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Dteare rated on 04 Jan 2014
[Version 3.6.3]

Dteare rated on 31 Oct 2013
[Version 4.0.5]

Dteare rated on 13 Oct 2013
[Version 4.0.2]

Dteare rated on 05 Oct 2013
[Version 4.0.1]

Dteare commented on 23 Sep 2009
Do not worry about the yellow highlighter effect for copying :) This was an experiment and we have already decided to change it. We have a new, simpler design that will be implemented before the final 3.0 release.

Please join us in the 1Password 3 Early Access forum where this topic has been discussed in depth.


--Dave Teare
Co-author of 1Password
[Version 2.11]

dteare tipped on 18 Jun 2009
I just wanted to mention that syncing was the #1 issue in the original version of 1Password touch. We addressed this in version 2 by completely rewriting the sync to make it easier to use, a lot faster, and more robust. It has only been a few weeks, but so far the new WiFi sync has proven to be much more reliable than the original version. If you tried 1Password touch in the past and had troubles with syncing to your Mac, please try the new version.

For details on using the new Wifi Sync feature, we have a new screencast showing how much easier syncing is in the new version in the User Guide:


Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issues or questions.


--Dave Teare
Co-author of 1Password
[Version 2.0]

dteare (developer) commented on 14 Oct 2008
We have received a few emails about the the my1Password Web Service. Questions ranged from what it is to why it has gotten slower recently.

The my1Password Web Service is a web service in Alpha (i.e. under development and still in testing) that allows you to sync your data between your Macs. 1Password for Mac, however, stores all your data on your local hard drive no information is sent to any web sites.

Recently many people have started to experience a "timed out" error when using the service. What has happened is the Web Service has experienced a surge in traffic recently and the performance has degraded considerably. I am sorry for the trouble. I had tried to keep the Alpha testing group small but I think what happened was people elected not to use their invitations immediately when I sent them, so each week I would send more, and I think people just recently started using them and overloaded the server.

We are at a cross roads with the my1Password web service at the moment. The my1Password service is a proof of concept that we used to "test the water" so-to-speak. The future of the service is uncertain and that is why we have not invested the resources to make the web server faster, at least until we decide on the direction we would like to take.

Please see The Future of the my1Password Web Service thread in the Alpha testers forum to see what we are currently planning:


Essentially the current line of thought is to shut down the my1Password Web Service and instead build its killer features directly into the 1Password and the new Agile Keychain.


--Dave Teare
Co-author of 1Password
[Version 2.9.1]

dteare (developer) commented on 15 Dec 2006
Great, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

If you don't mind, could you elaborate on the Widget idea? What do you envision?

I love having fresh eyes giving us a new perspective.

--Dave Teare
Co-author of 1Passwd
[Version 2.1.3791]

dteare (developer) commented on 15 Aug 2006
The 1Passwd password manager is able to protect you from phishing attacks. I have made this claim before, and several people have questioned me exactly how a password manager can protect them from phishers. In fact, the majority of password managers cannot protect you. Any password manager that relies on you manually entering your information into a web page offers no protection whatsoever.

This is where 1Passwd shines. It automatically fills forms for you so you never need to manually type your login information again. This not only has the benefit of saving you time and allowing you to use stronger passwords, but it also protects you from phishing scams.

You can watch a high-resolution movie on how this works on the phishing protection[1] page (near the bottom), or the low-res version on Google Video[2].

--Dave Teare
Co-author of 1Passwd

[1] Phishing protection screencast: http://1passwd.com/features/phishing
[2] Low-res version: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5143585783742483646&q=phishing
[Version 1.4.2757]

dteare (developer) commented on 13 Aug 2006
Version 1.4 of 1Passwd was announced earlier tonight. Mac Update will have the new version within the next few hours.

The biggest change is the algorithm used for the automatic form filler (aka AutoFill). The new logic is able to complete most web forms with a single click. You can test 1Passwd's form-filler by using our AutoFill test page at http://1passwd.com/demo/auto_fill_using_identities.

For a full list of changes, see http://switchersblog.com/articles/2006/08/13/1passwd-v1-4-now-available.
[Version 1.3.2535]

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