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Davermont reviewed on 17 Apr 2014
I've been using Sketch for a couple years now to create wireframes, mockups, icons and sprite sheets. It's pretty much replaced Photoshop as my go-to app for creating graphics, it's so much easier to use and more suited to the job at hand.

Sketch 3 adds much needed Symbols, and gets rid of the clunky modes that previously were used to edit colors and artboards, and for exporting. In fact exporting as a whole is much more natural and flexible now, and I'm pretty much just using drag and drop to export graphics. In addition to its new features, using the app is even smoother and more intuitive than before. Sketch just keeps getting better and better. This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.
[Version 3.0]


Davermont reviewed on 26 Mar 2014
I've only been using it a few hours now, but until now it's been a challenge to create a responsive web site. There are a lot of style changes at each resize break point, which has meant scrolling around the style sheet and making sure the right values are entered in the right places. Then it's back to the web browser to verify that the changes worked, then back to the style sheet to tweak the next group of values.

RLM puts everything in a single window, so you can change values on the right and immediately see the effect on the layout. This makes it a whole lot easier to wrap my head around a responsive layout. Out of the box it's already aware of the grid, I can specify my own classes and ids for elements, and again the feedback is immediate. Looking great so far!
[Version 1.0.2552]

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Davermont replied on 06 Apr 2014
After using RLM a couple weeks now I am really liking how it works, and what a pleasure it is to use. It's well worth the $99 intro price (I'm not sure why MacUpdate isn't showing that price).

One thing that the description and the CoffeeCup Software site don't make clear is that this software doesn't create or maintain web sites, RML is a visual designer that creates responsive template files which you then populate with your content to create the actual web pages. So it's great for quickly wireframing and prototyping responsive page layouts, with the advantage that you can then use the layouts it creates to make your web pages rather than having to start over and code the html and css from scratch.

This is different from the more traditional work flow where a design is created in Photoshop, then web pages are created from that design. The traditional flow doesn't work so well with responsive layouts, as you need to create multiple documents to handle the various screen widths. Then there's the matter of keeping track of the various css classes and how they respond to the different widths. A live tool like RLM makes it so much easier to create the layouts and try them out as you develop them. And I will gladly let it keep track of the myriad css details that make good responsive design so challenging to create.
davermont commented on 14 Dec 2007
The Release Notes available from the Q menu say:

Release Notes: Quicksilver Build 3808

Corrects some visual glitches on Leopard
Fixes shelf/clipboard behavior in Leopard
Fixes For Plug-ins and App update
[Version 1.0b54]

davermont commented on 01 Nov 2007
iKey 2.2.2 does work with Leopard, but you will need to reinstall it.
[Version 2.2.2]


davermont reviewed on 30 Oct 2007
I really missed Saft for the first three days after installing Leopard. The program improves Safari in so many ways it's amazing. The best feature for me is the shortcuts; to search MacUpdate for saft I simply type: mu saft

Having the Enter key be a shortcut for the Next link on a page is a big timesaver as well. I only wish it would work on links that *start* with Next, as many sites use Next Page, or Next >>, which Saft ignores.

I used to use the autosave tabs a lot, but not so much anymore. Some people will find that handy.

The ad filtering isn't as sophisticated as PithHelmet, but it does a decent job. Saving a web page as a single PDF page is handy sometimes (print as PDF still saves a multipage PDF when you need that). Auto-hiding the downloads window is another nice feature. Downloaded files contain the URL of the web page in their Comments field, making it handy to go back to that page if you need to.

Again, lots of useful improvements to Safari, well worth the $12 price.
[Version 10]


davermont reviewed on 17 Feb 2007
Looks promising, easy to understand, setup and use. But it's crashed on me a few times so I can't trust it yet.

The Good: It's easy to set up new projects and action items, and assign a contect (and due date, if it has one). Also easy to drag and drop items to rearrange them, or change a context. The three different views are useful: by project, by context and by due date.

The Bad: It's crashed on me a few times. Once a project had somehow gotten itself both at the top level on the shelf and within a larger project (Work) and WTD kept crashing until I deleted that project and recreated it only within the Work folder. Another crash was when it had problems with a newly created context (agenda) I had assigned some tasks to, and that context did not appear in the Context view (it crashed at that point).

Wishes and Gripes: It would be great if it could export a calendar file that iCal could subscribe to (like Thinking Rock). It would also be nice if one could set a due date without having to set a time (anytime Tuesday). I wish I could change the default time to something other than 6pm. The context popup should be alphabetical. Preferences and Help should be in place before the author starts asking for money ($30 in this case).

Summary: Looks promising, but not yet ready for prime time.

Note to the developer: This could be a great app, definitely keep at it. Test it more and fix those crashes before you ask people to pay and trust their lives to it.
[Version 1.0]

davermont commented on 17 Dec 2006
Great desktop manager, I've been using it about a year now and am generally pleased with it. One quirk I've noticed is that you can't use the keyboard to switch out of a screen where Parallels is running; there's a new option that supposedly fixes this, but the option doesn't work for me (and doesn't even stay checked for some reason). The problem may very well be that Parallels is eating all keypresses (and VD isn't seeing them), but the net effect is annoying.

Other than that, VD has been well behaved and is a joy to use, I find it even better (and far more portable) than using a second monitor.
[Version 0.53r260a]

davermont commented on 26 Nov 2006
Great program for choosing colors and color schemes, even better now that it's a Universal Binary. If you work with colors at all (especially for a living) it's well worth the $15 they're asking for it.
[Version 2.1]

davermont commented on 07 Aug 2006
I used (and loved) Acta for years on pre-OSX Macs and still have many dozens of outlines in Acta format. Thanks, A Sharp, for creating an OSX version of that wonderful app!
[Version 1.0a1]

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