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design-Q commented on 06 Sep 2009
Sorry, can't help but to comment. Pity to the developer from all the abuses but his attitude does not help at all. All the info should be in this page since people get to know this appl. from this site mostly and did not came across directly from his accompanying website.

That aside, this app does work i.e. it sticks as oppose to the the start up shortcut 'cmd 6 4' which you have to do it each time (at this point of SL release, better this way IMHO since not many appl. take advantage of SL already).

All this depends on yr Intel Mac however i.e. pre-2007 (or something) does not work due to the HW. All being said, reading all the comments below re. users comments and developer cry about the goodwill donation to charity really give bad lights to the release here. If it is for charity, leave it to the people to decide, not pressing them with all the comments about number of visitors/downloads vs total donations received. WTF.

For those who prefer using terminal there's an easy solution at the foot of the comments (comment #1) or for start up shortcut, comment #4. Chill!
[Version 1.3]

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design-Q replied on 06 Sep 2009
further info:

'... If you're wondering whether your Mac has a 64-bit EFI firmware, you can type the command “ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi” into the Terminal. The response will identify the machine as either having 32-bit or 64-bit EFI.' Quote from

design-Q reviewed on 01 Jun 2009
This is a welcome addition to the limited number of applications available on the Mac platform that enable automatic notification of prayer times for Muslim users.

I have been using Athan Pro v3.6 on my PC (http:// and have found that their calculation have been close to what my local prayer times should be with only a few adjustments here and there. The application provide comprehensive means to adjust the settings from the latitudes/longitudes, methods, location, athans sounds etc. and I have found it to be invaluable to my needs and I believe others.

As a comparison, Guidance 1.3 also provide most of the tweaks and adjustment options available in Athan Pro but I found that some of the options are not as detailed or a bit limited. For example, minute adjustment in Guidance only goes to 15 minutes each way (30 minutes ± in Athan Pro), the option of playing the Du'a/suplication after Athan is not available and the location database is limited (and not easily adjustable to fine tune).

In the other hand, Guidance ability to pause iTunes when Athan is playing or the inclusion of Growl notification (much more better than Windows balloon in my opinion) gives it advantage over the Windows offering.

However, the one most important thing for this kind of application is the ability to provide prayer times to match as closely as possible to your local mosque's published prayer times (as an authoritative figure) but unfortunately, Guidance is far from close on all method of calculations in determining Fajr and Isha' prayer times (the usual Achilles' heel on this type of application). For example, for Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK on June 1st, 2009 with ISNA as the method and standard/default settings on the rest, (Athan Pro) gives you Fajr/Isha' time of 02h31/23h42 compared to Guidance's 01h21/01h06 respectively. As you can see the differences are big enough to warrant a careful observation of the times given by Guidance.

Perhaps, in the future the developer could offer a much more detail adjustment or choices to the settings but for now I think this application is much better than the rest of the offerings on the Mac platform in term of features and usage and if you find you are using this application, do watch for the prayer times given and adjust or make note accordingly. With no cost whatsoever to the end user (donation is encouraged or the very least, make a prayer for them for their good deeds), this application is promising and will be invaluable to Muslim users anywhere they are. May Allah give rewards to them for enabling us to observe our daily prayer times on our Mac.
[Version 1.3]

design-Q commented on 20 May 2009
I found that this PreferencePane preventing me from connecting to my 3 UK mobile broadband using ZTE MF627 HSDPA USB modem.

Disable or removing the pref. pane fixes this problem. Don't know how it interfere since WiFi/modem uses different settings but I have to remove this fine PreferencePane from my user library so I could connect to the internet while on the move.

Latest OS X on PPC G4 PB
[Version 2.1]

design-Q commented on 06 Feb 2009

Message edited. Contents transferred below. Sorry, cannot delete this particular one.
[Version 1.8.1]

design-Q commented on 06 Feb 2009
I'm using XMenu v1.8.1 which I think have the same function and it's also free.

Systems: PPC PowerBook G4 10.5.6 and PowerMac G4 DDR 10.4.11
[Version 0.4.1]


design-Q reviewed on 08 Jun 2008
Very good potential esp. if this is kept as a donation-ware. Among its feature, it can connect automatically to an open network (with option to only connect if quality/strength is past user-defined level and/or if not already connected), growl support, MAC address capture, favourites and past history with graphs.

Very easy to use, well, even if it only scans at a regular interval (can only do this when the main appl. is running though). In short, a good addition to other appl/widget you might already have on your portables.
[Version 1.0]

design-Q commented on 01 Jun 2008
From the look of it, it would definitely be useful and slick and especially true when it is now free. Thx.
[Version 3.2]

design-Q commented on 01 Jun 2008
True... I will be taking day off work just to listen/watch the screen cast that evening (GMT). See how fun this year's version would be.
[Version WWDC 2008]


design-Q reviewed on 09 Feb 2008
Nice appl. Cannot try it fully as I don't have any of the specified kits (GPS/Nike plus etc.) but it did get my location correctly (UK:ABZ) with more than 3 sources of maps on tap and a couple of useful web-links to help you adapt/import routes etc.

System: PowerMacG4 1.0GHz 1.75GB RAM OSX 10.4.11
[Version 1.6v210]

design-Q commented on 25 Jan 2008
Tested it for the first time and it's great. Have been looking for this sort of appl. now too lazy to maintain the hierarchy of my home folder. Just in time for some spring cleaning, in winter...

Oh, tried 'ls | lp' too... Not so easy for non-terminal guy like me. That cmd just print out the content of my home folder (with some other option as well I should think). Came across that info today too.

[Version 4.0.4]

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