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Dinhbg reviewed on 04 Dec 2009
Saft does what it says it will do quite well. And there are features of Saft that, just as the developer claims, give Safari features it just plain should have on its own.

That said, Saft has become less and less stable with every OS update. After spending literally days and no fewer than four phone calls to the Safari team at Apple trying unsuccessfully to uninstall Saft for troubleshooting purposes, I've resorted to hoping it somehow dies on its own in some future update so I can get on with my life.

It's like a bad divorce.
[Version 12.0.2]


Dinhbg reviewed on 18 Jan 2008
I've used QuicKeys forever (since KeyQuencer went belly-up at OS X), and have been increasingly dissatisfied with its performance. I've stuck with it because it does everything I want it to do… eventually.

BUT. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, QuicKeys freezes, often taking 60 seconds or more to respond to my triggers. Pointer spins beachball over QK menu, Dock says "App Not Responding." This problem has gotten worse and worse with each OS update, and even through QK "updates" (which don't seem to have any beneficial effect whatsoever).

Even more frustrating, no one at Startly (or whatever they're called now) will admit there's a problem, or even suggest any workarounds or tests to see what could be causing it. Just "Hunh. Never heard of that."
[Version 3.2.1]

Dinhbg commented on 10 Nov 2007
Holy COW I hadn't realized how much I'd come to depend on AcidSearch!

Thanks, Robin, for this latest update. I've missed you so! :-)

(Working great, btw, on an MBP running Safari 3.0.3 under OS 10.4.10--and with all the lousy reviews I'm reading of Leopard, I'll be here for a while!)
[Version 0.7b2]

Dinhbg commented on 15 Sep 2007
Very, very nice. Take a lot of processor energy, even with all of the options set at their least intensive, but still worth seeing.

My one gripe is that HP saves a preference file (hp2whichscene.txt) to the user's HOME folder. Not sure how that file ranks at the same level as the Desktop, Documents, Library, and other folders...

I'm hoping that in future versions that file is moved to the Library/Application Support folder, where it belongs.
[Version 2.0]

Dinhbg commented on 04 Jul 2006
Just downloaded and installed on an Intel MBP running OS 10.4.7 and Entourage 11.2.4. EABM spins and spins and spins (I took a shower in the interim, and it was still spinning when I came back), but never loads any information from Entourage.

Quitting Entourage a couple of times (EABM tries to re-open it) seems to trick the app into giving up, but EABM doesn't show up in the "Force Quit" menu and pours molasses on the system response rate while it's chugging....

The developer is out of contact until the end of August (2006), so I'll uninstall and wait for him to come back before trying this one again.
[Version 1.5]


Dinhbg reviewed on 04 Jul 2006
A quick and simple way to enter the tempi of iTunes tracks. I use it on every new song I add to my library.

I've used QuicKeys to streamline things by setting a keystroke that clicks the “Set” button and then advances to the next song in the playlist, so I can basically work through an entire playlist with two fingers--one to tap the tempo and one to set and move on.

One feature I'd love to see added is an audible “ping” of some kind when the tempo reaches its “bluest” (i.e., when I've tapped enough that the app is confident of the tempo); staring at that little number and trying to gauge the “grey/blue boundary” can be a little eye-crossing....
[Version 1.0.2]

Dinhbg commented on 03 Jul 2006
Just downloaded and installed--except in the help files one learns that built-in iSights are not supported for digital zoom. Since that's the feature I was looking for, I'll uninstall and wait for a fix....
[Version 2.0.3]


Dinhbg reviewed on 30 Mar 2006
Neat--kinda. You need to have a large enough iPhoto library that the app can find "pixels" of all the colors it needs.... AND you need to choose main images that include large areas of contrast--close-ups rather than photos of groups of people, for instance--if you want the completed "puzzle" to be recognizable as anything more than blobs.

One extremely annoying "feature" is that the last puzzle computed is saved to the Desktop. No way to change that is apparent, and I've gotten no response to e-mail requests for assistance with the matter. (I can't imagine I'm the only one who wants my Desktop to contain only things I'm actually WORKING on....)

Other issues--the Prefs pane is poorly designed and hard to follow. Other reviewers have mentioned speed concerns--that's true even on my brand-new MacBook Pro. And don't think about waking your screen saver while a puzzle is computing--apparently the app claims too much CPU to respond to mouse movement or keystrokes during the first several seconds of launching.

Save your money. This one's bumped to the bottom of my RandomExtra shuffle priority.
[Version 2.1]


Dinhbg reviewed on 24 Mar 2006
I'm also not clear how this "turns iChat into shareware"... it's an app of its own, and the programmers spent time and energy on it, yes? If you don't want to use CR, uninstall it and iChat stays just as free as it always was....

I love the inobtrusive interface, and the app does exactly what it claims to. Doesn't get much better than that! The only feature I've missed so far is the ability to stop and restart recording within an individual chat--maybe a more advanced function than the programmers were anticipating....
[Version 2.0.1]

Dinhbg commented on 11 Mar 2006
Oh NO! I hadn't realized how much I've come to depend upon AcidSearch! Now that I'm on an Intel Mac it doesn't work any more! Help!

(I was trying not to sound desperate. It didn't work, did it?)

Looking forward to an Intel-ready version! : )
[Version 0.61]

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