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Ddchene reviewed on 17 Apr 2014
One-trick ponies need to do their trick well. This one is no good at all except at the preset aspect ratios (unless you like surrealist montages). With the preset aspect ratios sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Not worth $20, maybe worth $10 if you want to fool around. One of the images I tested it with is searchable at Google Images using "corinne winters traviata", the very first image. With the main figure masked, it’s OK at 16:9 and 1:1, not at the other presets. Try 800x200 for a bizarre result. Cosmetic flaw: you can’t see more than 2 1/2 digits in the image size dialog! An obvious flaw.
[Version 2.4]


Ddchene reviewed on 12 Feb 2014
Powerful program. I find it indispensable for text manipulation. It’s easy to use on selected text almost anywhere through its own menu in the menubar. Creating macros is simple. Unmarked Software has updated it frequently.
[Version 7.3.8]

ddchene commented on 01 Jan 2009
A pleasant pastime, not too hard on the brain but not entirely thoughtless either. High scores would be nice, but since they're going to converge rapidly on the high 90s, the list won't be interesting for long.
[Version 1.6.4]

ddchene commented on 13 Dec 2008
WARNING: This program does not recognize Unicode. If you type or paste in Unicode characters (i.e. non-Latin-1) you get garbage.
[Version 1.4]

ddchene commented on 17 Jul 2007
QuickPopup is easy to use, no-frills instant message software. One serious limitation for some people is that it knows nothing about unicode. Characters other than Latin-1 are not displayed.
[Version 4.5]

ddchene tipped on 20 Mar 2007
Here's a tip: Banana Album Creator makes several folders and files. When it asks for the "output" folder, create a new folder for all this stuff. If you put it in a folder that already has items in it (like "Documents"), the result will be confusing.
[Version 5.1]


ddchene reviewed on 24 Jul 2006
A simple app (one dialog box) that does just what it says. Suggestions: (1) the ability to make every nth line different (in weight or color); (2) 4 values (top, bottom, left, right) for margin instead of just 1.
[Version 1.0.1]

ddchene commented on 13 Feb 2005
Nicely done. But not useful for non-English-speaking users. When you enter unicode characters like “ (“) directly in the info fields the result is "(null)" in all the fields. If you enter the escape codes all you get is the literal escape code. itself can handle unicode -- that's not the problem.
[Version 1.0b31]


ddchene reviewed on 25 Nov 2004
I've been using Nisus Writer and now Nisus Express for fifteen years or more. For a long time I used Framemaker for design and long documents, Nisus mainly for text-munging and documents that didn't need much layout. Nisus was quirky (the graphics layer never quite worked) but it did some things so much better than the competition that I put up with the quirks. Discontinuous selection did and still does set Nisus apart.

The new Nisus is not ready for serious work. It doesn't display properly, it hangs, it's clumsy in its handling of styles (why can't more than one style at a time be deleted, for example, which would be a boon in cleaning out unused styles in Word docs?). The Nisus macro language has disappeared. Perl is supposed to take its place. It doesn't. Try sorting paragraphs with styles and unicode. The result? No styles, all the unicode deleted. Useless. You can't compensate with Applescript very easily because the program is not recordable and there's no support to speak of beyond the standard text suite.

Serious wordprocessing requires "keep on same page", widow & orphan suppression, date and time stamps -- to mention a few things conspicuously lacking that Nisus Classic did reasonably well.

I'll use Nisus to work with Word documents and cross my fingers in hopes that it doesn't hang. Otherwise I'll use Tex-Edit for munging and put up with Indesign when I need layout.
[Version 2.1]

ddchene had trouble on 12 Feb 2007
Doesn't understand Unicode. Two-byte characters are replaced by gibberish.
[Version 1.0b]

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