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Drtyrell969 commented on 09 Mar 2014
Doesn't work on Maverick. HANGS instantly.
[Version 1.5.1]


Drtyrell969 reviewed on 30 Jul 2013
Got screwed buying this product in a bundle. Then they immediately "updated" it to a .1 version and want me to BUY IT AGAIN. Hope you enjoy my rating.
[Version 3.3.3]

Drtyrell969 commented on 26 Jun 2013
So funny. Don't need a screenshot of the single panel as much as a screenshot of what they look like running. :)
[Version 1.6.1]

Drtyrell969 commented on 20 Jun 2013
Salute the effort. A bit on the first year 3D coding side for me. Low rez graphics too. Why?
[Version 2.0]


Drtyrell969 reviewed on 12 May 2013
This product has changed my life. My Desktop is EMPTY. If you're asking yourself why this product and not the others, it's simple. This product MOVES your files into a folder WITHOUT munging them up into some proprietary format, so you can get to them without going through it. It manages your world via projects, which is how you live your business life. It's the BEST file preview / interaction file manager in existence. I read tons of PDFs, and Together remembers where I was in each individual file in between reads. That in itself is worth ALL my money. And unlike BBEdit and CODA, they didn't destroy their product in 3.x.
[Version 3.0.1]


Drtyrell969 reviewed on 26 Feb 2013
So I just bought Postbox today, the trial for the amazing piece of software had expired, so I RUSHED out to get a $9 license. Really? It's not Maya guys, it's a duplication for otherwise free software...so whatever.

The product looks nearly identical to Mail save a few very weird UI designs. I'm a fan of folders. I filter everything into folders to help speed up my life. Filters suck in all mail apps, and Postbox does nothing to improve this. However, it also pushes on your a TON of folders you will never use...and all per account that you enter into the system.

I have four emails address plus iCloud. So I have FIVE core folders that I can't remove from the Folders pane. Each report a number of mails that can't be viewed by clicking on the folder. WTF? When opened, I see Deleted Messages...some junk in there, but no purpose really. So MY folders start about three inches down from the top, and thank goodness I have a 30" monitor. My laptop can't see but a fraction of the list.

Whilst writing this review, the App crashed. (changing the only 4 star to a 2).

In the end, nothing special. No hook. No extra features. It's a stunted version of Mail...and it crashes, which Mail has never done. $9 wasted.
[Version 3.0.7]

Drtyrell969 commented on 22 Feb 2013
Time to support video!
[Version 1.2.11]

Drtyrell969 commented on 31 Jan 2013
I saw MacKeeper and immediately closed my browser. Don't need McAfee 2.0.
[Version 3.8.3]

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Drtyrell969 replied on 14 Feb 2013
MacKeeper attempts to embed itself to the maximum degree, a bit like McAfee did using the Window's registry. No one needs that level of intrusion in their life. I'm glad to hear you have little association with that product. On a separate note, I've been trying to contribute to your FLUX product for some time now with absolutely NO response from you folks. It's a neat idea, but lacks and drag and drop features, which blows the mind. Any suggestions about how to help?

Drtyrell969 reviewed on 28 Aug 2012
I can't live without this product.
[Version 2.1.4]


Drtyrell969 reviewed on 28 Aug 2012
I'm really torn by this product. I had such promise, but fails in so many fundamental ways.

1. It had drag and drop but doesn't. I have an HTML element on stage with NO css assignment, and yet dragging and dropping a css style to it never triggers a "Do you want to assign this style to your DIV?" prompt. Really? That never occurred to them?

2. It claims to support WordPress template creation, but fails to spawn all the basic template files in a new WP project. Even five minutes into the WP custom template tutorial gives a new user all the basic page templates. You'd think this would be a simple process of adding them to the core folder and then customizing their look and feel.

There are many shortcomings that blow the mind, but these are the two primary ones. I contacted their support team about these features and never received a reply. F+!
[Version 4.1.10]

Drtyrell969 had trouble on 17 Mar 2014
I'm starting to get random errors opening my previous libraries. The app SHUTS DOWN and doesn't let me do anything after it hates on my file. It just randomly occurs, and when it does, the file is TOAST.

That's a hell of a lot of indexing and work to lose.

Love the app otherwise.
[Version 3.1.7]

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Drtyrell969 replied on 17 Mar 2014
Sorry, didn't see file corrupt fixer on the site. FIXED!
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