usable.

It seems like you are only allowed to use 50% of available space keeping the other 50% for recovery. I did not do an in-depth analysis but this is what it seems like. I’ll stick with Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner for data recovery for now.
[Version 1.3.123]

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Ep1curus replied on 30 May 2011
I am positive I was using Disk Drill. It was the last or 2nd last piece of software I had recently installed. Also, this program runs in the background, the other did not.

Probably a poor choice of words on keeping a copy of a deleted file. When a file is deleted, it is marked as deleted, not physically deleted which is why a file can be recovered. It seemed like the space occupied by those files was not available for reuse by the OS. Maybe it was the S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring, I don't know.

Something was causing all my disk space to be consumed. Once Disk Drill was removed my space issues disappeared. As for calling support, I already have a backup and recovery solution in place. I backup my backup and keep a copy offsite plus they are encrypted. This was just a trial for me since my current solution works just fine.

I just wanted to see if during the trial I needed to do a file recovery, how fast and efficient it would be over what I had now. I never had to do a recovery for real, just able to use it on test deletes and it worked as expected. Since I already have a solution in place I felt there was no need to take it any further.

Ep1curus replied on 01 Jun 2011
The review was based on how the software performed for me. When the app was removed, disk space that should have remained free was now free. This was the only one that was deleted. I should note that the system was rebooted 3 times as well when Disk Drill was installed and I was still unable to reclaim the free space.

Ep1curus rated on 07 May 2011
[Version 1.0.1]

Ep1curus commented on 06 May 2011
OS X 10.6.6. Got a copy of 1.0 (171XR) from the MacLegion bundle to test. App says that 1.0.1 is out and would you like to upgrade, big mistake.

The latest version constantly crashes on launch after about 5 seconds.
[Version 1.0.1]

Ep1curus rated on 23 Mar 2011
[Version 2.0.3]

Ep1curus commented on 18 Feb 2010
I like SnagIt. Pretty powerful. A lot more versatile than Skitch. I do like it where Skitch provides a place to automatically upload your image. Quick and Dirty. I'll be disappointed if the price is 50.00 like it is on the PC side. Steep for a screen capture program. There are cheaper alternatives like LittleSnapper and Voila which I both own through bundles, maybe not as feature rich but are those little extras worth the heavier price.

To be fair LittleSnapper and Voila are steep as well at 40.00 and inclusion of these little gems in bundles makes them just that much better. Throw SnagIt into a MacUpdate Promo and you would have something.
[Version 0.6.0]

Ep1curus commented on 18 Feb 2010
After the response by Gordon from Prosoft, I contacted the company and gave them the necessary paperwork on my purchase. I was upgraded to Data Rescue 3 for free. Thank you.
[Version 3.0.1]

Ep1curus commented on 03 Feb 2010
I tried Data Rescue II in demo mode to recover a disk image. In demo mode, you get a list of what it could recover. Results were not promising. I took my drive to a data recovery specialist and for 450.00 they could recover what Data Rescue II says it could for a fraction of the price so I decided to buy it.

Might as well try my luck and the software could come in handy later on. I checked the vendor's site since Data Rescue II had not been updated in a while and there was no indication that a new version was coming out soon.

I was able to get it from Amazon.com for 56.00. 16 days later, Data Rescue 3 comes out with a 65.00 upgrade price. 56.00 + 65.00 = 121.00. If you buy version 3 new, it is 99.00.

Data Rescue 3 offered "Improved support for recovering large sparse disk image files" which is what I needed. I had emailed the vendor asking if they could reduce the upgrade price for me as I had just purchased it. I simply asked for a 22.00 reduction in the upgrade price.

The reason for Data Rescue II having a lower price was most likely version 3 was coming out. If only I knew that it would come out so quickly after I bought I would have waited.

The response I got from prosofteng.com... nada, nothing, zero, zip, zilch. This company may get good reviews for data recovery but for customer relations I'm giving this company a big fat zero.

In the end, I was not able recover my data and a sour taste in dealing with an unresponsive company.
[Version 3.0.1]


Ep1curus reviewed on 11 Oct 2009
OS X 10.5.8, Java Version 1.5.0_20, LightZone 3.8.2
This program crashed from initial launch. I have never installed this app before.

Crash Reporter says "The application LightZone has unexpectedly quit". No other error message is given. Program has not successfully launched once. Reboots do not help either.

Was thinking of getting this program with Toast Titanium Pro. This package retails for 150.00. Would you want to commit this much change on a program that will not even launch.

I meet the system requirements. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/titanium/system-requirements.html

If you are thinking of purchasing this, I would test the other programs as well. I did not. This is a deal killer. It would be very aggravating after dropping big coin and get this. It's their latest release too.
[Version 3.8.2]

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