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Drumshanbo reviewed on 17 Sep 2012
Obviously a labor of love for the developer. Constant updates continue to make this app better and better. This app has worked wonders for me. Not pretty to look at, but it's got tremendous substance, and that's all that matters.
[Version 0.8.69]


Drumshanbo reviewed on 30 Jan 2012
to offset martin's 1 star review.

and because it's a great app.
[Version 2.2.1]


Drumshanbo reviewed on 20 Dec 2011
i really like this app. I've tried most of the window-resizing apps and this one just fits my style. i use my macbook a lot for school and have to fit word documents and powerpoints on a single screen often. it's very cumbersome having to drag windows around with a small trackpad. the drag-and-drop option is amazingly efficient.

the only thing I'd like to have added is the option to change the background of the re-size screens within the app. for example, i wanted the screens to be a solid grey. i had to find a wallpaper that matched what i wanted, download it, set it as my wallpaper, change it within the app, and then remove and replace it with my old wallpaper. not a huge problem but a lot more steps than needed, i feel.

it's a shame there aren't any demos available currently. it's really something that needs to be experienced to see if it fits. it sounds like the dev is working on that so hang tight and give it a try.
[Version 1.1]

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Drumshanbo replied on 02 Jan 2012
just discovered the option to drag an image into the app to set as the background. but again, i think a built in solid color choice option would be really helpful and save a few steps.

Drumshanbo replied on 07 Jan 2012
window tidy is on sale in the app store for $.99 saturday jan 7, 2012, through sunday jan 8, 2012.

wish i had waited to buy it :-/. oh well.

Drumshanbo reviewed on 19 Jul 2011
TotalFinder has joined Launchbar and 1password as my first 3 apps installed on a new computer. I have learned to rely on this app completely and can operate more computer so much more efficiently with it.
[Version 1.1.18]

Drumshanbo rated on 03 Jul 2011
[Version 5.1.2]

Drumshanbo rated on 15 May 2011
[Version 2.8.10]

Drumshanbo commented on 06 Jan 2011
It appears this is called TimeWorks now??

[Version 2.1.8]

Drumshanbo commented on 12 Jul 2010
i miss this.

[Version 2.4.1]

Drumshanbo commented on 12 Jun 2010
I bought this and I like it. I've never been one for having a diary or a journal before, and this software is very easy to use and I enjoy Chronorieing (???) my thoughts, moods, etc. every day. I was using MacJournal but it just wasn't as welcoming to me, or I just didn't have enough to say to it. Not a knock on MacJ which is very nice it's just this seems more tailored to what I'm looking for, which is a snapshot of my days.

One thing I'd like to see in the future are more moods. For example today I'm feeling more >:( then :(, but i only have the :( option which doesn't quite fit the mood. It would also be nice if you could chronicle your mood throughout the day, as I'm sure later on I'll be more :).
[Version 1.0]

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Drumshanbo replied on 03 Jul 2010
I also think it would be cool to have a diagram option for "Dreams" where you could make a tag cloud of key words describing your dreams.

Drumshanbo replied on 03 Jul 2010
Actually, I just figured out that there's an "Optional Diagram Title" option, so you can select an existing diagram that isn't in use and just rename it.

I just added a diagram I knew I wouldn't use, right clicked it, made sure it had the "Tag Cloud" option, and changed the title to "Dreams."

Drumshanbo replied on 03 Jul 2010
Scratch that. Although that will give you a diagram that shows up in your Diagrams list, it won't put anything on your Today screen.

Drumshanbo commented on 26 Jan 2010
Can there be the option to turn off the slide animation?
[Version 1.3.2]

Drumshanbo had trouble on 16 Aug 2011
10 minutes after updating i get what i've been getting every other day since i installed this software: a slowly descending gray screen saying that i need to hold down the power button to shut down. i guess that's what i get for pushing my machine to the limits by using the internet and dragging and dropping files.

this is by far the buggiest piece of software (POS) i have ever used.
[Version 10.7.1]

Drumshanbo had trouble on 11 May 2011
1.0 Draft 15 crashes upon opening. D:

I'm sure it will be fixed shortly, though. :D
[Version 1.0 Draft 15]

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Drumshanbo replied on 20 May 2011
sure enough - draft 16 fixed it.

drumshanbo had trouble on 05 Jan 2008
LOVE the program so far. Though I am having some difficulty figuring out how to set it so that the program can send emails. I have a gmail account I want to use with the program, and am not sure what to put in for SMTP server and port. I've tried smtp.gmail.com and various port numbers I've seen used in online gmail tutorials. Any suggestions?
[Version 8.2.7]

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