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eingebildet commented on 04 Aug 2008
I was trying to use the Canum one. I just tried it again and it worked - so perhaps I missed something the first time around.
[Version 1.0.2]


eingebildet reviewed on 04 Aug 2008
Appears to do what it claims for the overall system interface, which has been kind of a holy grail in the Mac-theming community ever since Leopard came out.

iTunes theming doesn't seem to work as advertised though, at least not on 7.7.1. My initial attempt resulted in a hang because I hadn't used the 7.7.1 version yet. Kameleon triggers iTunes to launch, but the SLA windows is hidden by the Kameleon window, resulting in an eternal spinning beachball while Kameleon waits for iTunes main window to come up. When I went back and clicked agree on the SLA window, quit iTunes, and then tried again with Kameleon, it failed to change the appearance of iTunes, but no hang this time.
[Version 1.0.2]

eingebildet commented on 15 Jul 2008
I like the idea. If you get a chance to re-compile it (XCode does have the ability to generate Univeral Binaries...), it would be fun to check it out. I appreciate your responsiveness to comments. Good luck.
[Version 1.0]

eingebildet commented on 15 Jul 2008
Hi. Please consider this a request for a Universal Binary of USBCat 1.0. FYI, there are millions of people now using Intel-based Macs, and making a PPC-only app will really limit your user-base.
[Version 1.0]

2 Replies


eingebildet replied on 15 Jul 2008
Perhaps you don't understand what happens when someone installs this on an Intel machine. The preference pane installs, and then I get a notice that says "Preferences Error: You cannot open USBCat preferences because it doesn't work on an Intel-based Mac". So, as the previous poster suggested, your response isn't relevant because I haven't been able to use USB Cat at all. Thanks.

eingebildet replied on 15 Jul 2008
I think you, as the developer, should know more about your app than your users. The *preference pane* (your app) for USB Cat 1.0 DOES NOT WORK on an Intel machine. That's what the error means. I'm not talking about System Preferences. Sorry to be terse here, and I'm not trying to offend.
eingebildet commented on 26 Feb 2008
Well, I installed both Silk and WindowShade. Both appear to work in 10.5.2, but I get a blank space under the WindowShade Advanced tab where the options for adjusting shading should be.
[Version 4.2b1]

eingebildet tipped on 15 Aug 2007
Alrighty, a couple of more things about this application:

1. Throw away all your prefs and other files related to the app before running the new version. It refused to show anything being scanned and locked up when I tried to stop the scan before I did this. Afterwards it scanned fine.

2. Add it to your master exclude list if you use Unsanity haxies or anything requiring Application Enhancer - this is how I resolved the problems I noted in my review of 1.0.1

3. Developer is quite responsive and reasonable - that speaks well of his efforts and intentions. Let him know your experiences :)
[Version 1.0.2]


eingebildet reviewed on 14 Aug 2007
Can't say I'm real impressed so far. I've tried to use this twice and each time it's locked up and crashed on me. This is during the initial scan phase on my Applications folder. I've created a few category folders for audio apps and graphics stuff, which any app like this should be able to navigate. It scans about a dozen application, then goes all beachball on me, crashing a few minutes later. Definitely not ready for prime time.
[Version 1.0.1]


eingebildet reviewed on 28 Jul 2007
This is a fun game, though requires a lot of processor power to run properly, which I found surprising. On a G3/500 that normally runs a lot of open source games without serious glitches, this stutters and stumbles all over the place, even in 800x600 mode with no music.

I suggest going over to the SuperTuxKart site and getting 0.3 - it plays smoother and has Hexley! For those who don't know, Hexley is the mascot of DarwinOS, otherwise known as the guts of OS X!!
[Version 0.22]

eingebildet commented on 10 Apr 2007
Downloaded this, put it in my Applications folder, launched it, then chose 'Open' to open a file. The app just blips out of existence, crashes and doesn't even trigger the crash reporter dialog. Using under 10.4.9.
[Version 1.0b1]

eingebildet commented on 29 Jan 2007
yeah, this whole naming thing is silly, not to mention the collision between the name the icon. Polizei is 'police' in German, and the symbol is the international symbol for 'do not enter'. Apparently the author is trying to be cute.

at any rate, the feature set of this app is incomplete when compared to several other equally free maintenance applications. i would just as soon use applejack and OnyX.
[Version 1.1]

eingebildet had trouble on 08 Jul 2006
so far, i'm not impressed with this software. it doesn't conform to expected OS X behavior in that a configuration utility launches at boot, and this utility is not listed or controllable as a login startup item. it appears one is stuck with this thing appearing every time the computer is booted.
[Version 4.5.4]

eingebildet had trouble on 05 Jul 2006
The popularity of this plug-in seems to be on the rise for some reason, so I need to warn you folks of one major issue with it:

This plug-in will interfere with the proper functioning of AppleScript-based apps. I've verified this (after quite a bit of frustration) with Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3 and OnyX 1.7. Some or all of their controls will not work properly if megazoomer is active.

On the upside, it works great and does exactly what it claims to. I'm just not willing to go in and disable it everytime I need to use these other apps.
[Version 0.3]

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